Congo declares new Ebola outbreak, 8 people now infected

Sunday, June 14, 2020 by: Ralph Flores

(Natural News) The Democratic Republic of Congo has reported a fresh Ebola outbreak this week. The new cluster has sparked fear among public health experts, as the African country is still contending with the world’s largest measles epidemic, as well as the coronavirus.

On Monday, June 1st the Ministry of Public Health reported six cases and four fatalities in the western city of Mbandaka; they then confirmed two more cases two days later. A report by UNICEF, which has an office in the area, also reported that Monday that a fifth person died from the virus.

The situation also complicates both local and international efforts to stem an Ebola epidemic on the eastern side of the country, an area considered to be among the most volatile regions on the continent. Less than two months ago, the epidemic – which had lasted nearly two years and caused over 2,275 deaths – was on its final stages. However, a new case set back the government’s plan to declare an official end to the epidemic.

It’s also unclear how the virus appeared in Mbandaka, a city of 1.2 million people about 750 miles west from the country’s eastern edge, especially since Congo has enforced travel restrictions to head off the spread of the coronavirus. Experts are looking at the possibility of a new instance of animal-to-human transmission, especially since the city had previously been the center of an outbreak in 2018.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a person can get infected with Ebola by coming into contact with an infected animal, including fruit bats or monkeys. It can also spread through the handling of wild animal meat infected with Ebola.

“This is a reminder that COVID-19 is not the only health threat people face,” added Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director-general of the World Health Organization (WHO).

One health crisis after another

Aside from the new Ebola outbreak, health authorities in Congo are also battling to contain the coronavirus, which is also concentrated in the country’s western region. Congo, one of the world’s poorest countries, has 3,644 confirmed cases and 78 deaths, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. Its actual caseload and death toll is predicted to be much higher, however, given that testing has been limited.

The outbreak in Mbandaka has health experts worried, especially since the city is a hub for travel to the capital city of Kinshasa and neighboring countries. The capital city, which has around 12 million residents, is the current epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in the country. In addition, Mbandaka borders the Republic of Congo and the Central African Republic – two war-torn countries with even weaker health systems than that of Congo.

In addition, the country is also in the midst of the world’s largest measles epidemic, which has infected 369,520 people and caused 6,779 deaths since 2019.

In response to the new outbreak, Dr. Matshidiso Rebecca Moeti, the WHO’s regional director for Africa, posted on Twitter that the global health agency will work together with the Africa Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Congo’s health ministry to deal with it.

“With each experience, we respond faster ?and? more effectively,” said Moeti.

Dr Matshidiso Moeti


The new #Ebola outbreak in Mbandaka #DRC represents a challenge, but it’s one we are ready to tackle. @WHO has worked w/ @MinSanteRDC, @AfricaCDC & partners over the years to strengthen capacity to respond to outbreaks. With each experience we respond faster & more effectively.

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The latest in a string of outbreaks

Ebola, which is short for Ebola virus disease, is a deadly disease that causes fever, bleeding, weakness and abdominal pain. While the average mortality rate of Ebola is around 50 percent, some outbreaks have had case fatality rates of up to 90 percent. The disease gets its name from the Ebola River, where it was first identified.

Congo has experienced many outbreaks of Ebola in recent years, and most have been resolved quickly. (Related: The “incubation period” lie about Ebola, and why America is vulnerable to an Ebola outbreak from infected migrants.)

To date, the largest known Ebola outbreak occurred in 2014, which killed over 11,000 people and affected Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone in western Africa. (Click to Source) has more on the ongoing Wuhan coronavirus outbreak.

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China keeps making itself look worse as coronavirus pandemic continues to spread

Sunday, June 14, 2020 by: Isabelle Z.

(Natural News) China likes to talk about what a great superpower they are, but they just keep making themselves look desperate and dishonest as they make misstep after misstep in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

When coronavirus was peaking in France in recent weeks, China could have offered support as the death toll and economic losses mounted – especially considering the role they played in unleashing this deadly virus on the planet.

Instead, however, they decided it was the right moment to launch an attack on the country. Hurt by comments French officials made about their mishandling of the virus’s outbreak, the Chinese embassy posted a message on its website implying France abandoned residents of nursing homes and left them to die from the disease and starvation.

In response, Paris summoned the Chinese ambassador and made their disapproval clear. Undeterred, Beijing then warned France that they would be damaging ties between their countries if they didn’t cancel a contract that would supply new equipment for French-made Lafayette frigates that were sold to Taiwan nearly three decades ago.

France responded to this by saying they were merely fulfilling contractual obligations and that everyone’s current focus should be on fighting the global coronavirus pandemic.

And just in case the message wasn’t clear, the Senior Adviser for Europe for the International Institute for Strategic Studies, Francois Heisbourg, who has worked for the French defense and foreign ministries said: “The French went out of their way, sent a public communique saying, ‘Yes, we are sending this stuff to Taiwan in the framework of our contract with that country.’ To make sure that the Chinese were getting our meaning, we actually went out of our way to piss them off.”

Missed opportunities

China had a chance to share its expertise and equipment with the world given the head start they got in dealing with the pandemic, and they could have done wonders for their public image had they acted in a respectable way.

China has a very high opinion of itself, and the huge part it plays in supply chains around the world has indeed given them power. But even when they did try to save some face in this situation, like when they pledged to send some medical equipment to places like Italy, Greece, Spain and France, some of the equipment ended up being subpar if not downright faulty. Many people in the U.S. and other countries have expressed a desire to see their nations reduce their reliance on Chinese goods.

Nanjing University Institute of International Relations Dean Zhu Reng said that China’s coronavirus diplomacy hasn’t done too well, and this is due in no small part to a political system there where different branches would rather curry favor with top leaders than report factual situations. Zhu feels that a modest approach would do far better than their “you should thank China” attitude and capitalizing on the situation to expand their global influence.

China didn’t do much to help its reputation when it colluded with the World Health Organization to keep the coronavirus outbreak under wraps in the early days.

According to a report from the German newspaper Der Spiegel, Chinese President Xi Jinping asked WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom to delay the global warning about the COVID-19 threat in January. The report cites sources from German’s intelligence services who say that the Chinese leader wanted information about human-to-human transmission held back. The agency estimates that this move “lost four to six weeks to fight the virus worldwide.”

China had a chance to improve its image – at least to some degree – at several points despite the role they played in the start of this pandemic, but instead they chose to act with arrogance and deception. (Click to Source)

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How Dr. Fauci’s fraudulent pandemic advice put millions of Americans through hell

‘Tremendous infringements on our liberty occurred for one reason and one reason only:  Our white-coated scientific savior, Dr. Anthony Fauci, had solemnly informed us that they were absolutely necessary.’ 
Thu Jun 11, 2020 – 2:02 pm EST

June 11, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – For weeks the diminutive doctor dominated the airwaves.  Dr. Anthony Fauci was a fixture at President Trump’s China Virus press conferences, warning us in his raspy voice that we were facing a disease so infectious that a single droplet in the air could infect and kill us.

Stopping the spread of this disease would not be easy, he said, but nothing else mattered.  This was the kind of pandemic that comes along once a century or so, caused by an unknown virus for which there was no cure.  If we don’t follow his instructions to the letter, he warned us, millions of Americans could die.

And what was his advice?

The entire country was going to have to go into lockdown, he told us in March. Become laid off from your job, close your business, pick up your kids from the school, and then go home and shut yourself in.  At first, he advised us that we may have to “hunker down” in this way for “several months.” But by early April, he was saying that the lockdown would have to continue until there are no “new cases” of coronavirus.  That is, indefinitely.

For many Americans, it was nothing short of an open-ended sentence of house arrest.   Yet Fauci was absolutely insistent in interview after interview that if we didn’t make this collective sacrifice, that there wouldn’t be enough coffins to hold those who would die of the China Virus.  Over and over again he demanded that the shutdowns continue, warning that “suffering and death” awaits America if it opens too soon.

Fauci was all over the media with this message, all the time.

The entire country panicked, especially the Democrat governors in Blue states.  Following Fauci, they abused their authority to impose on Americans unheard of restrictions on their liberty.  They put job-killing lockdowns in place, along with a whole host of other new rules. Only one member of each family was allowed out, and then only to buy “essentials” like food, hand sanitizer, and toilet paper, and this only at your local big box store.  (That was the only place you could shop anyway, since the local mom-and-pop store was padlocked.). Everything not deemed “essential” was off-limits.  You could not visit your elderly mother in the senior’s home, your sick friend in the hospital, or even spend time with God in His churches, which were also closed.

Even as all this was going on, few dared question Fauci’s dictates.  He seemed to be the very embodiment of scientific rationality, a pure scientist who had put all of his personal opinions aside in order to tell the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, about the China Virus.  He must have reams of scientific evidence to back up each and every claim that he made—about the lethality of the coronavirus, about the ease of its spread, about masks, social distancing, and testing—or so we assumed.

Most of us felt that we had no choice but to go along.  Fauci, America’s leading infectious disease expert, had assured us that it was either his way or the graveyard. To avoid breathing our last in a hospital room locked away from our families, dying a slow painful death from the 21st century equivalent of the Bubonic plague, we all dutifully kept our homes shuttered against the killer virus lurking outside.  As weeks went by with no end in sight, Fauci continued to demand that the shutdown continue, warning of the danger that awaited Americans if they ventured outside too soon.

Those who violated the quarantine had the full weight of the law dropped upon them. An elderly barber was arrested for the crime of cutting hair in Michigan.  A salon operator in Texas was humiliated by a judge for having dared to defy a local lockdown order. A Maine restaurant owner had his business license revoked by his governor for daring to serve food outdoors.

The governors of Red states like Georgia, who wanted to allow their people to go back to work, were accused by the hate-filled media of conducting an “experiment in human sacrifice.”  If they insisted upon allowing their people to break quarantine, they were told, they would jeopardize the public health of the entire nation. Fauci himself endorsed this view, saying on April 3rd that the entire country “really should be” under a stay-at-home order and that “he doesn’t understand” why it isn’t.

But the real vitriol was reserved for those who actually dared to come out and protest the Fauci-inspired lockdowns in New York, California, Virginia, and Michigan.  These crowds of normal Americans, who simply wanted to get on with their lives, were attacked as “racists” and “fascists.”  Their protests had nothing whatsoever to do with race or fascism, of course, and everything to do with the way they were being deprived of their liberty.  This distinction was ignored by the Left and its media attack dogs, who instantly revert to name-calling when any suspected “deplorables” show up on the scene.

In fact, the person who demonstrated truly fascist behavior was Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, who actually extended her lockdown in order to punish those discontented by her bizarre lockdown orders.

These tremendous infringements on our liberty occurred for one reason and one reason only:  Our white-coated scientific savior, Dr. Anthony Fauci, had solemnly informed us that they were absolutely necessary.  He could save us from this pestilence, he intimated, but only if we heard and obeyed his Delphic voice.

Then, unexpectedly, demonstrations and protests erupted across America.

Urged on by the Leftist media and Democrat politicians, and fueled by Anarchists, Antifa, and Black Lives Matter activists, people who had been confined to their homes for weeks surged out into the streets.  City after city saw huge crowds of protesters flowing down city streets practically touching one another, or should I say “infecting” one another.  Not only that, they were chanting at the top of their lungs, potentially releasing clouds of China Virus packets into the surrounding air that others would breath in.  It was Fauci’s worst nightmare.  Everything that he had achieved with his dire warnings was swept away in an instant in an orgy of anger.

In the starkest display of hypocrisy I have seen—and we live in an age of hypocrisy—the same politicians who yesterday ordered everyone to stay home now took to the streets in solidarity with the demonstrators.  Even Governor Whitmer blew off her own stay-at-home order to march with the protesters.  One day she’s arresting a barber for violating social distancing by cutting one person’s hair, and the next she’s mixing and mingling with thousands of people.  And she was not the only one.

If you are like me, you expected Fauci to instantly take to the airwaves to sternly denounce this reckless behavior, and call upon the nation’s governors to reimpose order.  The demonstrators would be ordered back into their homes and told to once again shelter in place lest they unleash a “second wave” of the China Virus upon the land.  The governors would be told to ensure that those few who are allowed to go out must continue to wear masks, practice social distancing and, above all, not congregate in large groups.

But the man who had been constantly hectoring us up to this point — our Delphic Oracle of all things plague related — suddenly went silent.  Instead of haranguing this second wave of demonstrators — the way he had, for example, harangued the first — about the danger that their activities posed to themselves and others, he simply disappeared from the radar.  And for ten long days, as tens of thousands of demonstrators continued to march through the streets of American cities, he remained hidden from public view.

There can only be one explanation for the difference.  Obviously, in Fauci’s eyes, some protesters are more equal than others.  When small business owners and country folk break quarantine, he hyperventilates over their lack of social responsibility and predicts epidemiological disaster.  But when the elite media and the Democrats not only sanction protests, but actually participate in them, he looks the other way.

Fauci may claim to be an objective, unbiased scientist, but at best he is playing politics with people’s health. At worst, as Betsy McCaughey writes, he is a “left-wing ideologue” cloaking his opinions in “the mantle of science.”

And it turns out that he’s not a very good “scientist” either.

In the beginning, he relied upon a model from the Imperial College in London that predicted 2.2 million deaths in the U.S.  It turns out that the model, authored by the recently disgraced Professor Neil Ferguson, was garbage, a fact that our America’s most famous virologist only discovered at the same time the rest of us did.  In other words, the man we trusted to make critical decisions about the entire country didn’t even bother to do his homework.

Add to this the fact that our white-coated savior knew almost nothing about the China Virus itself.  He didn’t know how lethal it was (very, not very).  He didn’t know how contagious it was (not very, extremely).  He didn’t know whether it could be spread asymptomatically (yes, no, maybe), or whether wearing masks could help contain it (yes, no, maybe), or whether it was possible to be re-infected (yes, no, maybe).  He’s been all over the map as well on whether we will have a second wave (yes, no, maybe).

And yet this didn’t stop him from recommending, on the basis of a sham model, that the economy of the entire country be shut down indefinitely, that 40 million people be put out of work, the millions of children be denied an education, and that small, “non-essential” businesses simply be shuttered, many never to reopen.

One by one, all of his predictions have come to naught.  Not only did millions of Americans not die, but also, as the numbers started coming in, the mortality rate of the China Virus has kept dropping until it is now regarded as just about as threatening as the seasonal flu.

And how long did it take for him to figure out what was apparent to many of the rest of us early on, namely, that the China Virus wasn’t the only thing killing Americans, and that maybe destroying the economy wasn’t the best approach.

The “scientific evidence” that the Fauci lockdown was based upon has vanished in the warm summer sun, just as the China Virus itself appears to be doing.  As for the man himself, he has put tens of millions of Americans through hell on the basis of a flawed model and a complete misreading of the one thing he is supposed to be an expert on: viruses.

I say Dr. Anthony Fauci is a fraud. (Click to Source)

Steven W. Mosher is the President of the Population Research Institute and the author of Bully of Asia: Why China’s Dream is the New Threat to World Order.




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Chemicals supplied by China play a big role in America’s illegal drug trade

Thursday, June 11, 2020 by: Isabelle Z.

(Natural News) Coronavirus isn’t the only deadly epidemic that can be traced to China; factories in the country have also been involved in supplying huge amounts of precursor chemicals to Mexican super labs to produce methamphetamines and other drugs that end up on American streets.

Precursor chemicals are used for the illegal manufacture of narcotics and psychoactive substances. However, they also have legitimate commercial applications and are used legally in consumer products such as medicines and fragrances, as well as for industrial processes. One example of this is phenylacetic acid, which is legally used to produce penicillin and cleaning solutions but can also be used to illegally manufacture methamphetamines.

A former special agent for the DEA, Derek Maltz, told One News Now that China’s participation in the drug crisis that is killing people around world, particularly in America, is an “underreported story” that has been going on for many years.

He said that while the DEA did a great job of stunting the ability of what he termed “mom and pop” labs in the U.S. to make meth, drug kingpins in Mexico spotted an opportunity to make a lot of money, so they began bringing significant quantities of precursor chemicals from China and other Asian countries into Mexican ports, from which point they went on to be used to make street drugs in labs around the country.

“Cartels started dominating the methamphetamine production business inside of Mexico,” he said. “Cartels like the Sinaloa Cartel and the Jalisco Cartel built super-labs in Mexico to produce massive amounts of methamphetamines, up to seven tons of meth every three days.”

The synthetic drug market is highly profitable for them, he says, pointing out that China is home to more than 150,000 chemical companies and that the country is earning millions of dollars by selling “these poisons.”

They are also making a lot of money by selling massive amounts of fentanyl to Mexican cartels, and some Americans are even managing to buy some of these chemicals from websites in China and having them shipped directly to their homes.

In addition, the Chinese are helping the money laundering for these cartels in the U.S. as law enforcement has a far more difficult time penetrating ethnic Chinese groups than the Mexican ones, given the high number of Spanish-speaking informants used by law enforcement.

Maltz believes that money may not be the only motivation behind China’s actions, saying: “America is a big adversary to China, so it’s not far-fetched to think the Chinese are purposely killing Americans and making millions of dollars while doing it.”

Coronavirus crisis in Wuhan disrupted the drug trade

Wuhan will forever be associated with coronavirus, but prior to the pandemic, it was known for producing the chemicals that are needed for fentanyl and other opioids. According to the L.A. Times, Mexican drug cartels were their biggest customers.

After the virus emerged and disrupted the fentanyl supply chain, however, Mexican drug traffickers saw their profits take a huge hit, and street drug prices across America started climbing. Lockdowns, travel bans, and other types of virus containment efforts have crippled the narcotics trade, and the Mexican production of meth and fentanyl was particularly hard hit as they were unable to get the precursor chemicals that usually arrive via plane or cargo ship from China.

In addition, new restrictions on entering the U.S. have been another big roadblock for the Mexican drug cartels, and the resulting loss of income is said to be contributing to escalating violence in Mexico, where the monthly homicide figures reached a two-year high in March. As pandemic-related lockdowns start being lifted, however, the illegal drug trade will soon be in full swing once again. (Click to Source)

Sources for this article include:


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Less Than Half Of Americans Plan To Get COVID Vaccine: AP Poll

A week ago we took note of the results of a Reuters/Ipsos survey which found 25% of Americans have no interest in taking a coronavirus vaccine. Those prior findings also confirmed a trend that the majority of Americans said they would need to review additional research on the vaccine to determine if it was safe, suggesting the majority would stay home as opposed to health officials’ hoped-for expectation the majority would inundate local clinics to gain ‘immunity’ via a new inoculation.

This as President Trump’s much touted but perhaps dubious Operation Warp Speed program has the ambitious aim of producing 300 million doses of a vaccine by January, a goal that we and others have pointed out is widely unrealistic. Naturally most Americans might have intense doubts and anxiety over injecting a substance into their bodies which was “rushed” or fast-tracked to market, obviously without the normative lengthy research and trial process.

A new Associated Press poll out this week confirms the public skepticism. It found that only 49% of 1,056 Americans surveyed would intend to get the vaccine.

On the other side 20% said they would noted get inoculated at all and another 31% are unsure. The survey was conduced in the middle of this month.

The AP described the number of those apparently planning to reject a vaccine is “surprisingly low considering the effort going into the global race” for the key preventative measure.

“The unexpected looms large and that’s why I think for any of these vaccines, we’re going to need a large safety database to provide the reassurance,” Dr. William Schaffner, an infectious disease specialist at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, told AP.

Americans interviewed in association with the new poll precisely echoed concerns over safety given the speed at which it would be rolled out:

Among Americans who say they wouldn’t get vaccinated, 7 in 10 worry about safety.

“I am not an anti-vaxxer,” said Melanie Dries, 56, of Colorado Springs, Colorado. But, “to get a COVID-19 vaccine within a year or two … causes me to fear that it won’t be widely tested as to side effects.”

Interestingly, the results are parallel to the numbers of people who said they planned to get a seasonal flu shot (52% according to a 2019 National Foundation for Infectious Diseases poll). (Click to Source)


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70 scientists, doctors tell Trump how to regain control over corona crisis hijacked by radicals

The US scientists, medical professionals, and economists warned the president that the crisis was being used by some as a ‘political opportunity’
Thu May 21, 2020 – 3:04 pm EST

May 21, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – Last week, a letter containing a dozen science-based, common-sense suggestions for handling the China Virus was personally handed to President Trump. It was signed by 70 US scientists, medical professionals, economists, and other technical experts representing all parts of the political spectrum.

They set their political differences aside because of their shared belief that, as they explained, “genuine science should be the basis of our technical public policies and subsequent actions.  Unfortunately, far too often real science has been replaced by political science.”

In the case of the China virus, they noted, “some of the complaints relating to COVID-19 appear to be from those who see this pandemic as a political opportunity.”

Who among us has not noticed the ridiculous political posturing that some governors and mayors have been engaging in, which has nothing to do with public health and everything to do with political gamesmanship in advance of the upcoming elections?

These outside experts, on the other hand, promised a “non-political perspective and recommendations on the way forward with COVID-19” based on their “diverse backgrounds and expertise representing a cross-section of specialties and skills in a number of fields, ranging from health care to the physical sciences to economics. … We are all in the same fight, so we need to work together.”

Here are their chief suggestions, followed by my comments:

  1. Immediately add a professional statistician to the COVID-19 team, continue flattening the curve, and require more accurate reporting of COVID-19 complications and deaths. 

The initial models being used to project China Virus deaths were poorly designed and produced wildly inflated predictions of infections and deaths.  Perverse financial incentives to report even suicides and traffic fatalities as China Virus deaths made the problem worse.  Having an expert statistician, combined with clear reporting guidelines, would help bring the numbers back to reality.

  1. Federal government should put businesses into four categories (A thru D) based on the frequency and duration of close personal contact. 

Right now some governors seem to be making entirely arbitrary decisions based more on politics than science.  Those on the Left seldom darken the doors of churches and gun stores, so it closes them down.  On the other hand, because their followers tend to frequent cannabis shops and liquor stores, it allows these to stay open.

Having federal standards would help to remove politics from these decisions, and inject much-needed rationality.  An “A” business might be golf courses, while “D” businesses might be restaurants.

  1. While private-public partnerships aggressively work to increase COVID-19 testing capability, educate citizens on how they can optimize their immune system.

Aside from living a healthy lifestyle, there is ample evidence that Vitamins C and D, in combination with Zinc, boosts your immune system and increases your body’s ability to fight off COVID-19 disease.  Rather than locking Americans down, health officials should be encouraging them to ramp up their innate immune system by taking supplements.

  1. The FDA should immediately approve doctor-supervised HCQ+Z-Pak+Zn plus Remdesivir protocols. 

Hydroxychloroquine should never have been politicized in the first place but, as soon as President Trump mentioned—accurately—that it was proving to be an effective tool in combating China Virus, his political enemies began to attack it.

Even Dr. Fauci denounced evidence of its efficacy as anecdotal, despite the existence of nearly two dozen studies showing “the use of HCQ-AZ [Z-Pak] combination … appears to be a safe and efficient treatment for COVID-19.”

The FDA should get out of the way, and allow physicians to prescribe the drug cocktail to any China Virus patient under their care.  Sensible doctors are doing this already.

  1. The FDA should recommend steam inhalation as an initial treatment.

Given that the China Virus is a respiratory ailment, and that viruses can be deactivated by heat (165 degrees), careful steam inhalation may prove to be a simple, low-side initial treatment.  The FDA should quickly investigate this and, if it works, endorse it.

  1. Congress should refrain from additional COVID-19 outlays, as an economically problematic amount has already been authorized. 

An obscene amount of money has already been thrown at the China Virus epidemic, much of which was wasted. We built hospitals that were never used, and sent hospital ships to New York and California that saw mere handfuls of patients.  Other sums went to Progressive “wish list” items that had nothing whatsoever to do with the epidemic.

Nancy Pelosi’s ridiculous 3 trillion dollar “fast track to socialism” bill is just more of the same. Any new expenditures should be specifically tied to dealing with the China Virus.  Our national debt is already close to unsustainable.  We should not be adding to it.

  1. Continue to exhaustively investigate the origin of COVID-19. 

Evidence is growing that the coronavirus not only leaked from the Wuhan biolab, but was created there.  An investigation is necessary not only to assign responsibility for the outbreak, but also to prevent a future outbreak from one of China’s labs.  Most importantly, it should include an assessment of the damage caused by the China Virus to the U.S. and the global economy, so that it can be used as a basis for seeking reparations from the CCP and its leaders for damages.

If the CCP and its leaders are responsible, as the evidence indicates, then we should hold them responsible for their actions, and use all of the avenues at our disposal to recoverone way or another, damages.

  1. Thoroughly analyze the objectivity, competence and timeliness of all major UN agencies.

Obviously the UN agency most in need of a dedicated investigation concerning the China Virus outbreak is the WHO, but it is by no means the only one.  The CCP has corrupted a number of UN and international agencies whose competence and objectivity can no longer be relied upon.  They should be defunded until they are reformed.  Should reform prove impossible they should be replaced.

Dr. John Droz, the physicist who put together the memo, summarized the joint effort by saying, “We support the President and wanted to give him several constructive suggestions going forward — and these are evidently somewhat different from what he is hearing from the Coronavirus Team.”

Steven W. Mosher @StevenWMosher is the President of the Population Research Institute and the author of Bully of Asia:  Why China’s Dream is the New Threat to World Order.  He is a signatory to the letter to President Trump. (Click to Source)


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EXCLUSIVE: Virus researchers uncover new evidence implying COVID-19 was created in a lab

Preliminary study results suggest virus was produced in lab cultures using human cells.
Sat May 16, 2020 – 10:48 am EST

May 16, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – A team of Australian scientists has produced new evidence that the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19 is optimized for penetration into human cells rather than animal cells, undermining the theory that the virus randomly evolved in an animal subject before passing into human beings, and suggesting instead that it was developed in a laboratory.

The study, which has not yet been peer reviewed, provides new but not yet conclusive evidence favoring the theory that the novel coronavirus originated not in a food market as has been claimed, but rather in a laboratory, presumably one operated by the Wuhan Institute of Virology in Wuhan, China, the city in which the first outbreak of COVID-19 occurred in December of 2019.

The lead researcher on the team says that the results represent either “a remarkable coincidence or a sign of human intervention” in the creation of the virus.

The authors of the study, led by vaccine researcher Nikolai Petrovsky of Flinders University in Australia, used a version of the novel coronavirus collected in the earliest days of the outbreak and applied computer models to test its capacity to bind to certain cell receptor enzymes, called “ACE2,” that allow the virus to infect human and animal cells to varying degrees of efficacy.

They tested the propensity of the COVID-19 virus’s spike protein, which it uses to enter cells, to bind to the human type of ACE2 as well as to many different animal versions of ACE2, and found that the novel coronavirus most powerfully binds with human ACE2, and with variously lesser degrees of effectiveness with animal versions of the receptor.

According to the study’s authors, this implies that the virus that causes COVID-19 did not come from an animal intermediary, but became specialized for human cell penetration by living previously in human cells, quite possibly in a laboratory.

The authors write that “this finding is particularly surprising as, typically, a virus would be expected to have highest affinity for the receptor in its original host species, e.g. bat, with a lower initial binding affinity for the receptor of any new host, e.g. humans. However, in this case, the affinity of SARS-CoV-2 is higher for humans than for the putative original host species, bats, or for any potential intermediary host species.”

As a consequence, they add, a “possibility which still cannot be excluded is that SARSCoV-2 was created by a recombination event that occurred inadvertently or consciously in a laboratory handling coronaviruses, with the new virus then accidentally released into the local human population.”

In a separate public statement about the research made by Prof. Petrovsky on April 17, the researcher notes that the results of his study are either “a remarkable coincidence or a sign of human intervention,” and adds that it is “entirely plausible that the virus was created in the biosecurity facility in Wuhan by selection on cells expressing human ACE2, a laboratory that was known to be cultivating exotic bat coronaviruses at the time.”

“If so the cultured virus could have escaped the facility either through accidental infection of a staff member who then visited the fish market several blocks away and there infected others, or by inappropriate disposal of waste from the facility that either infected humans outside the facility directly or via a susceptible vector such as a stray cat that then frequented the market and resulted in transmission there to humans,” he added.

The researchers recognize that other possibilities exist, but regard them as improbable. They found that the novel coronavirus has a strong, but lesser binding effect on the ACE2 receptor of Pangolins, which are mammals eaten in China as a delicacy which has often been proposed as the intermediary of the novel coronavirus between bats and humans. However, they note that the Pangolin doesn’t offer a reasonable candidate for an intermediate species for human transmission, because “given the higher affinity of [the novel coronavirus] SARS-CoV-2 for human ACE2 than for bat ACE2, SARS-CoV-2 would have to have circulated in pangolins for a long period of time for this evolution and selection to occur and to date there is no evidence of a SARS-CoV-2 like virus circulating in pangolins.”

A preliminary form of the study, which is currently entitled, “In silico comparison of spike protein-ACE2 binding affinities across species; significance for the possible origin of the SARS-CoV-2 virus,” has been published on a repository site maintained by Cornell University, which warns that studies published prior to peer review should not be considered “established information” unless multiple experts in a given field are first consulted.

According to his university webpage, in addition to his work as a university professor, Professor Petrovsky is currently Director of Endocrinology at Flinders Medical Centre of Flinders University, and Vice President and Secretary-General of the International Immunomics Society. He is also the founder of Vaxine Pty Ltd., which is funded by the U.S. National Institutes of Health and is currently working on a COVID-19 vaccine.

In addition to Professor Petrovsky, the research team that produced the study includes Prof. Sakshi Piplani, also of Flinders University, Puneet Kumar Singh, who works with Petrovsky and Piplani at Vaxine Pty Ltd., and Prof. David A. Winkler, who teaches at the University of Nottingham in the U.K and Monash University in Australia.

Study contradicts scientists who claim “zero evidence” for lab origin of virus

The results of the study tend to contradict virologists who have claimed that the novel coronavirus shows no signs of having been produced in a laboratory, some of whom have gone so far as to dismiss such theories as “conspiracy theories.” The “conspiracy theory” claim has been uncritically echoed in much, but not all, of the international media. The staff of the Wuhan Institute of Virology have repeatedly denied the virus came from their lab.

Their position has been supported by a widely-referenced letter from several scientists published in Nature Medicine on March 17, which argues against the likelihood of a laboratory generating the virus in a human cell lab culture.

The argument made by the researchers in the letter is mostly based on the claim that no genetically-close progenitor to the novel coronavirus that could be a candidate for such a process has been described in any scientific study. They also assert that “repeated passage” of coronaviruses in cell cultures have not been mentioned in scientific literature.

However, the letter’s authors do not address the possibility that the Wuhan Institute of Virology researchers simply did not report all of their research to the public, a possibility that seems to have been reinforced in recent months by secrecy and cover-ups regarding COVID-19 research in China, and the repeated refusal of the Chinese government to participate in an international probe of the origins of the novel coronavirus.

Unless an animal version of virus is found, evidence points to “human intervention”

Professor Petrovsky told LifeSite in an email interview that his study indicates that “there are some highly unusual features, including optimal human adaptation, that in the absence of identification of a close to identical virus in an animal population from which COVID19 could have arisen, would point in the direction of human intervention at some point in the evolution of COVID19.”

He noted that, so far, researchers in China and elsewhere have not produced evidence of the presence in animals of a virus closely similar to the one that causes COVID-19 in humans, which would give credence to their theory of natural development in an intermediary between bats, which presumably originated the virus, and humans.

“If an animal vector and virus could be found then of course this would resolve the matter completely,” Petrovksy told LifeSite. “One would have thought that the Chinese would be intensively sampling all conceivable animals trying to find such a virus to exonerate their labs. If no such intense search is going on (which I don’t know one way or the other) then the inference could be that they are not looking because they already know what they might find.”

Richard Ebright, a molecular biologist at Rutgers University who has been critical of laboratory studies that might produce new pathogens dangerous to humans, told LifeSite that Petrovsky’s results “are plausible,” but cautioned that the results of the pre-print of the study “are from computational modelling, not from experiments, and therefore must be considered as provisional at best.”

Ebright noted that an earlier study on ACE2 receptor binding found that a bat coronavirus similar to the COVID-19 virus had strong binding power with the ACE2 of tree shrews and ferrets, making them possible animal intermediary candidates. However, the study did not compare the binding power of the virus’ animal species’ ACE2 receptors with the binding power with humans, as does Petrovsky’s study. Moreover, it did not use a gene sequence from an early version of the novel coronavirus itself, as does Petrovsky’s study, but rather used the gene sequence of a similar bat coronavirus reported by the Wuhan Institute of Virology, called RaTG13.

Ebright told LifeSite that he believes that multiple physical experiments that will ultimately determine if the novel coronavirus is optimized for binding with human cells are “probably underway in multiple locations,” although he did not cite any specific studies.

What is needed, according to Prof. Petrovsky, is a thorough international investigation into the true cause of the COVID-19 outbreak, something the Chinese government has repeatedly refused.

“Whilst the facts cannot be known at this time, the nature of this event and its proximity to a high-risk biosecurity facility at the epicentre of the outbreak demands a full and independent international enquiry to ascertain whether a virus of this kind of COVID-19 was being cultured in the facility and might have been accidentally released,” wrote Petrovsky on April 17. (Click to Source)


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Wuhan Locals Describe Panic as City Experiences Second-Wave Outbreak

BY NICOLE HAO – May 14, 2020 Updated: May 14, 2020

As Wuhan, the central Chinese city where the CCP virus first emerged, experiences another wave of infections, residents told The Epoch Times that authorities were downplaying the scale of the current outbreak, and expressed fear of contracting the virus.

On May 14, China’s National Health Commission announced three new infections in the entire country, two of them in Shenyang city in northeastern Liaoning Province, and one in Jilin city, Jilin Province. It didn’t report new data for Wuhan.

Full Lockdown

Earlier in the week, authorities announced six new infections in Wuhan on May 10 and 11.

They were all residents of the Sanmin residential compound in Dongxihu district. After the diagnoses, authorities locked down the compound area, restricting movements and requiring nucleic acid tests for all residents.

On May 14, Wuhan residents shared a video on social media showing several workers installing a steel panel at the entrance to the compound.

“They fully sealed the [Sanmin] residential compound with steel panels. The authorities are very extreme! I can’t understand,” a Wuhan resident told the Chinese-language Epoch Times.

A resident in Sanmin residential compound told The Epoch Times that no one in the compound was allowed to leave for work. All must remain indoors.

“Thirteen more newly diagnosed patients are from our residential compound,” he said, adding that authorities didn’t announce these infections, but residents were sharing information through word of mouth. “More than 300 others are being isolated at quarantine centers.”

Epoch Times Photo
A medical worker takes a swab sample from a resident to be tested for the coronavirus in Wuhan, China, on May 14, 2020. (STR/AFP via Getty Images)

The compound has factories, schools, and stores within its premises. All of them were forced to close.

Another compound resident told The Epoch Times that local authorities have required all residents to be quarantined at home for 14 days

He said he witnessed authorities set up more than 10 tents at the compound on May 10, with government staff, local hospital staff, and local police visiting the compound. For the past few days, staff would arrive to pick up samples from the roughly 4,900 residents for nucleic acid testing and blood antibody testing.

The resident said he believed that the infection numbers were being underreported.


On May 14, the Wuhan government ordered all city residents to receive a nucleic acid test to determine whether they were infected.

The Epoch Times received several videos from Wuhan residents, showing long lines at testing sites set up on the streets, despite heavy rain.

Medical staff swab saliva from people’s throats. Then, the saliva sample is sent to a hospital or test center for results.

To prevent potential contamination, medical staff must change gloves after each sample they collect.

However, Wuhan residents complained that medical staff didn’t change their gloves, and expressed fear of becoming inadvertently infected.

Epoch Times Photo
A medical worker takes a swab sample from a resident to be tested for the coronavirus in Wuhan, China, on May 14, 2020. (STR/AFP via Getty Images)

Netizen Miaomiao said on Weibo, a Twitter-like platform, that her employer arranged for staff to be tested on May 14. “All employees got wet after waiting in the heavy rain, which may cause us to catch a cold,” she wrote in her post. “In fact, most people felt nauseous when the Q-tip touches the throat. Some even coughed. However, the medical staff collected the samples without changing gloves.”

Liuyin Zhixia complained on Weibo: “My neighbor went to test this morning. He said the medical staff’s glove touched his oral cavity. He was very scared and gargled with salt water [when he got home].”

As authorities use checkpoints to monitor people’s movements, it would be difficult for a Wuhan resident to avoid taking the test. Government staff scan a cellphone-generated health code. Only those who receive a green health code—meaning they have never been in contact with the virus—can move around freely.

Epoch Times Photo
A man travels on a ferry to cross the Yangtze River in Wuhan, China, on May 14, 2020. (HECTOR RETAMAL/AFP via Getty Images)

Local residents also became concerned after they noticed that online retailers notified their customers that they would suspend shipping goods to Wuhan due to the recent outbreak.

Netizens shared a May 12 notice from China courier company ZTO Express and its partner Jinjun Logistics informing customers that its staff wouldn’t pick up or deliver packages to several districts in Wuhan.

Hours later, the two companies denied the information in the notice.

However, many Chinese netizens posted on Weibo that local couriers wouldn’t send their packages to Wuhan.

In recent days, social media videos also showed several people in Wuhan who suddenly collapsed on the streets. Due to fears of the virus, bystanders nearby did not dare to approach them.

It is not known what caused them to fall ill. In one video, first aid workers dressed in a protective suit tried to resuscitate the man. They announced that he passed away on the scene. (Click to Source)


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Dr. Judy Mikovits and Dr. Sherri Tenpenny: A New COVID Vaccine Could Kill 50 Million People in the U.S.

Comments by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News – May 31, 2020

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny and Dr. Judy Mikovits have both been recent guests on, and interviewed by Brian Rose. recently had to develop their own video platform to beat the Facebook and Google YouTube censorship, as Brian Rose frequently interviews doctors and scientists the corporate media and Big Tech desperately want to censor.

We have featured the work of both women frequently here on Health Impact News.

Judy A. Mikovits, PhD, earned her BA from University of Virginia and PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from George Washington University. In just over twenty years she rose from an entry-level lab technician to become director of the lab of Antiviral Drug Mechanisms at the National Cancer Institute before leaving to direct the Cancer Biology program at EpiGenX Pharmaceuticals in Santa Barbara, California.

She has published over 50 scientific papers.

Dr. Mikovits spoke the truth about the fraudulent use of government research money, the marketing of inaccurate retrovirus tests, Medicare fraud, the contaminated blood supply, and the harm that is associated with vaccines and their schedule of administration.

Her research showed how retroviruses are linked to the plague of modern illnesses that are bankrupting the U.S. healthcare system.

She was arrested without a warrant and held in jail for 5 days without the opportunity for bail as a fugitive from justice. Her career was destroyed.

Her story is documented in the book Plague: ​One Scientist’s intrepid Search For the Truth about Human Retroviruses and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Autism, and Other Diseases.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny is an osteopathic medical doctor, board-certified in three specialties. She is the founder of Tenpenny Integrative Medical Center, a medical clinic located near Cleveland, Ohio. Her company, provides online education and training regarding all aspects of vaccines and vaccination.

Dr. Tenpenny has invested nearly 20 years and more than 40,000 hours documenting and exposing the problems associated with vaccines. As an internationally known speaker and author, her many articles have been translated into at least 15 languages.

She offers online education on the topic of vaccines, and her yearly Mastering VaccineInfo Boot Camp is probably the most comprehensive training in the truth about vaccines found anywhere.

Dr. Mikovits was the first one interviewed, and during the course of that interview, Brian Rose asked her about the COVID-19 vaccine that is being fast-tracked, with some pharmaceutical companies saying they will have a vaccine by this fall.

Dr. Mikovits discusses the absurdity of giving a COVID-19 vaccine to healthy people who would already most likely have natural immunity. She states:

So now you’re going to inject an agent, into every cell in the body. I just can’t even imagine a recipe for anything other than what I would consider mass murder on a scale where 50 million people will die in America from the vaccine.

Watch her full statement.

Dr. Mikovits is part of a new film being produced called “Plandemic,” and a trailer featuring her testimony has gone viral in recent weeks in spite of efforts to censor it, with some estimates guessing that it may have been viewed by well over 20 million people already.

She states that the man who directed the smear campaign to try and silence her was Dr. Anthony Fauci, currently on President Trump’s Coronavirus Task Force.

Dr. Mikovits claims other heads of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) colluded to silence her and suppress her research.

Willis: Apparently their attempts to silence you have failed. And I have to ask, how do you sit here with confidence to call out these great forces and not fear for your life?

Dr. Mikovits: Because if we don’t stop this now, we can not only forget our Republic and our freedom, but we can forget humanity, because we’ll be killed by this agenda.

Watch the trailer of what is currently probably the most banned video in the world right now:

About a week after Brian Rose interviewed Dr. Mikovits, he did a show with Dr. Sherri Tenpenny.

He mentioned Dr. Mikovits’ prediction that if we went full steam ahead with this new COVID vaccine that 50 million people would die, and asked Dr. Tenpenny if she agreed.

Not only did Dr. Tenpenny say she agreed with Dr. Mikovits’ prediction of deaths in the U.S. from a COVID vaccine, but she stated that there would also be many who are injured by the vaccine who might wish they were dead:

“There are some things worse than death.”

Watch her full response:

Here is her full interview with Brian Rose on  (Click to Source)


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Aldous Huxley In 1958 – Pharmacology And Propaganda Will Make The Masses Love Their Slavery


As the world is forced into accepting greater and greater levels of government control in all areas of life, remember that nothing in politics happens by chance. There is a science to creating empires. Tomes have been written on the techniques of controlling masses of people.

Three important axioms stand out: people are much easier to control when they love their slavery, people in fear are very easy to control, and individualism is dangerous to the state.

During a prophetic interview with journalist Bill Wallace in 1958, Aldous Huxley commented on what he foresaw as a potential future for the United States and the world.

Huxley’s classic dystopian novel, Brave New World, was written almost 90 years ago in 1931, prior to World War II, and his insight is still highly relevant today. We are seeing in real-time the emergence of a global, technocratic super state, of which pharmaceutical companies play a critically important role, and terrorism is always a lurking background threat.

Huxley, as introduced by Wallace:

A man haunted by a vision of hell on earth. A searing social critic, Mr. Huxley 27 years ago wrote Brave New World, a novel that predicted that someday the entire world would live under a frightful dictatorship. Today Mr. Huxley says that his fictional world of horror is probably just around the corner for all of us. ~Mike Wallace (1958)

If Huxley was able to see all of this coming almost 90 years ago and describe it so well in Brave New World, what are we missing?

He was able to make these predictions because he understood that mass control is the most studied science of the world’s wealthiest and powerful people. He also understood human nature and the nature of government.

…obviously the passion for power is one of the most moving passions that exists in man; and after all, all democracies are based on the proposition that power is very dangerous and that it is extremely important not to let any one man or any one small group have too much power for too long a time.

After all what are the British and American Constitution except devices for limiting power, and all these new devices are extremely efficient instruments for the imposition of power by small groups over larger masses. ~Aldous Huxley

Today, over 40 million Americans regularly take antidepressants, a testament to the omnipresence of the pharmacological state. Huxley foresaw this being a critical tenet of control, for people need to love their slavery, and new drugs can really help with that.

To Wallace, he states:

In this book of mine, Brave New World, I postulated a substance called Soma, which was a very versatile drug. It would make people feel happy in small doses, it would make them see visions in medium doses, and it would send them to sleep in large doses.

…this is the pharmacological revolution which is taking place, that we have now powerful mind-changing drugs, which physiologically speaking are almost costless.

…if you want to preserve your power indefinitely, you have to get the consent of the ruled, and this they will do partly by drugs as I foresaw in Brave New World… ~Aldous Huxley

Furthermore, he spoke about the need to disrupt the natural thought process of human beings, accessing their subconscious minds, so that their emotions instead of logic will lead them. Huxley foresaw advanced forms of propaganda being used to hack the mind’s of the masses.

[They will do it]… partly by these new techniques of propaganda.

They will do it by bypassing the sort of rational side of man and appealing to his subconscious and his deeper emotions, and his physiology even, and so, making him actually love his slavery.

I mean, I think, this is the danger that actually people may be, in some ways, happy under the new regime, but that they will be happy in situations where they oughtn’t to be happy.

…We know, there is enough evidence now for us to be able, on the basis of this evidence and using certain amount of creative imagination, to foresee the kind of uses which could be made by people of bad will with these things and to attempt to forestall this… ~Aldous Huxley

With the state of national media and the clear biases they project onto the population, it’s hard to imagine a more propagandized environment in America; however, the rise of internet censorship foreshadows an even darker future for free thought and free speech.

Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World is emerging all around us. Are you paying attention? (Click to Source)

Watch the full interview, here:


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