Demonic Genocidal Maniacs At The WHO Ramping Up Development Of Vaxxes For ‘Marburg Disease,’ Which Has No Cure And Is Fatal To 90% Exposed, What Could Go Wrong? 

MVD, or the Marburg Virus Disease, according to the CDC, is a “rare but severe hemorrhagic fever” that affects monkeys as well as humans.  I find it curious that the first outbreaks all came from laboratories and the first people to be infected were “exposed to Ugandan imported African green monkeys or their tissues while conducting research.”  First appearing in 1967 in Germany and Yugoslavia and apparently seven of 31 people infected died from it; the next reported case in 1975 stems from Johannesburg in South Africa spread by a man that had traveled to Zimbabwe with only himself as the deceased from it as the two women who traveled with him were cured.   Other cases spread as visitors to Kenya, and in 1990 a Russian died as a result of a Russian laboratory infection.   After that over 736 people died between 1998 and 2022 in various places like Democratic Republic of Congo, Angola, Uganda, Netherlands, Guinea and Ghana with an average death rate of 88% of those infected. 

The CDC also said that the “reservoir host of Marburg virus is the African fruit bat, Rousettus aegyptiacus. Fruit bats infected with Marburg virus do not show obvious signs of illness. Primates (including people) can become infected with Marburg virus, which can cause serious illness or death.”  So far it seems a deadly virus that is held mostly within Africa but that appears to be changing.  Also called the Marburg Hemorrhagic fever or MHV, is caused by the Marburg virus and the NIH reports that in the US there are “less than 1,000” with this disease (based purely on estimates or pure made up numbers) and that “severe viral hemorrhagic disease characterized by initial fever and malaise followed by gastrointestinal symptoms, bleeding, shock, and multi-organ system failure.”

A very recent story in Axios reports that it is similar to Ebola and spreads with direct contact with bodily fluids and that there are currently NO vaccines or antiviral treatments but treating the symptoms increases the chances for survival.  Medical Express released a story on February 14th this year that the WHO “will convene an urgent meeting of the Marburg virus vaccine consortium (MARVAC)”.  This follows the story that Equatorial Guinea reports nine died in an outbreak of Marburg Virus causing hemorrhagic fever and the WHO reported “Equatorial Guinea today confirmed its first-ever outbreak of Marburg virus disease. Preliminary tests carried out following the deaths of at least nine people in the country’s western Kie Ntem Province turned out positive for the viral haemorrhagic fever.

Equatorial Guinean health authorities sent samples to the Institut Pasteur reference laboratory in Senegal with support from World Health Organization (WHO) to determine the cause of the disease after an alert by a district health official on 7 February. Of the eight samples tested at Institut Pasteur, one turned out positive for the virus. So far nine deaths and 16 suspected cases with symptoms including fever, fatigue and blood-stained vomit and diarrhoea have been reported.”

According to a story in The Daily Mail the WHO is convening an “urgent” meeting over the outbreak and ”brought experts from around the world together to discuss how to ramp up the development of vaccines and therapeutics for Marburg virus.”  What could possibly go wrong I wonder as I think back on the work they did for AIDS, and for that other dangerous virus from China that spread by bats (supposedly)?   They did note that it “has been touted as the next big pandemic threat, with the WHO describing it as ‘epidemic-prone‘.” 

Members of the Marburg virus vaccine consortium (MARVAC) said it could take months for effective vaccines and therapeutics to become available,… MARVAC team identified 28 vaccine candidates that could be effective against the virus – most of which were developed to combat Ebola.”   I suppose we might be thankful that Moderna, Pfizer, and friends are not among those involved, but I somehow have that the feeling that mRNA will be incorporated somehow.   And although they mentioned that it is unlikely that a vaccine can be made to combat this disease, they also note that a proper trial cannot be done because of the rareness of the disease.  What other virus vaccine was also not trialed, but for the reason that the disease was spreading too fast to take the required time for trials?   Oh, gee whiz, I forget which one that was but the end result would be the same.  Oh yeah, I remember now, that one that escaped from the mythical Chinese lab studying some bat virus and human ability to catch it, and somehow escaped and murdered – oh, sorry there, I meant to say killed millions worldwide.  What might you guess the possibility of this doing the same thing might be?

There are so many “news” outlets jumping on the bandwagon and putting out scare stories on this all on the same day that it is amazing.  None, or almost none of the main stream rags are carrying the Ohio bio-destruction of that train crash and poisoning of our Nations waterways and atmosphere, but this rare disease is getting top billings.  Time, MSN, The Daily Mail, Forbes, Reuters, ABC news, Aljazeera, USA Today, VOA, and so many others came out with all but identical stories on it, seemingly fueled by the releases from the WHO and major central news distribution centers like The Associated Press and Agency France-Presse.  Although terms such as “new virus” and “first outbreak” are commonly used, it is no such thing as the opening of this story proves and two years ago they were saying the same thing when that outbreak occurred.

What I find interesting is a story from the WHO two years ago where they said the “Marburg virus is known to persist in immune-privileged sites in some people who have recovered from Marburg virus disease” and that when “an outbreak is detected WHO responds by supporting surveillance, community engagement, case management, laboratory services, contact tracing, infection control, logistical support and training and assistance with safe burial practices.”  All fine and good, but if they come out with an mRNA vaccine for it, run as fast as you can.

As we found out above, there is not a lot of information on this latest outbreak, and I suspect it is being kept in reserve for another world scare tactic; it is a real disease  and a deadly one at that.  Used as a distraction from other news stories, such as the world war looming in Ukraine and Taiwan, it appears to be something like the balloon scare and the coverage of the train derailment in Ohio to keep your eyes off of the insanity that is being waged against the world by the satanic forces involved.  Yes it is a real disease, yes a real train derailment in Ohio, yes a ‘balloon’ was shot down, but they are covering up for some other major happening and I am not sure which is the more important or likely one just yet.  It appears more than distraction from some laptop some organized crime idiot left at a repair shop, more than the diseased mind of a would be world dictator with Alzheimer’s, more than the looming destruction of the US dollar and implementation of a digital replacement that will finish destroying our nation and eliminating any privacy that we may have left, but something of earth shattering import is behind this kind of false flag or distractions from reality.  The destruction of so many food processing plants, the fake shortages so the underground bunkers can be stocked, the rampant increases in crime and mental disorders masked as Woke garbage, the satanic worship on the Super Bowl half time and Grammy awards proves that our Savior is not pleased, and so on all point to something big that is going to happen.  I do not believe in coincidences.

God Bless


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