Torah Commentary Chayei Sarah (Sarah’s Life) -Day 23, Month 8, 5775; 24 November 2016


Chayei Sarah (Sarah’s Life)

Why That Piece of Dirt?

The joy Abraham experienced after the “Resurrection” of Isaac was short lived by the news of the death of his wife Sarah. He had never known a time that Sarah was not by his side, as maybe some of his first memories of life were playing next to a well with Sarah as their mothers drew water for the day. Now that chapter of his life has come to an end. Commentators have and will continue to argue if her death was in some way tied to the news she had received regarding the purpose of Abraham taking Isaac for the yearly sacrifice. The fact he is facing is that she has passed on, and the job at hand is to find a proper burial place for his wife.

The account continues with negotiations being made with Efron the Hitti who owns a cave in the field of Makhpelah. In the end, Abraham will pay top dollar plus for this piece of land and the cave. Why? It is just a piece of dirt and just another cave. Anyone who has been to Israel knows that caves are not uncommon. (Click to Article)

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