Citing Bible, Netanyahu Reminds UN Israel Has Divine Ally Against Enemies [VIDEO]

“It is too little that you should be My servant In that I raise up the tribes of Yaakov And restore the survivors of Yisrael: I will also make you a light of nations, That My salvation may reach the ends of the earth.” Isaiah 49:6 (The Israel Bible™)


At Tuesday’s address to the 72nd United Nations General Assembly at the U.N. headquarters in New York, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu cited the Bible various times as a source against “fake history” and the true reason behind Israel’s flourishing in the face of its enemies.

During his speech, Netanyahu had harsh words for the United Nations, known for its anti-Israel bias. Condemning the UNESCO’s July declaration of the Tomb of the Patriarchs as a Palestinian World Heritage site, he said, “That’s worse than fake news, that’s fake history.” Citing the Bible as evidence to history, Netanyahu added, “It’s true that Abraham, the father of both Ishmael and Isaac, is buried there, but so too are Isaac, Jacob, Sarah, Rebecca – Sarah is a Jewish name, by the way – and Leah, who just happen to be patriarchs and matriarchs of the Jewish people. You won’t read about that in the latest UNESCO report.

“But if you want to, you can read about that in a somewhat weightier publication,” he continued. “It’s called the Bible. I highly recommend it. I hear it even got 4 ½ out of 5 stars on Amazon. And it’s a great read. I read it every week.”

Netanyahu called upon the UN, on the eve of the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashanah, to reflect on the “miraculous rebirth of our nation” and the “remarkable contributions Israel will continue to make to all nations.” Such contributions are prophesied in Isaiah, where it is told that Israel will become a light unto the nations that brings salvation to the world. Netanyahu acknowledged the fulfillment of that prophecy, highlighting Israel’s positive influence in “the food you eat, the water you drink, the medicines you take, the cars you drive, the cell phones you use, and in so many other ways that are transforming our world.”

“As the prophet Isaiah said, ‘I have made you a light unto the nations, bringing salvation to the ends of the earth,’” Netanyahu quoted. He concluded that Israel is amidst a “great revolution in Israel’s standing among the nations.”

Over and over, the Israeli premiere emphasized the divine origin of Israel’s great contributions to the world. “Today, 2,700 years after Isaiah spoke those prophetic words, Israel is becoming a rising power among the nations,” he said. “And at long last, its light is shining across the continents, bringing hope and salvation to the ends of the earth.”

Netanyahu also thanked United States President Donald Trump for his unequivocal support for Israel at the UN, and the Trump administration, the American Congress and the American people for strengthening “the remarkable alliance between the United States and Israel,” which he said “has never been stronger, never been deeper.” Netanyahu also thanked President Trump for rightly calling the deal with Iran “an embarrassment.”

Focusing on Iran’s ballistic missile campaign, Netanyahu called it a “campaign of conquest across the Middle East” that “vows to destroy my country every day, including by its chief of staff the other day.” He urged breaking the deal with Iran: “Change it, cancel it, fix it, or nix it,” he said.

He assured the people of Iran that they are not the enemy and instead sent a simple Biblical warning to Ayatollah Khamenei, the dictator of Iran, quoting Samuel 15:29: “The light of Israel will never be extinguished.”

In his own address, his first speech before the United Nations, President Trump sent a similar message to Iran on Tuesday, targeting “rogue regimes” including North Korea, Iran, and Syria, and calling Iran “another reckless regime, one that speaks openly of mass murder, vowing death to America, destruction to Israel and ruin for many leaders and nations in this room.”

Breaking with the more mild approach American leadership has taken towards radical Islam in the past decade, Trump called out Hezbollah and other terror regimes by name, making clear he intends to take a hard line on terror in the Middle East and elsewhere.

Israeli commentator and political figure David Rubin, former mayor of Shiloh, praised Trump’s speech in an interview on Fox, stating, “I think that we can clearly say after hearing that speech that the age of American naivete is over.” (Click to Site)

Sethite Theory: “Certain Men Crept In Unawares” and The Church Buys It!

So, what is the “Sethite Theory”? In a nutshell, it is the belief that Genesis 6:1-4 refers to what happens to mankind after Cain kills Abel. The line of Seth was pure and faithful, while the line of Cain turned rebellious and ungodly.


By Belle Ringer
April 1, 2017

There are days when the spiritual component of my life just screams for attention. Enough of this world, already! So, I just have to speak about matters that have much greater consequences than the latest headlines.

A few weeks back, I published a post titled “How Much Longer? (As It Was In The Days of Noah). Needless to say, it caused quite a bit of controversy and generated a spirited conversation amongst the Body of Christ, and with the secular population. But there is much more that needs to be said about this topic, and I believe it is quite relevant to our national discourse.

As Steve Quayle has so often said, “Genesis 6 is the Rosetta Stone of the Bible.” In case you’re not quite sure what that means, he is saying that Genesis 6:1-4, specifically, is the key to understanding a mystery that has been kept secret from the Church for centuries. And I believe that it has profound implications to what is going on in our cultural and political arenas. Let me explain: How many times have you been asked these questions: How can you believe in a God who would order the Old Testament Israelites to indiscriminately kill all the men, women, children and animals in Canaan? Why would your God send a Flood to kill all mankind, yet save Noah and his family? How can you worship such an angry God? Without understanding the true implications of Genesis 6:1-4, it is difficult to understand the nature and actions of God throughout the Old Testament, and the culmination of His Son’s existence in the New Testament.

So, let’s get right to it! Genesis 6:1-4 reads: When the number of people started to increase throughout the fertile land, daughters were born to them. The divine beings saw how beautiful these human women were, so they married the ones they chose. The Lord said, “My breath [Spirit] will not remain in humans forever, because they are flesh. They will live one hundred twenty years.” In those days, giants [Nephilim, in the Hebrew] lived on the earth and also afterward, when divine beings and human daughters had sexual relations and gave birth to children. These were the ancient heroes, famous men. I have chosen the Common English version of this passage because it is the most straightforward and renders the most accurate understanding as experienced by ancient rabbinical sources, the early Church fathers, and those men who translated the Septuagint. Other versions that read “sons of God” and “daughters of men” have served to confuse the issue. To me, it is pretty obvious that the Scripture is referring to Fallen Angels who mated with earthly women and produced hybrid children, who were famously gigantic. (And for those who will say that Jesus said angels do not marry, I agree. But He also says they will be like the “angels in heaven.” This does not mean they can’t take come to earth, assume human form and have sex. What about Hebrews 13:2 that says people have entertained angels without even knowing it?) However, it is not my intention that we re-hash the arguments from that past post. I believe it is now important to understand how the Church might have come to misunderstand this passage; who was involved; and how it has served Satan to divert the blame.

To begin with, many in the Christian Church have been taught that Genesis 6 revolves around the “Sethite Theory.” I maintain that of all the deceptions Satan has slipped into the Church, this is his greatest, because it causes us to miss his plan throughout history, and will result in many being misled in the End Times. This doctrinal deception single-handedly hides the one common thread that puts Genesis to Malachi in a proper context, and explains the direction in which this world is headed as we begin the countdown to Christ’s Return.

The common thread is that there is a Fallen Angel/Nephilim DNA connection throughout Scripture (see Genesis 3:15), in which God is trying to thwart the ongoing genetic manipulation by Satan and the Fallen Ones to keep Christ from being born. We see this theme in God’s mandate to destroy the indigenous peoples in the Canaanite wars; it explains the harshness and specificity of the Law as it pertains to idolatry, intermarriage, and the sanctity of blood.

So, what is the “Sethite Theory”? In a nutshell, it is the belief that Genesis 6:1-4 refers to what happens to mankind after Cain kills Abel. The line of Seth was pure and faithful, while the line of Cain turned rebellious and ungodly. The “Sethite Theory” states that verses 1-4 refer to a failure of Seth’s line (the “sons of God”) to remain unpolluted by Cain’s wicked daughters (the “daughters of men”). This doctrinal theory proposes that Genesis 6 is based on an interpretation that “the sons of God” were “the line of Seth”; and not “divine beings” or “Fallen Angels”. Furthermore, it projects that the “daughters of men” were “the wicked daughters of Cain.” But that’s a pretty big assumption to make, don’t you agree? And no one has ever been able to explain how, or why, the children of these marriages between Seth’s and Cain’s lines would become giants. As Chuck Missler has expressed, “Since Jesus prophesied, ‘As the days of Noah were, so shall the coming of the Son of Man be,’ it becomes essential to understand what these days [of Noah in Genesis 6:1-4] included.” So, if the “Fallen Angel” view of this Scripture was favored at the beginning of the Church Age, how did the “Sethite” theory come into being? This is where it is important to know the history of our faith and how it might have gotten off-track.

In the Third, Fourth and Fifth centuries, as the Roman Empire began to turn from their pagan gods towards the Christianity of their conquered lands, they also began to modify and restyle some of the foundational tenets of the faith (that’s the way Satan does it!), as they made Christianity the state religion of the Roman Empire. Men of great reputation and standing began to criticize and attack “the fallen angel” interpretation of Genesis 6. As the Church of Rome began worshipping angels and adopting the principle of abstinence, an understanding of evil angels having sex with women just didn’t fit the narrative. In fact, because so many of the early Christians believed the Fallen Angel account, the Catholic Church declared it heresy to teach this view, under penalty of death.

Paganism was hard to root out, and not all adopted the truth of Christianity. According to Wikipedia, Julian became Emperor of Rome in 361 A.D., and was the last non-Christian Emperor. He “attempted to revive traditional Roman religious practices at the cost of Christianity, and his rejection of Christianity in favour of Neoplatonic paganism” [from the school of Greek philosopher Plato], earned him his nickname, “Julian the Apostate.” His worship of the Greek and Roman gods as “divine beings” came into stark contrast with the implications of “Fallen Angels” in Genesis 6.

St. Augustine, in The City of God, while espousing the Sethite view, admitted that creatures of the woods had sexually assaulted women: “There is, too, a very general rumor, which many have verified by their own experience, or which trustworthy persons who have heard the experience of others corroborate, that sylvan and fauns, who are commonly called incubi, had often made wicked assaults upon women.” Could these creatures have been born of Fallen Angel DNA? Thus did the Sethite Theory proliferate into the Middle Ages.

Currently, the Mainstream Seminaries and The Church continue to perpetuate this deception, because they don’t know the Truth! And the opinion of secularists and atheists of an Old Testament psychopathic God continues to flourish and is unexplainable by modern Christians. But one must read the Scripture as it is written. “The Sons of God” is, in the Hebrew, B’nai HaElohim, “Sons of Elohim,” which is a term consistently used in the Old Testament for angels, and it is never used of believers in the Old Testament. If God wanted us to believe that the sons of Seth mated with the daughters of Cain, He would have told us so.

You may be asking why this seemingly mundane topic is of such importance to me, and how Satan is using it to further his goals. First of all, how many times have you heard an unbeliever contemplate embracing Christianity, but their stumbling block is always, “I can’t serve a God who indiscriminately kills women and children”? If they knew that God was, in reality, wiping out all the Fallen Angel DNA from those Canaanite tribes so that His Son could come through a pure line, it might clear up their false impression of “an angry God”. If they knew that the Fallen Angel “incursion” was Satan’s plan to thwart God’s warning that there would be “enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and her Offspring; He will bruise and tread your head underfoot, and you will lie in wait and bruise His heel.” Satan was trying to strike first and pollute the offspring. “Bruise” in the Hebrew can mean “overwhelm” and “heel” can refer to the act of “supplanting” or “restraining”. Clearly, there was to be a battle between the offspring of Satan and the offspring of the woman [representing Israel, and ultimately the Messiah]. When you have this piece of the puzzle, it explains why Jehovah warned the Israelites throughout the Old Testament against co-mingling with the peoples of the conquered land, and to keep the blood sacrifices sacred.

Satan has been successful in inserting the false Sethite doctrine into the Church, and this one aspect and misinterpretation of Scripture is keeping untold numbers of unbelievers from embracing God. It is incumbent upon those of us in the Body of Christ to have the proper knowledge base and understand the Fallen Angel theory and the Nephilim of Genesis 6. If we are to serve the Kingdom of God here on earth, we must know this information so that we can answer those questions of doubt, and bring these unbelievers into the fold.

We must do what the Mainstream Church will not do. We must take the Fallen Angel doctrine to the masses who are so mesmerized with The Discovery Channel’s Ancient Aliens, and show them the truth. Ironically, this wildly popular TV show promotes 97% of the Fallen Angel theory, but comes to a wrong conclusion. The 3% of their theory that tells viewers the Fallen Angels are our “creator gods” is a big percentage point, when Salvation is at stake. Who do you think those Ancient Aliens/Fallen Angels owe their allegiance to? I simply do not know why the Church scholars and Seminaries, as a whole, can’t read the Hebrew and discern the deception in the Sethite Theory. A first-year Bible student, with a Strong’s Concordance, can clear this up in 15 minutes of honest study. I believe that liberal theology has been embarrassed by the Fallen Angel view, and for that matter, any supernatural aspects of God, which make Him a Bigger God than they can imagine. They can only continue to perpetuate the false Sethite doctrine… all to the delight of Satan,who is the father of lies. People like Steve Quayle, Rob Skiba, L.A. Marzulli, and Doug Elwell have done exhaustive research on this subject, and are blowing the Watchman’s horn from the wall in regards to this issue, and we all owe them a great deal of gratitude.

But the time has come for us to crawl up on the wall ourselves and wake up our small inner circle of Believers. If not the Truth, now … then when? The deception permeates every sci-fi movie and TV show, whether it be tempting the impressionable to welcome the Ancient Aliens, commune with Vampires, or rush to alter our DNA through advanced and “life-saving” alternatives. If we do not understand the truth of Genesis 6:1-4, then the human race will once again become corrupted and seduced by the deception of the Angel of light.

Jude 4: “For there are certain men crept in unawares, who were before of old ordained to this condemnation, ungodly men, turning the grace of our God into lasciviousness, and denying the only Lord God, and our Lord Jesus Christ.” (Click to Site)

Mexico City earthquake: Moment deadly Popocatépetl volcano ERUPTS after quake – shock vid

JAW-DROPPING footage has emerged of a volcano erupting in the aftermath of the 7.1 magnitude earthquake which struck Mexico City.


Terrified residents looked on in horror as the Popocatépetl volcano burst into life as the earthquake tore through the Mexican capital.

In the clip posted to social media, a large plume of smoke is seen erupting into the sky from the top of the volcano, which is known to be very active with it erupting last month.

According to reports, 15 people were killed when a church on the slopes of the volcano collapsed during mass following the latest eruption.

The volcano is located about 45 miles southeast of Mexico City and approximately 30 miles from the earthquake’s epicentre.

Mexico volcano

Pope Francis has since said he was praying for victims. He said: “In this moment of pain, I want to express my closeness and prayers to all the beloved Mexican people.”

The latest footage comes after Mexico President Enrique Pena Nieto said at least 27 buildings had collapsed in the capital after the earthquake struck.

Reports have emerged of people trapped beneath the rubble of collapsed buildings after the city was rocked at 1.15pm local time (7.15pm BST).

Mexican officials have said that the death toll so far is at least 216 people.

Many people fled into the streets, and electricity and phone lines were down in parts of the capital.

The earthquake comes just days after Mexico was hit by an 8.1 magnitude tremor, the biggest to hit Mexico in a century, killing at least 98 people.

The city and its surrounding area are home to about 20 million people.

The Mexican stock exchange suspended trading following the quake.

US President Donald Trump said on Twitter: “God bless the people of Mexico City. We are with you and will be there for you.”

The quake comes on the 32nd  anniversary of a 1985 quake which killed 5,000 people and caused serious damage to the Greater Mexico City area. (Click to Site)

SABOTEURS PART 14: Murderous Demons And The Openly Hidden Message


By default of the inclusion of the word “mason” in the terms “Masonry” and “Freemasonry,” anyone can gather that the societies were formed in the Baconian era with an interest in major-city (or kingdom) architecture. A mason lays stones, so these fraternities are clearly about the mission of building. But if mere architecture was the only goal, what explanation might there be behind all the ancient orders of mysticism? This question might seem like one with an obvious answer to veterans of literature discussing the occultic symbolism of Washington, DC, but it is a question that must be asked for those readers who are only just joining the discussion. What were these secret builders up to, and why were their societies built upon the foundations of occultism?

Before we address these questions, please note that just as some followed the Rosicrucian Order to seek personal growth and not to pray to dark deities or practice alchemy, most men and women in Freemasonic circles today are morally upright people. They either do not know about the plans set by the men who have gone before and above them, or they believe it to all be rumors perpetuated by conspiratorial crazies and find themselves understandably exhausted by the stereotypes. Some of these very personalities have tossed all darker theories out, saying the equivalent to: “If you are not a Freemason, then I think it’s ridiculous that you would talk about what we are really doing. I always hear from conspiracy theorists that I’m ‘just not high enough to know what the higher degrees are up to,’ but the accuser, himself, is not a Freemason, so he knows even less than I do about who we are and what we stand for. For once and for all, we are not doing [fill in the blank].” Because slight variations to this argument continue to appear, I feel it’s time in the reflection to show what a Freemason did say on the subject—one who happens to be one of the most respected, learned, authoritative, and celebrated Freemasons of all time. Sovereign Grand Commander Albert Pike, in the Masonic handbook, Morals and Dogma, wrote:

Masonry, like all the Religions, all the Mysteries, Hermetic, and Alchemy, conceals its secrets from all except the Adepts and Sages, or the Elect, and uses false explanations and misinterpretations of its symbols to mislead those who deserve only to be misled; to conceal the Truth, which it calls Light, from them, and to draw them away from it.[i]

It would be imprudent and inaccurate to suggest that every Freemason currently has, or has had in the past, a sinister scheme for America’s future on their mind. For those Freemasons who are not yet in the upper levels, it is understandably frustrating that they keep being told by outsiders that they are in the dark about their own society. However, as Pike—one of the greatest spokesmen of Freemasonry in world history—just explained, that is precisely what is going on. All the lower-level Freemasons receive is “false explanations and misinterpretations” until they have proven themselves worthy of keeping secrets. By then, they have already agreed to a horrific end should they default on their promises of confidentiality.

There is simply too much occultic symbolism associated with Freemasonry for researchers to completely let go of the idea that both early and modern upper rungs of the society intend only to simulate harmless or entertaining social rituals. It remains a blatant and open fact that the architecture of our Capitol was built with unsettling imagery in its very stones—the nature of which is always pagan…and frequently satanic.

Consider what Chris Pinto, award-winning filmmaker of the Secret Mysteries of America’s Beginnings series, said of the satanic roots of Masonry in the era leading up to the American Revolution in his preface to Zenith 2016:

It is well known that [John] Dee was a sorcerer who summoned demonic spirits to obtain secret knowledge; a practice used by Rosicrucians (of whom Dee was the chief in England) for centuries. The root word for “demon” means “a knowing one.” The Rosicrucians desired to know secrets of science (i.e., knowledge) and consulted demons to get information. [Sir Francis] Bacon also made contact with demonic spirits, including the goddess Pallas Athena, whom he claimed was his muse or inspiration. In time, Dee handed off the leadership of the Rosicrucian Society to Bacon, who would enfold the secrets of Rosicrucianism into the system of Freemasonry.

Little wonder that Sir Francis Bacon would become the father of the modern scientific method, and that men like Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson would follow his example in their scientific endeavors. Franklin and Jefferson are both claimed by modern Rosicrucians as being of their order.

Like the Gnostics, the Rosicrucians craved knowledge; it was this desire that led them to worship Lucifer. The secret orders regard Lucifer as the “angel of light” who, in the form of a serpent, bid mankind to partake of the “Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil” so that their eyes would be open and they could become as gods. This is the inner doctrine of Rosicrucianism, Freemasonry, and all the secret orders—and always has been. In the nineteenth century, when Masons like Pike and Mackey (along with leading occultists such as Eliphas Levi and Madame H. P. Blavatsky) [of whom we will later address] described this doctrine in their writings, they were only admitting in print what had been secretly known for centuries. The difference was that with the revolutionary movements, freedom of religion allowed them to publish such things without fear of persecution.[ii]

This is an interesting trail of thought, for sure. However, Pinto did not limit his reflection of American Masonic origins to Dee and Bacon. He goes on to address the longstanding “secrets in stone” exercises put in place by earlier Masons in the interest of introducing syncretized symbolism in sacred places:

Centuries before all this, in 1492, Rosslyn Chapel was built by Scottish Freemasons. To this day, the chapel is considered a puzzle because it is filled with carvings and icons of [both] Christian and Pagan religions. Why? The reason is because Freemasons have always had the inner doctrine of amalgamating religious beliefs. Much of this can be traced back to the Knights Templar, who are said to have fled to Scotland when they were persecuted in Europe (circa 1307).… Furthermore, in the wake of the Scottish Jacobite rebellions of the early 1700s, many Scottish Masons and Rosicrucians fled to America, bringing their occult doctrines with them. One of their power centers was the Fredericksburg Lodge No. 4, whose members included George Washington, James Monroe, and eight of the Revolutionary War generals.[iii]

Manly P. Hall, known as “Masonry’s greatest philosopher” to his celebrators, once wrote a book called The Secret Destiny of America. Even the book’s title holds an ominous insinuation. (That our country would have been born with a “secret destiny” is a concept we will visit at length throughout this work.) Hall confirms Pinto’s assertion in his book with the following words regarding how early Freemasons “reclothed” their ideologies in “Christian phraseology” in order to flatter and deceive a land whose residents held Christian values dear prior to the Revolution:

The rise of the Christian Church broke up the intellectual pattern of the classical pagan world. By persecution of this pattern’s ideologies it drove the secret societies into greater secrecy; the pagan intellectuals then reclothed their original ideas in a garment of Christian phraseology, but bestowed the keys of the symbolism only upon those duly initiated and bound to secrecy by their vows.…

They signed each stone with the secret symbols of their cult, and into the intricate carvings of church and chapel they worked the old pagan figures and designs. Many guilds sprang up, binding skilled craftsmen in confraternities of arts and crafts and trades. Architecture remained the chosen instrument for the perpetuation of the Great Design….

All the sciences contained brilliant far-seeing men who equally desired to contribute their part to the philosophic empire of the future. Secret societies were formed in their own professions, using the emblems established in their arts to conceal their social aspirations. Thus did the Alchemists come into being [including such men as Dee and Bacon], the mystic chemists seeking the elixir of life, the wise man’s stone [of which Dee spent his entire life devotedly seeking], the universal medicine, and the agent for the transmutation of metals.[iv]

So what began as a subtle syncretism of Christian symbolism alongside pagan symbolism became an outright replacement of pagan symbols over sacred Christian images by the time our capital was built. Pinto says as much: “The practice of carving their doctrines in stone continued in the new world with the building of Washington, DC. This is why one will find in our nation’s capital countless images of gods and goddesses, along with zodiacs, the Washington Monument Obelisk (which Time Magazine depicts Trump fracturing in its recent Hat Tip cover to occult insiders), reflecting pools, and a whole cacophony of pagan imagery. There are no monuments to Jesus Christ, the apostles, or anything having to do with the Christian faith.[v]

Who were the design engineers and builders of our nation’s capital? That would be those men we outlined at the beginning of this study: the presidents, politicians, founding fathers, government associates, aristocratic elitists, and finally, those who “appreciated” the morality of Christ while flirting with “Hellfire Club” debauchery on the weekends. The architecture of our country is entirely pagan. Are we supposed to surmise that this was done by accident? That the builders who dedicated each stone of Washington, DC, to pagan gods made Jesus Christ the victim of unintentional oversight? That they intended to glorify the Man behind the morality they “appreciated,” but they simply got busy and forgot? Or, can we prize common-sense logic well enough to conclude that our founding fathers and prominent American leaders deliberately and calculatedly dedicated our land to pagan gods for an underlying (and terrifying) purpose?

If the symbols embedded in our capital are allowed to speak for themselves, I believe we have a strong case for precisely that brand of conclusion. All the images are displayed out in the open for any visitor to view in person. The intent of the society’s masterminds may be shrouded under layers of secrecy, but their artwork is blatantly public.

So, if the society does, in fact, have an agenda related to the dark etchings and monuments on our land, how have our citizens remained so unaware if the proof of it is not even remotely hidden?

The answer to that question may in part be due to the value Freemasons place on keeping a secret.

The Legend of Hiram Abiff / Vows of Silence

The tale of Hiram Abiff (also known as “the Widow’s Son” and oftentimes recognized as King Hiram I of Tyre or Huram Abi, son of a widow from the tribe of Naphtali), is ritually reenacted amidst the brethren each time a Freemason reaches the Master level (or 3rd Degree). The story involves several variations throughout history, but a popular regaling of the central elements (as known to the general public) is as follows:

  • Around a thousand years before Christ’s birth, King Solomon appointed a master architect to oversee the building of the sacred Jerusalem Temple—the housing site, as designed by God directly, of the Ten Commandments tablets. This architect was named Hiram Abiff.
  • Solomon shared God’s divine and heavenly building design with Abiff, but swore him to secrecy. Abiff agreed to keep the design a secret at all costs, including at the threat of death.
  • Three of Abiff’s apprentice workers grew jealous of his position as master mason. They sought to gain access to the riddles of deific Masonry—believing that this would unlock secret knowledge of the universe (or in some variations “give them magical powers,” “make them the greatest masons,” etc.)—by repeatedly asking Abiff for the restricted access code. Abiff did not divulge the information, so a plan was set in motion to ambush him at the next opportunity. The three apprentices studied Abiff’s schedule patterns and set the ambush plan in motion for midday, as each day at noon, Abiff walked away from the worksite to pray. (The popular version says he frequented the Holy of Holies in the depths of the Temple at this time.)
  • Just after they were in position—one apprentice stationed at each of Abiff’s three exits—Abiff headed to the eastern door to leave. The first apprentice met him there and demanded the code. Abiff informed him that he would only be given the code after the Temple was completed and the apprentice had proved himself worthy of the secrets. Angered, the apprentice struck Abiff in the throat.
  • Abiff fled, stumbling to the southern door, where he was met by the second apprentice demanding the same answer. Abiff refused again and was dealt a blow to the chest.
  • Abiff fled once more to the western door, where the third apprentice repeated the demand. After a third refusal, he was finally killed with a strike to the forehead. Just before death, he is said to have cried out, “Who will help the widow’s son?” (now rumored to be the Masonic cry for help from fellow brethren in the fraternity). His blood was shed entirely within the Temple walls.
  • Abiff’s body was taken outside and buried, where it was later discovered by Solomon and his men nearby an acacia tree. (Note the “acacia tree” for later.)

This is where the story has nearly uncountable variations of its ending, each involving many different aspects of burial, murder scandals with Solomon’s name at the center, items of interest found at the exhumation of the body, the theory that the secrets of the building plans died with Abiff, etc.

Modern historians (and some Freemasons) suggest that the legend of Hiram Abiff originated the term “free mason”: a mason who has a free mind, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom to travel the world to his heart’s desire, and so on—and that “free masons” always have three assailants (like the apprentices in the story): ignorance (which, as stated prior, was also the greatest enemy of Sir Bacon’s goddess Pallas Athena), fanaticism, and tyranny. Other theories have surfaced proposing that the “free mason” was simply a mason who didn’t belong to, or allow himself to be mandated by, a mason guild, or that the term distinguishes the “free masons” from the “cowans” (Scotland’s rough, unhewn stone builders). (Also worthy of note: Today’s Masonic lodges are built based on the biblical description of King Solomon’s temple as a result of the legend.)

What remains for today’s Masonic fraternities, however, is the heroism laced into the legend of Abiff. So dedicated was he to the concealment of the Masonic secrets that he willingly died protecting them—and his death was mercilessly violent. The greatest hero of any brethren, or so the story signifies, is one who can keep the knowledge of the secret mysteries of the builders and brethren restricted, even in the face of bloody death. This legendary “access code” (sometimes referred to as “password,” “code word,” “secret code,” or “keyword”) is said to be given to a Master Mason as a sign of accomplishment or recognition for their service to the society only after they have proved themselves a worthy Apprentice and Craftsman (the first two levels of Freemasonry). The secret code of the Master Mason is then bestowed upon them following the ritual of Hiram Abiff.

The initiation rite of the Master Mason has been revealed numerous times by former Freemasons. The rite varies slightly from testimony to testimony, but key essentials of the ritual remain solid. To begin, the ritual is always held confidentially in the presence of the brethren. The candidate swears an oath of secrecy, vowing never to expose anything that happens within those walls to another human being outside of them. They are made to agree that, should they default on this promise, they risk being killed in horrific and/or painful ways.

As my old friend the late Stanley Monteith of Brotherhood of Darkness says:

It’s a secret society. It’s always been a secret society. And to reveal anything about these secret societies ensures your death. And people have tried to expose Masonry, even to this very day, [they] risk their lives in doing it.… When you actually go into Masonry in the first three degrees, you’ll promise that if you ever reveal any of the secrets of Masonry in the first degree, you’ll have your tongue cut out and you’ll be buried in the sands of the sea up to the level of your neck [when the waters reach] low tide. At the second degree…they cut out your heart, and at the third degree, they’re going to cut out your entrails and burn them.[vi]

Sounds sensational, no? But one does not have to look far to see that murder (including recent mysterious deaths connected to WikiLeaks?) are well associated with Freemason SABOTEURS, as we will uncover in the next entry. (Click to Site)

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Wickedness Waiting In The Wings


Merriam-Webster defines counterfeit: made in imitation of a genuine article without authorization and especially with intent to deceive or defraud.

Jesus and the Apostles – The Originals

We know that Satan always tries to counterfeit God.  We see it throughout Scripture but especially in the Book of Revelation where he mimics the Triune God of the Bible with the Beast, the False Prophet, and the Anti-Christ.  There are other players in this final drama that we don’t talk too much about, the 10 kings.

The Club of Rome’s 10 Kingdoms – Sponsored by the UN

We meet these nefarious 10 kings several times in Scripture, (Dan 2:31-35Dan 2:40-45Dan 7:7-819-24Rev 13:1-2Rev 17:3,7) but most explicitly in Daniel 7:24 and then again in Revelation 17:12,16.

The imagery of Revelation requires an understanding of the symbols, a horn in ancient culture was a symbol of royal power.  It is why today, crowns have spires resembling horns.  The 10 kings, the False Prophet, and the Anti-Christ are all subservient to the Beast who is Satan.  Thus, we have the counterfeit 12 Apostles, but who are they?

Ancient Kings and Idols with Horns

The bible is quite clear that the man of perdition will not come to power until the great restrainer is taken out of the way.  We now understand that the restrainer is the Holy Spirit-indwelt Church.  Thus, any Christian living today cannot be certain of the identity of these men but something occurs to me that we should explore….

There are always and have always been 12 men waiting in the wings, always 12 men striving for the top position, and 12 men always controlled and committed to the service of the Devil.  

They can read, they know that at some point the world will be given over to them.  Even if they did not live at the time of the end, the Devil would trick them into doing his bidding.  Jesus himself, confirmed this authority when he did not rebuke Satan for his offer to give Jesus the kingdoms of the earth, so we know he has the power.  These wicked men run after the Devil with all of their hearts.

Think of it, twelve highly placed and regarded Satanists wielding the power of the Devil on this Earth.  Preying on the people and each other:  what depraved and horrible things must they have to do to themselves to achieve such a position?

Satan must structure the rules to keep them in line, otherwise, they’d kill each other.  He must dangle rank, wealth, and power in front of them enticingly.  They each strive to achieve the highest place in the Dark Kingdom to come.  They are waiting… right now, there are twelve men who think they will ascend, one will be the Antichrist. (Click to Site)

Scientists locate potential magma source in Italian supervolcano


Scientists have found the first direct evidence of a so-called ‘hot zone’ feeding a supervolcano in southern Italy that experts say is nearing eruption conditions.

Campi Flegrei is a volcanic caldera to the west of Naples that last erupted centuries ago.

The area has been relatively quiet since the 1980s when the injection of either magma or fluids in the shallower structure of the volcano caused a series of small earthquakes.

Using seismological techniques, scientists have now pinpointed the location of the hot zone where hot materials rose to feed the caldera during this period.

The study was led by Dr Luca De Siena at the University of Aberdeen in conjunction with the INGV Osservatorio Vesuviano, the RISSC lab of the University of Naples, and the University of Texas at Austin. The research provides a benchmark that may help predict how and where future eruptions could strike.

“One question that has puzzled scientists is where magma is located beneath the caldera, and our study provides the first evidence of a hot zone under the city of Pozzuoli that extends into the sea at a depth of 4 km,” Dr De Siena said.

“While this is the most probable location of a small batch of magma, it could also be the heated fluid-filled top of a wider magma chamber, located even deeper.”

Dr De Siena’s study suggests that magma was prevented from rising to the surface in the 1980s by the presence of a 1-2 km-deep rock formation that blocked its path, forcing it to release stress along a lateral route.

While the implications of this are still not fully understood, the relatively low amount of seismic activity in the area since the 1980s suggests that pressure is building within the caldera, making it more dangerous.

“During the last 30 years the behaviour of the volcano has changed, with everything becoming hotter due to fluids permeating the entire caldera,” Dr De Siena explained.

“Whatever produced the activity under Pozzuoli in the 1980s has migrated somewhere else, so the danger doesn’t just lie in the same spot, it could now be much nearer to Naples which is more densely populated.

“This means that the risk from the caldera is no longer just in the centre, but has migrated. Indeed, you can now characterise Campi Flegrei as being like a boiling pot of soup beneath the surface.

“What this means in terms of the scale of any future eruption we cannot say, but there is no doubt that the volcano is becoming more dangerous.

“The big question we have to answer now is if it is a big layer of  that is rising to the surface, or something less worrying which could find its way to the  out at sea.” (Click to Site)

 Explore further: Campi Flegrei volcano eruption possibly closer than thought

More information: Luca De Siena et al. Source and dynamics of a volcanic caldera unrest: Campi Flegrei, 1983–84, Scientific Reports (2017). DOI: 10.1038/s41598-017-08192-7

Read more at:

Earthquake measuring 6.1 magnitude strikes south of New Zealand

The undersea quake hit in the remote Southern Ocean south of the country on Wednesday


A 6.1 magnitude earthquake has struck south of New Zealand.

The undersea quake hit in the remote Southern Ocean south of the country on Wednesday, the US Geological Survey said.

The earthquake, at a shallow depth of 10 km (6 miles), was recorded 211 km (140 miles) west of the sub-Antarctic Auckland Island, off New Zealand’s South Island, the USGS said.

There were no tsunami warnings issued immediately after the quake.

Carnley Harbour in the Subantarctic Auckland Islands, south of New Zealand (Image: Lonely Planet Images)

It came just hours after a powerful earthquake struck central Mexico.

At least 138 people died when the powerful 7.1 magnitude quake struck on Tuesday, toppling buildings in the heavily populated capital.

Thousands ran into the streets in panic, and millions lost electricity when the quake struck around lunchtime.

Rescuers scoured frantically under the rubble of ruins for survivors. (Click to Site)

New Mexico ‘Church’ Becomes First in Mennonite Church USA to Appoint Openly Lesbian ‘Lead Pastor’


ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — A “church” in New Mexico has become the first in the Mennonite Church USA to appoint an open lesbian as “lead pastor.”

Albuquerque Mennonite Church, which affirmed homosexual relationships a decade ago, made the announcement on Monday that it had chosen Erica Lea as its new leader.

It remarked that Lea has a “strong call to connect with and serve people affected by current immigration policies and racial, social and economic discrimination—as well as a call to provide a beacon and safe haven for the LGBTQ community.”

“We look forward to finding more ways of articulating and sharing an Anabaptist faith that can flourish in locally derived expressions of Jesus’s call to discipleship, peacemaking and justice,” said search committee member Andrew Clouse. “We think Erica is well-equipped to help us do this.”

Lea has heretofore mainly led professing Baptist assemblies, but did serve as an interim pastor for Houston Mennonite Church, Mennonite World Review reports. She has been at Calvary Baptist Church in Washington, D.C. for the past three years.

According to the site Sojourners, Lea plans to move to New Mexico to take the role at Albuquerque Mennonite Church after she “marries” her female partner in November.

“It’s like the Grand Canyon distance between becoming open and affirming and actually calling an LGBTQ pastor who is out,” she told the outlet. “A lot of churches struggle to make that movement. … I want LGBTQ people and women to be celebrated and encouraged in pastoral and ministry leadership roles.”

She also asserted to the Mennonite World Review that “it is quite possible that the Spirit might be calling them (homosexuals and transgenders) to these types of roles.”

Lea is a graduate of Truett Seminary at Baylor University in Texas, and also has a background in ecofeminism, which “sees a relationship between the serious environmental damage done to the earth and the repression of women.”

While Lea is the first openly lesbian “lead pastor” to be appointed by a Mennonite Church USA congregation, in 2014, the Mountain States Conference approved the ministerial license of Theda Good, a Colorado woman who identifies as a lesbian, to serve as as pastor of nurture and fellowship at First Mennonite Church of Denver.

As previously reported, the development prompted a Mennonite Church in Ohio to leave the denomination in part due to concerns over the lack of discipline against those who engage in homosexual behavior.

“We felt that Mennonite Church USA and [our church] were going in different directions concerning scriptural authority and holiness,” Ross Miller, pastor of Hartville Mennonite Church in Lake, told reporters.

“We felt there needed to be church discipline, and there hasn’t been,” he said, referencing disappointment that the Ohio Conference failed to pass a resolution urging the denomination headquarters to address the Mountain States’ actions, as well as a statement from an executive board member that he felt was less than satisfactory.

According to 1 Timothy 3, leaders of the Church are to be men and are to be examples of holiness, including in their own homes.

“A bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife, vigilant, sober, of good behavior, given to hospitality, apt to teach, not given to wine, no striker, not greedy of filthy lucre; but patient, not a brawler, not covetous; one that ruleth well his own house, having his children in subjection with all gravity,” it reads. “For if a man know not how to rule his own house, how shall he take care of the Church of God?” (Click to Site)