VIDEO: Ukrainian Troops, On the battlefield, Giving NAZI Salute

The brief video below shows Ukrainian Army troops giving the NAZI salute.  If you support Ukraine, THIS is what you’re supporting: NAZIs! 

If YOU support Ukraine, then YOU are a NAZI collaborator.  (We’re gonna start calling you that, in public!  Prepare yourself.)

The US Congress . . .  NAZI Collaborators!

President Biden . . .  NAZI Collaborator!

NATO?  NAZI Collaborators

European NATO Member Governments providing weapons and aid to Ukraine? NAZI Collaborators!

Russia is RIGHT for doing what they’re doing in Ukraine.  The sooner Russia finishes off this disease of NAZIism, the better off we’ll all be.  

Below is a video of a live rendition of the Russian National ANthem.  Wacth it a couple times.  READ THE WORDS in the translation at the bottom of the screen.  Then turn the volume off and LOOK at the people in the video.  Look at the faces.   This could be any stadium here in the United States.   Russians ARE  us.   

There is no reason for us to go to war with Russia.  We need to be going after Ukraine and stopping those NAZI bastards.

In World War 2, the NAZI’s focused on Jews.

Today, they are in Ukraine, going after Russians.  

We need to stop this NAZI disease before it goes any farther.


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