A massive explosion has taken place inside Russia proper, after an ammunition dump in Bryansk, Kilmovo Region of Russia was apparently hit by Ukraine.

The map below shows the location of the attack, inside Russia itself.

Video from social media shows the explosion: (Click Here)

This particular attack comes just AFTER Ukraine used HIMARS (supplied by the USA) to strike a Russian POW camp to kill-off Ukrainian AZOV Battalion prisoners in the Yelenovka Penal Colony .

Both that penal colony and the explosion inside Russia, are within the same general area.  If HIMARS was used to hit the penal colony, it is highly likely that HIMARS was also used to hit the ammo dump inside Russia.

Russia has publicly and repeatedly warned that if U.S. supplied HIMARS were used against Russian territory, Russia would declare the US to be a combatant in Ukraine, and launch military attacks against US/NATO targets.

We await analysis and confirmation that the attacks against the Penal colony – and against the ammo dump were, in fact, HIMARS.   That has not yet been factually determined through forensic analysis.

(Unnamed Source)

(Another Source)

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