UN “Sex Education” Standards Push LGBT Agenda on 5-Year-Olds

In yet another bid by the United Nations to sexualize and indoctrinate your children at younger and younger ages, the UN Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization (UNESCO) just unveiled a new set of “Comprehensive Sexuality Education” standards for humanity. Among other controversies, the UN’s planetary sex-ed scheme advocates masturbation, abortion, gender confusion, homosexuality, homosexual parenting, contraception, fornication, and more. The document, which cites abortion giant Planned Parenthood almost 20 times, represents a full-blown assault on parental rights and traditional morality that critics say could devastate a generation of young people. But the UN wants it to be mandatory for every child on the planet, starting at age five.

The UN document, dubbed “International technical guidance on sexuality education,” purports to provide an “evidence-based approach” to teaching young children all about sex, homosexuality, gender confusion, and more. But as the document itself makes clear, much of the “evidence” comes from extremist organizations that promote abortion, sexual “liberation,” fornication, and more. Planned Parenthood, for instance, provided much of the alleged “research” and “evidence.” That is despite the fact that the tax-subsidized abortion behemoth and the UN have been exposed in the U.S. Congress helping the Communist Chinese regime with its coercive population-control schemes, including forced abortions. Another outfit involved in the UN scheme was the rabid LGBT advocacy group Out Right Action International.

While self-styled, scandal-plagued UN education ministry UNESCO played a lead role in developing the controversial new sex-ed scheme, it was hardly alone. In fact, the new global “Comprehensive Sexuality Education” guidelines are also being publicly supported by UNICEF, the UN agency ostensibly in charge of “protecting” the world’s children; UNAIDS, which supposedly exists to protect humanity from sexually transmitted diseases; UN Women, the radical pro-abortion outfit supposedly leading the global fight for “women’s rights;” and even the World Health Organization, an extreme organization whose leaders are so out of touch that they recently tried to name a genocidal Marxist dictator as “goodwill ambassador” due to his alleged success in providing “universal healthcare” to the victims of his barbarous tyranny.

The document itself would be considered shocking to anyone who adheres to traditional notions of family or morality, whether they be Christian, Jewish, Muslim, or virtually any other religion. For instance, the document promotes “sexual pleasure” for children, beginning before they even turn 10. At age nine, for instance, the UNESCO guidelines call for children to “describe male and female responses to sexual stimulation.” Also at age nine, children are taught that masturbation is fine but should be done in private. The standards brazenly encourage fornication (sexual relations outside of marriage) among children, too, painting traditional morality as old-fashioned and wrong. By age nine, the standards say children should “demonstrate respect for diverse practices related to sexuality.” And by 12, the children are expected to believe that various forms of sodomy are “pleasurable” and less likely to result in infection. They are also to be taught about condom use.

Indeed, the UN document, which distorts abstinence education, is filled with the sexual-revolution ideology that has helped devastate families across the Western world. By age 12, the UN “learning objectives” demand that children “support the right for everyone” to “express their sexual feelings.” And by “sexual feelings,” the UN refers to complete hedonism, with sex being totally divorced from morality. Throughout the manual, which UNESCO hopes will be used to indoctrinate every child on the planet, it is clear that the UN wants everyone to support the so-called “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex” (LGBTQI) agenda. In fact, the document is filled with references to waging war on “homophobia” and “transphobia,” terms that are routinely applied to describe opposition to the redefinition — or undefinition — of marriage that began in recent years and culminated with a rogue Supreme Court lawlessly pretending to create a “right” to something called a homosexual “marriage.”

The document gets worse. When children are nine, for instance, they should be able to “explain how someone’s gender identity may not match their biological sex.” At that same age, they must also “demonstrate respect for the gender identity of others.” In other words, even before they reach age 10, they must not only accept, but “respect,” gender confusion that is strongly correlated with mental distress, suicide, and more. At age five, the children are expected to be able to “define gender and biological sex and describe how they are different.” They are also expected to “express respect” for homosexual parenting. “All people should be able to love who they want,” the UNESCO document explains, a clear reference to normalizing and promoting homosexual relations.

The UN sex-ed manual also indoctrinates children to fight against “discrimination” based on “gender identity or sexual orientation.” This is the same mantra that has been used to jail Christian pastors in Western Europe who quote the Bible on homosexuality or gender, and to destroy the lives of American business owners who decline to celebrate homosexual “marriages” by baking cakes or providing floral arrangements. The children are also taught to question and even reject their parents’ values and beliefs on sex and marriage, with children told that they should “acknowledge” that their values may be “different” from their parents or guardians.

And, unsurprisingly considering the UN’s views and its reliance on rabid abortionists for “evidence” and “research,” the slaughtering of unborn children in the womb is portrayed as a “right” of women and girls. The unalienable right to life of the babies is nowhere mentioned in the UN document.

In a section on how to deal with outraged parents or communities that object to the sexualization of their innocent young children in government schools, UNESCO has talking points for everything that might be said by critics. For instance, in a section about how Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) deprives children of their innocence, UN CSE promoters are told to respond that: “Sexuality education is about more than sex — it includes information about the body, puberty, relationships, life skills, etc.” And they are not kidding. According to the document, the UN’s CSE scheme encompasses “emotions, self-management (e.g. of hygiene, emotions, behaviour), social awareness (e.g. empathy), relationship skills (e.g. positive relationships, dealing with conflicts) and responsible decision-making (e.g. constructive and ethical choices).”

Even the children’s attitudes will be measured and tracked, to ensure that every child is coming away with the attitudes the UN — not parents — want them to have. “CSE includes a number of attitudinal and skills-based learning outcomes,” the document says. It notes, too, that the “learning” of these UN-approved attitudes on sex, abortion, homosexuality, gender confusion, and more is “distributed across a range of school subjects.” Values must change, as well. “It is essential to include a focus on values … within a comprehensive approach to sexuality education,” the UN says after repeatedly emphasizing that values are subjective.

Basically, then, as the document itself makes clear, the UN would like to see that all children’s minds will be saturated in school with sexualization across myriad subjects. The goal is to ensure that they achieve the right “attitudinal outcomes” and “values.” The document then goes on to argue that all the sexualization schemes must be delivered “without making judgement on sexual behaviour, sexual orientation, gender identity or health status.” So the UN wants your children to develop UN-approved values on sexuality — more commonly known as “LGBT” values and attitudes — under the guise of teaching that there are no values. Let that sink in.

Consider the dictators club’s values across a range of issues — abortion, globalism, wealth redistribution, gun control, free speech, LGBT promotion, and more — and whether they line up with yours. But the UN has a response to that, too. When somebody points out that it is the role of parents to teach their children about these topics, not the UN or government schools, UNESCO offers a bold and highly controversial response: “the government should support and complement the role that parents and family play by providing holistic education for all children and young people in a safe and supportive learning environment.”

The document then goes on to ridicule and downplay parents’ concerns about the sexualization of their young children by the UN and government. “Parents’ objections to CSE programmes in school are often based on fear and lack of information about CSE and its impact,” the UN says, suggesting ignorant parents would approve if they knew how important it was for their five-year-old to support gender confusion and homosexuality. Parents must understand, the UN continues, that they won’t be completely cut out of the picture — the UN just wants to enter into a “partnership with parents.” And obviously, in its view, the UN knows best.

It was not clear from where the UN and its member governments believe they derive the authority to relegate parents to the status of “partners” in the raising of children. A number of global schemes were cited in the paper. But legal analysts said the UN sex-ed document radically misconstrues existing international agreements — agreements that never would have been approved if member governments had realized they would be used to promote homosexuality to five-year-olds and masturbation to nine-year-olds.

UNESCO also said it wants children’s introduction to sex to be a “carefully planned process” that starts “from the beginning of formal schooling.” Hence the “learning outcomes” targeting children from age five. It is not enough for students to be indoctrinated into the UN’s worldview on all of those issues, though. Teachers must be subjected to a rigorous indoctrination program, too, so that they can transmit the views and values demanded by the UN when it comes to sex and basically everything else. “This training can be included as part of the curriculum of teacher training institutes (pre-service) or as in-service teacher training,” the UNESCO document explains.

In a response to the UN’s latest CSE guidelines, Family Watch International President Sharon Slater did not hold back. “We have repeatedly warned governments, parents and other stakeholders that comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) is a radical, graphic, sexual-rights, pleasure-based approach to sex education that promotes promiscuity, abortion, and diverse sexual practices and identities to young children,” Slater said in an e-mailed statement. “With this new UNESCO technical guidance publication, we now have additional, conclusive evidence to prove it.”

The recently released UNESCO publication, she continued, “clearly reveals the UN’s stealth global agenda to manipulate and sexualize children through comprehensive sexuality education.” As one example, she noted that the document openly promotes “unscientific gender ideology that asks children to identify the difference between biological sex and gender.” It also teaches children “they have a right to sexual relationships,” she added, citing the text. “It even asks 9-year-old children to ´demonstrate respect for diverse practices related to sexuality` and to identify people of ´diverse sexual orientation and gender identity.´” Slater also wondered what purpose the UN could possibly have in asking children to “describe male and female responses to sexual stimulation” or to “summarize key elements of sexual pleasure.”

“Parents should be outraged by the content of the UNESCO publication, and UN Member States should demand that the sponsoring UN agencies withdraw their support immediately,” added Slater, whose organization works to defend life, marriage, and the family around the world. Noting the vast array of UN agencies pushing the scheme, Slater highlighted the danger. “This is an all-out frontal assault on the health and innocence of the world’s children from some of the most powerful and well-funded institutions that set the health standards for women and children across the world,” she said.

The CSE mantra is a crucial weapon in the war on the family, Slater concluded. “Comprehensive sexuality education is the primary tool used to advance the global abortion and sexual rights agenda and is designed to change the traditional sexual and gender norms of society by changing the worldviews of children,” she explained. For more information on the dangerous agenda, Slater recommended a short documentary video on CSE by Family Watch International posted at WarOnChildren.org.

The Trump administration’s publicly announced plans to withdraw from UNESCO represent a good start. After all, the organization, which has long been dominated by communists, globalists, and other extremists, has been waging war on America, freedom, morality, and more for generations. As this magazine has documented repeatedly, the UN agency is literally trying to standardize indoctrination under the guise of “education” all across the world — not just on sex, but on everything. Indeed, UNESCO leaders have been openly demanding that government-controlled education force drastic changes in the views, behavior, values, and ethics of children worldwide.

However, UNESCO is only part of the problem. As The New American reported last year, the UN appointed an LGBT czar who said that when it comes to brainwashing children to support the agenda, “the younger the better.” Other UN agencies bully governments into submission, too. Even the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights serves to pervert the meaning of rights, turning them into privileges that can be revoked on a whim. In recent years, the UN has also attacked fundamental freedoms ranging from free speech and gun rights to due process and religious liberty. Meanwhile, UN officials have been exposed raping thousands of children around the world with impunity.

To deal with the UN threat in a sustainable way, Congress could defund and withdraw from the UN entirely using HR 193, the American Sovereignty Restoration Act. The legislation would sever U.S. ties to the dictators club and evict its headquarters from U.S. soil. The measure may not protect all the world’s children from harmful indoctrination by the dictators club. But if nothing else, it would help shelter American children from the radical ideology being pushed on kids from the global body, while encouraging other nations to reclaim their sovereignty as well. (Click to Source)

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