Signs in the heavens: Solar eclipses, ancient and modern


AYALON VALLEY – Many Americans are anticipating Monday’s eclipse and wondering just what it means. It won’t be visible in Israel, but the Bible records several times when dramatic signs involving the sun took place in this area. The question is can we expect to see such signs today?

One of the 10 plagues over Egypt before the exodus of the Israelites was three days of darkness (Exodus 10:21-29).

“The Jewish sources describe it not just as darkness, but a darkness that was so thick it’s like, people couldn’t move in it or the Egyptians couldn’t move in it. So that’s an example of God suspending the laws of nature,” Rabbi and historian Ken Spiro told CBN News.

“The sun god was one of their [the Egyptian’s] major gods, the major god, I think, so by God covering their god, He was saying, I’m bigger than your god. And that was presumably one of the signs behind that one,” said Stephen Bridge, director of the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem.

Many historians believe the valley of Ayalon is where Joshua battled the five Amorite kings, when he said to the Lord, “‘Sun stand still over Gibeon and moon over the valley of Ayalon’ so the sun stood still, and the moon stopped, until the people had revenge upon their enemies.” (Joshua 10:12)

The Bible tells us three hours of darkness fell at Jesus’ crucifixion/ (Matthew 27:45)

“Whatever the darkness was it wasn’t an eclipse and we have no explanation of what it was or even what it meant, but it certainly would have invoked in the people who were there a profound sense of something monumental happening, which indeed it was,” said Bridge.

God definitely made points with signs in the sky throughout the Bible. But is He still doing the same thing today?

Michael Mott, who serves as assistant pastor with Jerusalem’s King of Kings congregation, and Rabbi Spiro say “yes.” (Click to Site)

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