Could the Ukraine Conflict be the Start of WW3? Here’s the Background on This Brewing Crisis

By Brandon Turbeville


While many are concerned with possible flare-ups in places like Syria, Israel, or the South China Sea, another area where there is the distinct potential for a third world war has always been and still remains to be Ukraine.

While the Western media rarely reports on Ukraine except to remind its readers and viewers that Russia “illegally annexed” Crimea and destabilized democratic Ukraine, the fact is that the area is a powder keg that could bring about direct clashes between Russia and the US or NATO.

Although Syria still retains much of the spotlight in the Western press, Ukraine happens to be yet another repeat of the NATO method of using color revolutions and proxy fighters to destroy a central government in order to replace that government with a puppet of their own choosing.

Russian resistance, however, has confounded those plans at least in the east of the country and what has taken place subsequently has resulted in a  proxy war between Russia and the United States. To make matters worse, that proxy war is taking place on Russia’s border, making the situation that much more dangerous for the rest of the world.

Russian “aggression”

Western media’s incredibly frightening hysteria and fear-mongering over “Russian meddling,” “Russian spying,” “Russian military involvement” and pretty much anything Russian whatsoever are occasionally highlighted by distorted claims pretending to show that Russia is acting aggressively or has ever acted aggressively in Ukraine.

For Western mainstream media and for Western governments, Russia’s actions in Crimea and Ukraine are nothing more than another example of Russian aggression that is growing worldwide. Virtually the entire Western world is engaging in neo-McCarthyism, this time moving full speed ahead without even the benefit of having at least some credible evidence to back up its case.

Thus, when Russia seized a number of Ukrainian sailors and military ships in the Sea of Azov, the Western media was alight with claims of Russian aggression. Ukranian President Petro Poroshenko declared martial law and called on the rest of the world to support Ukraine militarily. Donald Trump subsequently canceled a planned meeting with Vladmir Putin citing his concerns over the Russian action against Ukrainian forces.

But the story of Russia and Ukraine is much more than the recent incident in the Sea of Azov and it is much different than the way in which Western media has presented it. Given the fact that the Russians and Americans are so close to coming to blows in Ukraine, it is incredibly important to understand the facts surrounding the crisis, not merely the propaganda coming out of the mouths of politicians and major corporations.

Before we take a look at the Sea of Azov incident, we must first correctly orient ourselves to the backstory that brought us to this point.

What happened in Ukraine?

As the U.S. pushed harder and harder in Syria in order to overthrow the secular government of Bashar al-Assad, it was simultaneously pushing eastward in Europe toward one of its major goals, the encirclement of Russia. This saw the U.S. pushing for Ukraine to become yet another Russophobic member of NATO while then-President Viktor Yanukovych had argued that Ukraine should indeed be part of an agreement to defend Europe but not one that Russia was excluded from since Russia is also part of Europe.

Yanukovych attempted to tip-toe his way through a tug of war by the European Union and Russia the former looking to threaten, bully, and ultimately consume the country and the latter looking for genuine cooperation and defense against the European Union/NATO bloc pushing ever closer to its borders. For Yanukovych, the offer was between greater cooperation with Russia on trade and economics or greater cooperation with the EU on those issues which would ultimately see Ukraine flooded with migrants, Soviet-style domination, and the loss of national sovereignty.

This was on top of the fact that the agreement with the EU would have seen Western-backed destabilization agents like Yulia Tymoshenko released from prison and thus likely set loose on the Ukrainian political scene to wreak havoc and weaken the ability of Ukraine to govern itself.

In other words, Russia was offering a carrot while the EU was offering two bloody sticks.

Yanukovych chose Russia.

Protests erupted in Ukraine

Soon after, in 2013, Ukraine began seeing mass demonstrations demanding the ouster of Yanukovych and his “corrupt” government. The protesters rallied against “government corruption,” lack of “dignity,” and “violation of human rights.” Yanukovych was indeed corrupt and, like virtually every government on the face of the earth, there were violations of human rights. However, “Government corruption” and shadowy claims of human rights violations tend to be the hallmark of Western-backed color revolutions which the Euromaidan protests turned out to be.

The Western press howled in its support of the protests (one sure sign the “activists” are not genuine, organic representations of the people) and suddenly painted Yanukovych as a “strong man,” who oppressed the Ukrainian people and yet another dictator who needed to be taken out to protect “democracy.”

The protests grew in size and so did the violence. Before long, it was all out war between the “protesters” and the “security forces” of the government. As has been seen in other successful and attempted color revolutions in the past, snipers appeared on the rooftops firing at police (most likely in order to prompt the police to fire at the “protesters”) as well as indiscriminately into the crowd.

Soon, the Ukrainian government was facing “rebels” and militias of thugs and literal neo-Nazis actively fighting against security forces and terrorizing anyone who dared disagree with them. Many may immediately dismiss the idea that the U.S. was funding Nazi militias in Ukraine given that, in 2018, anyone to the right of Karl Marx is labeled a Nazi. In this context, however, the term is not being used lightly.

Yanukovych was soon overthrown after a “parallel government” was formed by protesters, violence increased to the point of leaving many dead, and Yanukovych finally relinquished control.

A network of NGOs (and George Soros) funded the destruction of Ukraine

Both the US government and its network of NGOs, including those operating and funded by George Soros, were hard at work before, during, and after the Euromaidan protests. As William F. Jasper wrote in his article, “George Soros’ Giant Global Footprint In Ukraine’s Turmoil,” for the New American,

Billionaire investor/activist George Soros has a giant footprint in Ukraine. Similar to his operations in dozens of other nations, he has, over the past couple of decades, poured tens of millions of dollars into Ukrainian non-governmental organizations (NGOs), ostensibly to assist them in transforming their country into a more “open” and “democratic” society.

Many of the participants in Kiev’s “EuroMaidan” demonstrations were members of Soros-funded NGOs and/or were trained by the same NGOs in the many workshops and conferences sponsored by Soros’ International Renaissance Foundation (IRF), and his various Open Society institutes and foundations. The IRF, founded and funded by Soros, boasts that it has given “more than any other donor organization” to “democratic transformation” of Ukraine.

The International Renaissance Foundation’s Annual Report for 2012, the latest available, states that, “IRF provided UAH 63 million in funding to civil society organizations — more than any other donor organization working in this field in Ukraine.” The “UAH” reference used above refers to the Ukraine Hryvnia, Ukraine’s currency, which is worth about 0.11 $US, or 11 cents in U.S. currency. That translates into roughly $6.7 million that IRF provided to Ukrainian groups in 2012; not a huge sum, by comparison to many other political and social campaigns, but more than merely “significant.” In the cash-starved Ukraine, Soros’s dollars go a long way toward seducing and co-opting all legitimate political opposition into the Soros-approved “progressive” camp. (source)

According to the IRF’s own website, this one Soros conduit has funneled over $100 million into Ukrainian NGOs over the years:

Over the period from 1990 to 2010 the International Renaissance Foundation provided more than $100 million in support to numerous Ukrainian non-government organizations (NGOs), community groups, academic and cultural institutions, publishing houses, etc. (source)

The IRF website and annual reports make clear that the Soros funds are targeted at promoting Ukrainian “partnership” with, and “integration” into, the EU. Soros has provided many millions more through his other “philanthropic” spigots. However, Soros’ influence in Ukraine extends far beyond the traceable funding he provides to activist Ukrainian NGOs, academics and think tanks. Equally, if not more, important is the influence he exerts on global opinion through his massive propaganda network (including Project Syndicate and other Soros megaphones) and his direct personal contacts with presidents, prime ministers, parliamentarians, central bankers, media executives, and Wall Street titans.

John McCain and Victoria Nuland were involved

US government officials also played a direct role in supporting the overthrow of Yanukovych. Notorious warmonger John McCain was on hand to cavort with neo-Nazis and visited the Maidan, sharing the stage with Oleg Tyahnybok. McCain promised American-style democracy but only after the country would see Yanukovych replaced and austerity measures introduced by the implementation of the EU’s “bailout” package known as the “Association Agreement.”

Victoria Nuland was just as legendary in her support for the color revolution. US Assistant Secretary of State for Europe, Nuland participated in the protests (all while Obama claimed that the Ukrainian people should have the deciding role in choosing their government) by literally handing out cookies.

Prior to this, Nuland had bragged about the US spending $5 billion over the past ten years to support “democracy” and the creation of around 40,000 NGOs to help spread Western “democracy” in Ukraine. Of course, this “democracy” is simply a code word for neo-liberal economics coupled with authoritarian rule.

Nuland was probably most famous for her “F*ck the EU” comment that had been taped and acquired by Russians and exploited throughout the media. The statement was merely a disagreement between the US and the EU as to who would be the new leader of Ukraine, with Nuland and the US demanding that “Yats,” aka Arseniy P. Yatsenyuk would be the one. Needless to say, “Yats the rat” became Kiev’s new leader and he immediately set to work to implement the IMF-style neo-liberal austerity policies desired by both the EU and the US.

Obama himself would later admit, during the course of an interview, that the US had “brokered a deal” to impose a new leader in Ukraine.

Ukraine was divided

Ukraine has scarcely had its own identity more than a few a decades. The country itself is a relatively new creation that became fully independent during the period in which the Soviet Union was falling apart. The territory that makes up the country has, particularly in the 20th Century, seen tragedy after tragedy of the most horrible kind.

During the period of Soviet rule, the brutal Communist regime held control over Ukraine with the most heavy-handed totalitarianism possible. As was the case with the USSR, Ukrainians were starved, oppressed, and slaughtered wholesale. It is under Soviet rule that the tragedy of the Holodomor took place.

It was the horror of Communism that made many Ukrainians, particularly in Western Ukraine, greet the Germans as liberators. But the Nazis only brought more authoritarianism, more work camps, and more wholesale slaughter. Thus, Ukrainians were caught in the crossfire of a war on their own territory between two of the most psychopathic bloodthirsty regimes of the 20th Century.

It is important to understand the history of Ukraine as well as the geography and demographics of the country in order to understand the current makeup of the country.

Ukraine straddles the cultures of both Europe and Russia. It’s fairly simple to understand and the dividing line can easily be drawn using the Dnieper River. Generally speaking, Ukraine west of the river is more European in its value system and Ukraine to the east of the river is more akin to Russia. Kiev sits slightly on the Western bank of the Dnieper river.

Despite the tragedies that befell Ukraine, this is where loyalties and affinities lie. Remember, the country itself is not even 30 years old.

Because of this, Ukraine, by historical standards, has not yet had an opportunity to develop a deep-seated national identity. It is still coming to grips with its own identity. Even many of Ukraine’s millennials would have been born into the Soviet Union. Thus, Ukraine’s national identity is, by and large, either European or Russian.

Meanwhile in Eastern Ukraine

While Yanukovych was embattled by angry mobs and neo-Nazis in Kiev, the protests were largely supported by the population of West Ukraine, at least at first. This may have been partly due to ignorance as to whom was behind the protests, legitimate frustration with the government, and a desire on the part of many to become and remain Western European as well as the horrific legacy of Russian rule during the Soviet Union.
That being said, the Eastern part of the country was not keen on the idea of becoming subject to National Socialism which views Russians as essentially a sub-species. This negative view of Russians would also encompass Eastern Ukrainians since they are, for all intents and purposes, Russian inasmuch as Western Ukrainians are Eastern Europeans.
Note: To be clear, while sentiment on the Western side of Ukraine is definitively more Western European, this does not imply that Western Ukrainians are Nazis, national socialists, or even in favor of the Western-backed coup. It is simply to point out that the Western Ukrainian identity is culturally more Western European than that of the Eastern half which is culturally more Russian. 
Many East Ukrainians simply refused to go along with the new Western puppet regime and fascist thugs who were literally calling for the extermination of Jews, Russians, and Eastern Ukrainians. But Western-backed neo-Nazis would not take no for an answer and, having gained control of the Ukrainian government, began an intimidation campaign that, at first, saw bullying and thuggery but eventually moved to violence and murder.

Then the violence culminated.

The violence of the neo-Nazi militias culminated in the now infamous May 2, 2014 Odessa trade union hall where pro-regime (now that Yanukovych had been toppled and replaced) “militants” chased dissidents into the Odessa Trade Union Hall where the building was set ablaze and the dissidents burned alive.

Outside, as the hall burned, neo-Nazis mocked them by calling them potato beetles and spray painted the hall with swastika symbols and tributes to the Galician SS (the Ukranian command of the German SS during WW2). Writing for Consortium News, the late Robert Parry wrote in his article, “Burning Ukraine’s Protesters Alive,”

In Ukraine, a grisly new strategy bringing in neo-Nazi paramilitary forces to set fire to occupied buildings in the country’s rebellious southeast appears to be emerging as a favored tactic as the coup-installed regime in Kiev seeks to put down resistance from ethnic Russians and other opponents.

The technique first emerged on May 2 in the port city of Odessa when pro-regime militants chased dissidents into the Trade Unions Building and then set it on fire. As some 40 or more ethnic Russians were burned alive or died of smoke inhalation, the crowd outside mocked them as red-and-black Colorado potato beetles, with the chant of “Burn, Colorado, burn.” Afterwards, reporters spotted graffiti on the building’s walls containing Swastika-like symbols and honoring the “Galician SS,” the Ukrainian adjunct to the German SS in World War II.

This tactic of torching an occupied building occurred again on May 9 in Mariupol, another port city, as neo-Nazi paramilitaries organized now as the regime’s “National Guard” were dispatched to a police station that had been seized by dissidents, possibly including police officers who rejected a new Kiev-appointed chief. Again, the deployment of the “National Guard” was followed by burning the building and killing a significant but still-undetermined number of people inside. (Early estimates of the dead range from seven to 20.)

In the U.S. press, Ukraine’s “National Guard” is usually described as a new force derived from the Maidan’s “self-defense” units that spearheaded the Feb. 22 revolt in Kiev overthrowing elected President Viktor Yanukovych. But the Maidan’s “self-defense” units were drawn primarily from well-organized bands of neo-Nazi extremists from western Ukraine who hurled firebombs at police and fired weapons as the anti-Yanukovych protests turned increasingly violent.

But the mainstream U.S. press in line with State Department guidance has sought to minimize or dismiss the key role played by neo-Nazis in these “self-defense” forces as well as in the new government. At most, you’ll see references to these neo-Nazis as “Ukrainian nationalists.” (source)

Yes, Neo-Nazis

Another part of this series will discuss how the United States provided their whole-hearted support of the efforts of the neo-Nazis in Ukraine.

The resistance forms

With all of this in mind, it should be clear to anyone why Eastern Ukrainians saw this coup and the use of the “National Guard” as an existential threat. For Eastern Ukrainians, it was no longer a question of politics, ideology, or foreign meddling, it was very much a question of life and death. For this reason, many Eastern Ukranians, particularly in the regions of Lugansk and Donetsk, formed their own militias to defend themselves and their communities from the threat of possible extermination and definitely the threat of totalitarian oppression and even deeper-seated corruption.

These Eastern Ukrainian militias did battle with their Western counterparts on Eastern territory for some time. Soon, however, the Ukrainian military was called in to back up the “National Guard” forces. The battle that ensued saw much more than small arms fire. Instead, it included shelling, missiles as well as regular Ukrainian military vehicles. In other words, a civil war was taking place.


While the situation in Ukraine might be described as a “civil war,” the truth is that the crisis should be more accurately referred to as a proxy war. Here, the United States and NATO are operating in and controlling the West while Russia operates in and works closely with the East. Like in Syria, the United States and NATO used proxy forces to destabilize and replace a central government with a puppet of their own choosing and, also like in Syria, the US and NATO have come up against Russian resistance that has scuppered their plans to enact control over the entire country. One other similarity to Syria is that the Russian position has been purely defensive in nature. The major difference between the situations in Syria and Ukraine, however, is that, due to Ukraine’s proximity to Russia itself, Russia is much more willing to go to greater lengths to defend itself and its interests. (Click to Source)

This article is Part 1 in a series dedicated to the issue of Ukraine. 

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World War 3 Cometh: Syria Is Threatening To Bomb The Airport In Tel Aviv And Iran Is Pledging To Wipe Israel Off The Map



We always knew that this was coming.  We always knew that there would eventually be a war between Israel and Iran, but we had hoped that it could be put off for as long as possible.  Well, now it appears that time may have run out.  The exchange of missiles between the IDF and Iranian forces based in Syria on Sunday represented a major escalation of a conflict that has been simmering at a low level for months.  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is pledging to continue to “strike at the Iranian entrenchment in Syria”, and on the other side the Iranians and the Syrians have changed the rules of the engagement to allow for a military response against Israel every time Israel strikes targets inside Syria.  What this means is that there are going to be more missiles going back and forth, and it seems inevitable that both sides will eventually cross the point of no return.

And even now, we may be dangerously close to that line.  In the aftermath of the missile exchange on Sunday, the Israeli Minister of Intelligence declared that Israel is now in “an open confrontation with Iran”…

Yisrael Katz, Israel’s Minister of Intelligence, later told Galatz that the policy for taking on Iran in Syria had changed and that the Jewish state was now in “open confrontation” with Iran.

This is an open confrontation with Iran. When we need to step it up, we’ll step it up,” Katz said while again adding that Israel would not allow the continuing Iranian entrenchment in Syria.

But the Iranians are not going anywhere, and they do not intend to back down at all.  So Israel will continue to strike the area in and around the airport in Damascus, and the Syrians are threatening to hit Ben Gurion Airport in return…

Syria’s United Nations envoy called on the world body’s Security Council to take measures against Israel’s continued assault on Syrian territories, as reported by the Syrian news agency Sana, wondering whether it would take a Syrian attack on Tel Aviv Airport to draw the council’s attention.

“Does drawing the attention of the war-makers in this Council require us to exercise our legitimate right to self-defense and respond to Israeli aggression on Damascus International Airport by responding in the same way on Tel Aviv Airport?” the Syrian envoy, Dr. Bashar Al-Ja’afari, asked.

If Ben Gurion gets hit, we will immediately see fireworks in the Middle East like we haven’t seen in decades.

And the Iranians fully expect such a conflict to break out.  In fact, earlier this week the commander of Iran’s air force boldly declared that his forces “are fully ready and impatient to confront the Zionist regime and eliminate it from the Earth”…

The head of Iran’s air force said on Monday the country was ready to fight Israel and destroy it.

Speaking to the Young Journalist Club, a website supervised by state television, Brigadier General Aziz Nasirzadeh said: “The young people in the air force are fully ready and impatient to confront the Zionist regime and eliminate it from the Earth.”

The Iranians fully mean what they are saying.  They absolutely hate Israel with a passion and they will not stop until it no longer exists.

Last month, another top Iranian official made it exceedingly clear what Iran intends to do…

Brig. Gen. Mohammad Reza Naqdi, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Deputy Commander for Cultural and Social Affairs, said in a December 28 interview with the Iraqi television network Al-Nujaba that the “Islamic revolution in Iran will not back down” from the goal of “wiping out” the Jewish state.

And he went on to add that he plans to personally raise a flag over the city of Jerusalem once they conquer it…

He vowed to take part in that effort. “We were, we are, and we will continue to be the soldiers of Imam Khamenei,” he said, “until our last breath and until the last drop of our blood. I myself will hoist the flag of the Islamic Revolution in Jerusalem, Allah willing.”

Are you starting to understand why war between Israel and Iran is inevitable?

Iran is run by a bunch of nutjobs that all believe that they have a religious duty to wipe Israel off the face of the planet.  They think about this every day when they wake up, and they are still thinking about it every day when they go to sleep.

And if Israel and Iran go to war, guess who else will almost certainly enter the conflict?

President Trump has pledged to do whatever it takes to defend the nation of Israel, and it was recently revealed that at one point the White House actually asked the Pentagon to draw up a plan for bombing Iran.

Of course the Russians are already allied with Iran and their forces are already in Syria, and so they could easily be dragged into the conflict on the other side.

What we are talking about is an apocalyptic scenario which could easily lead to the outbreak of World War 3.

But we have gotten this far without a major regional war erupting in the Middle East, and hopefully cooler heads will prevail and things will calm down in the days ahead.

Because war is truly a horrible thing, and nobody should want to see a conflict erupt in which millions of people could potentially die. (Click to Source)



34 Reasons Why War with Russia Is Inevitable


I frequently hear the following: Russia is a Christian nation. Putin is good Christian man. Russia only wants to defend its borders. Putin  is the only obstacle between the New World Order and the people of the world. Perhaps this is true, but Putin is indeed preparing to start World War III and he has been for the past four years. This could be a war that will kill billions, destroy nations and threaten all of humanity.

Putin’s Dual Path of Diplomacy

First, Putin would very much like to pursue a partnership with the United State and China to stop the globalist bankers (ie the New World Order in its tracks). However the globalists are keeping Putin and Trump apart with the phony Russian-collusion-delusion nonsense. This strategy will be analyzed in more detail in tomorrow’s Part II of this series.

Secondly, Putin is also pursuing a second dual path of diplomacy with both the United States and the rest of the world. Let’s not forget that Putin was the brainchild behind the BRICS nations break-away from Central banking of the control of the oil reserves through the Petrodollar. This is why the world sits poised to fight a third world war over Syria and Iran.

Putin may indeed be motivated by Christian desire to not submit to the Satanic globalists. He has indeed threatened to nuke them if they make move with Russia. But if Putin believes that Trump will lose control of America to the globalists, he will attack the United States with everything he has.

Thirty-Three Reasons Why War With Russia, In Syria Is Inevitable

There are 33 reasons proving that Putin is preparing to start World War III.

1. Several years ago, I wrote about the face-off between American paramilitary forces (i.e. Academi, formerly Blackwater) and Russian paramilitary forces (i.e.  Vnevedomstvenaya Okhrana) in Ukraine. America and Russia are already spilling each other’s blood.

2. Also in May of 2014, the Western media was suspiciously silent about the Russians airlifting critical supplies which would be used to support a war effort in Eastern Ukraine. Yet, Russia’s Novostinews service is openly reporting  that “Ammunition for Special Forces is being airlifted for Slaviansk Operation.”This is highly significant because Ukraine Denetsk region is asking to join Russia. Other regions are likely to follow. Russia is further airlifting ammunition into the same region. Even Ray Charles could see that this constitutes preparations for war in Ukraine and that this ammunition has gone to support the paramilitary forces fighting in Ukraine!

3. According to a Russian navy blog, published in May of 2014, Russia simulated an American nuclear attack involving submarines, bombers and land-based missiles and this massive drill was coordinated under the direct supervision of Putin at the Defense Ministry’s headquarters in Moscow. The nuclear drill simulated a massive retaliatory nuclear strike in response to an enemy attack. This was a live fire drill and involved a Sineva ballistic missile that hit a target on the Kula testing range on the Kamchatka Peninsula. Subsequent warnings were issued to civilian aircraft to stay clear of the massive war games area.

4. Also in the same time frame, Russia’s LifeNews began reporting that Russia’s Ministry of Civil Defense, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters has issued travel restrictions to all employees like the country’s firefighters, ambulance drivers and rescue troopers. Additionally, a similar travel ban is imposed for parts of employees under the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD) including tens of thousands of police officers, prison guards, and other law enforcement agencies like the Federal Drug Control and the Federal Migration Service. Others listed in the travel ban are personnel with access to state secrets, like certain employees of the Foreign Ministry. According to estimates, the total number of travel-restricted personnel number around 250,000 people.

5. The Russians are in war mode and have been for over four years Arctic war mode Russia is adding 40 new naval ships to its nuclear arsenal in 2014. By the end of 2015, Russia had nearly as many naval ships as the United States.

6. Retrofitted combat aircraft from Russia’s Northern Fleet extended the ranges of their patrol flights over the Arctic in 2014 using a network of 14 revamped Soviet-era airfields.

7. Ballistic missile submarines make up one part of Russia’s strategic nuclear triad along with land-based ICBMs and the Russian bomber force. The Borey submarine is Russia’s first post-Soviet ballistic missile submarine class and will form the mainstay of the strategic submarine fleet, replacing aging Typhoon, Delta-3 and Delta-4 class boats. The creation of the Borey signals that the Russian economy is in war mode.Russia ultimately expects to manufacture eight Borey-class submarines by the year 2020.

8. Russian Army General Sergey Shoigum,Russia have been very active in developing its military bases abroad in places like Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Armenia.  The Russian  have conducted drills in Belarus and Tajikistan. In fact, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan are still holding war games in the  Ural region, according to the TASS Russian News Agency. It has leaked out that Russia and China are holding joint terrorist drills inside of China. Russia is clearly preparing for war as this has been a ongoing process for the past four years.

9. During the 2014 Syrian crisis, Putin threatened to nuke the United States if it invaded Syria in violation of international law. Syria is critical to the Russians on a number of fronts including the prevalence of Syria’s warm water ports.Putin committed an act of war by seizing Crimea in a manner similar to Hitler to his nonviolent seizures of land prior to attacking Poland to begin World War II.

10. Russia has heavily invested in the development of a  Radar-beating missile delivery system in order to protect its long range bombers.

11. Russia has spent nearly $72 billion on arms as far back as 2011 including the development of the ability to cripple America with cyber attacks.

12. Russia’s nuclear forces are turning mobile and the new stealth technology extends from undetectable bombers to silent running nuclear submarines.

13. According to PRAVDA,Russia has 5,000 nuclear weapons of different tactical classes including Iskander warheads and torpedo, aerial and artillery warheads, all right next to Europe.

14. According to The Financial Times, satellite killers were launched into orbit May of 2014.This move by the Russians, parallels what the  Chinese have already accomplished and tested. The intent is to blind American forces on the battlefield and at sea.

15. The Russians just announced that a full squadron of ships from the Russian Navy’s Northern Fleet recently held drills in the English Channel! NATO has to be very nervous as war games have historically been used to launch an attack.

16. In what can be labeled a strategic game changer, the Russians announced that they are going to sell to their newest and most powerful ally, China, a sophisticated air defense system. 

17. Moscow is in the midst of the most expensive weapons modernization program in world history. From the period of  2016 through 2025, Russia’s defense spending is expected to reach $540 billion. No wonder Putin is “borrowing” from Russian retirement funds. Much of the money is being spent making much of Russia’s nuclear arsenal “go stealth” in which Russian nuclear missiles could hit targets without being detected prior to striking the desired target. So much for mutually assured destruction (MAD). The Russians next-generation bomber is nearly invisible to radar and their super-silent nuclear submarines are deadly, and according to the U.S. Navy, will be fully operational by 2025.

18. FEMA signed a bilateral agreement with the Russian military to permit a minimum of 15,000 Russian soldiers to train on American soil and this was at a time when both Russia and China threatened to nuke the United States if we dared to invade Syria or Iran in the Fall of 2013.

19. In 2014, the Russian military transferred personnel from the Western, Central, and Eastern military districts of the country to the Arctic region, according to a report by ITAR-TASS.

20. NATO was busy the last three days of October f 2014 when they“tracked Russian military planes that included fighter jets, long-range bombers and tankers over the Baltic region, the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.” Jets deterred over nineteen Russian planes just on October 29, 2014. The majority of planes were located in the North Sea and Atlantic Ocean. Radar did show eight planes toward the Norwegian Sea, but six planes turned around after the Norwegian Air Force pushed back. Two planes, Tu-95 Bear H bombers, continued towards Norway until NATO planes in the United Kingdom tracked them and forced them back to Russia. These actions are called probing the defenses of your enemy

21. Putin has declared war on the Petrodollar and is trying to destablize the American economy through the sale of oil for gold through the creation of the BRICS.

22. Putin has undermined the relationship between the US and two  of our biggest trading partners, India and China. Putin has married Russian energy with the Chinese and all deals are conducted in gold. India and Russia trade in commodities for gold. They used to use the dollar.

23. Portugal, a member of the European Union and a founding member of NATO, chased a Russian ship out of their waters on November 6, 2014. Russia claims the ship conducted “marine research,”but Portugal intervened when the ship floated almost fourteen miles from the coast.

24. On October 29, 2014. I wrote that my confidential sources informed me that Putin was preparing to cut off gas to Europe. Although this did not happen, the threat is omnipresent and keeps Germany in check. This was an act of war.

25. In response to the same heightened tensions. Lithuania, as well as its neighbors, [re[ared for a full-scale invasion by Russian forces. The Lithuanian government then issued a survival manual to its citizens which details how to fight a guerrilla war against its Russian neighbors. Europe knows what Russia is capable of because they have lived through two world wars.

26. I previously reported that Putin has been aligning his new military allies in India, Brazil, Bolivia, El Salvador, Cuba, Ecuador, Nicaragua, China, and even in South Africa in attempt to force the U.S. to prepare for a Red Dawn scenario here at home in the event that hostilities break out. This was Putin’s version of “Plan B” as he obviously was anticipating the loss of control over Ukraine.

27. Former U.S. Treasury Secretary Paul Craig Roberts had also warned in advance of a “Black Swan Event” such as Russia cutting off energy supplies to European nations as a prelude to war. It turns out that the Roberts prediction was correct with Putin shutting off gas to Europe. The world took a big step towards to the next world war. Britain only has an energy storage buffer estimated to be about 16 days of energy demands. What lies beyond 16 days under the present set of circumstances. The coming Britain reduction in energy usage will be imposed through rationing and denial of service to non-essential entities and service. In contrast, Germany has 77 days of energy reserves and France has 88 days. However, none of these nations have enough energy reserves to get through the European winter. Britain, France and Germany are luckier than most European nations who have almost no energy reserves and are very dependent on Russian gas exports sent through Ukraine.

28. Putin announced his warlike intentions, in November of 2014, in that he plans to severely scale down nuclear security cooperation with the United States. Translation, Russia does not need, nor want, the protection it formerly achieved through limitations on nuclear weapons. This aggressive posture, according to The New York Times, is seen as Russia’s way of saying that it requires no outside assistance in securing the country’s nuclear assets and network. This can only mean one thing, Putin is preparing for nuclear war.

29. Putin is a former KGB/Russian Mafia thug who has the psychological makeup to lead the world into a devastating World War III. New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft went publicwith claims that Russian President Vladimir Putin stole his 2004 Super Bowl ring during his visit to Russia in 2005. All of you naysayers, turn off your computers and save your printer ink, this is too well documented to not be true. And let’s not forget that in 1991, Putin, then deputy mayor of St. Petersburg, organized a number of scams involving meat imports into the poor, starving city. This drive is believed by many to have enabled Putin to make himself incredibly wealthy with an amassed fortune of almost $70 billion.

30. Putin is pursuing a military strategy that most Americans have never heard of and even fewer understand and it has to do with Russia’s geographic makeup and this holds the key to Russian military strategy Although Russia possesses one of the largest landmasses in the world, they possess an abhorrent lack of useable coastline. Historically, Russian economic growth has been severely impeded because of the lack of usable ports. Russia rues the day that they sold Alaska to the United States. It also helps to explain why Syria has jumped to the forefront of world affairs. Russia is sitting on vast energy deposits and they are threatening to expand their energy based and mineral world dominance by exploiting the newly discovered riches at the North Pole and they have invested significant resources in beefing up their Arctic fighting forces towards this end. Russia may be able to acquire vast mineral resources, but without significant ports from which to trade, the Russian economy will always run in second gear. One does not need to have access to Putin’s war plans to understand what is going on, one needs to only be a student of history in order to predict where this coming conflict is headed.

31. British geographer and military historian, Sir Halford MacKinder, in 1904, wrote an article that changed how politicians and military men viewed the world. The theory that had so influenced nearly five generations of strategists was called simply, the Heartland Theory. Basically, Mackinder’s Heartland Theory views geo-political military history as a struggle between land-based and sea-based powers. Mackinder believed the world had become a “closed” system, with virtually no new lands left for the European powers to discover, to conquer, and to fight over without creating chaos elsewhere. According to the theory, the common denominator for world conflict has been reduced to sea powers vs. land-based powers which would subsequently struggle for dominance of the world, and the ultimate victor would be in a position to set up a world empire. The determining factor in this struggle was physical geography; “Man and not nature initiates, but nature in large measure controls”. Syria fits this tall order for both the Russian military and economy.

A. Russia has a naval installation in Syria. The base is vitally important because it is Russia’s last foreign military base outside of the former Soviet Union. Putin is playing a bit of a slight of hand approach by stating they are closing the facility. However, the Russians are maintaining navy technicians and they service their permanent flotilla in the area.

B. Russia utilizes the port at Aleppo and Tartus to facilitate its sea trade.

C. Fortifying Syria provides protection for Iran who is undermining the Petrodollar by selling its oil for gold. This allows Putin to be engaged in an economic war against the dollar and the globalists he hates at the Federal Reserve.

D. Syria is a military satellite of Russia as Assad continues to buy a high quantity of  Russian military exports, which aids the Russian economy.

32. Also, who can forget this report in which it was detailed that the Chinese military is executing a military build up in Syria. All roads may lead to Rome and the all roads to war lead to Damascus. It is Biblical and it is almost upon us and as my confidential source has stated, the US will be fighting Russia AND China in Syria.



33. Speaking more generally about the new developments, Russia had adopted 300 new models of weaponry providing the armed forces with 18 new ICBMs , two submarine-based ballistic missiles. He added that the country had commissioned three new nuclear submarines and also increased the number of its high-precision long-range missiles. And let’s not forget about Russia’s hypersonic weapons which outclasses anything that either NATO or the United States possess.

34. The Bible predicts that Damascus, Syria will be destroyed in the last days before a terrible time of God’s judgment. This will precede the day that Jesus Christ returns to defeat Israel’s enemies.

Isa 17:1 The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.

The destruction of Damascus is a prophecy that some mistakenly think that it stands alone in the Bible. However, it turns out that it is only the first in a sequence of events that are increasingly more serious with much more profound effects on the human race.

Ezekiel Chapter 38 tells us about a Turkish led invasion into Israel. Turkey is accompanied by Iran, Sudan, and Libya (Ezekiel 38:5).

Saudi Arabia is also mentioned in Ezekiel 38:13. Do you think it is a coincidence that all of these nations are fighting in Syria as I write these words?

Geographically, Turkey and Syria have a common border. Many Biblical scholars think that the stage has been set for the Ezekiel 38 battle of Gog and Magog.

Today Magog represents the “primary governor” of Turkey. I would call him the Prime Minister of Turkey. Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan is the modern day manifestation of Magog as predicted in Ezekiel 38. Some believe that Erdogen is also the fulfillment of the Assyrian in Isaiah 10.

Modern day World War III will end with the destruction of Damascus. The rogue Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan will then  lead terrorists from  Al-Qaeda and ISIS from Libya and also Hezbollah and Muslim Brotherhood  jihadists from Iran and Sudan in an invasion into Israel.

This is where things get very serious as the bible identifies the leader of this invasion will be none other than the Antichrist. 


My confidential sources are telling me that the coming war is a forgone conclusion. Tomorrow, I will detail what they say and unfortunately, it is not a lot different than what good old fashioned research presented in this article.  (Click to Source)




Russia & Ukraine On Brink Of War – Why It Could Lead To World War 3



A respected foreign journalist living in Ukraine is warning that a war that most Americans cannot even imagine “teeters on the razor-thin edge of becoming real”.  When Russia opened fire on Ukrainian Navy vessels and captured three of their ships, it made headlines all over the globe.  An emergency meeting of the UN Security Council was hastily arranged for Monday at 11 AM, and hopefully, there will be a positive outcome from that meeting.  Because right now Moscow and Kiev are on the brink of war, and once a Russian invasion happens there will be no turning back.  At that point the U.S. would have a major decision to make, and if we chose to defend Ukraine that could mean that we would suddenly find ourselves fighting World War 3.

Most people don’t realize that this crisis has been simmering for over a week.  The following is from a U.S. News & World Report article that was posted on November 19th…

A dispute over shipping lanes is threatening to reignite the 4-year-old simmering war between Ukraine and Russia following confrontations sparked by both sides in recent days.

Russian border guards on Monday detained Ukrainian fishing vessels in the Sea of Azov, a strategically important body of water contained to the north by Ukraine, to the west by the Crimean Peninsula and to the east and south by Russia. Monday’s incident came days after Russian President Vladimir Putin slammed Kiev for detaining Russian commercial ships also in the Azov in what he described as “a totally illegal move” and which Kremlin officials have warned may prompt retaliation.

When you realize what has already taken place, it puts the most recent events in an entirely different context.

The Russians blocked the Kerch Strait in retaliation for having had their own commercial vessels detained by the Ukrainian government.

And when the Ukrainians decided to test the Russians by sailing Ukrainian Navy vessels into the Kerch Strait, the Russians decided not to back down.  The following comes from Sky News…

Russia has opened fire on Ukrainian ships and captured three vessels in a major escalation of tensions off the coast of Crimea.

Three sailors have been wounded after the Ukrainian navy said two artillery boats were hit by the strikes in the Black Sea.

Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko called an emergency session of his war cabinet and said he will propose that parliament declare martial law.

So the truth is that neither side is exactly “innocent” in this situation.

The Kerch Strait is absolutely critical, because it is the only way into and out of the Azov Sea…

The strait connects the Azov Sea with the Black Sea and runs between the Crimean Peninsula and Russia. It’s a shallow, narrow stretch of water just two to three miles (3.2 to 4.8 kilometers) wide at one point near the Chuska landspit.

The strait is an important economic lifeline for Ukraine, as it allows ships leaving the port city of Mariupol to access the Black Sea.

It’s also the the closest point of access for Russia to Crimea, a peninsula Moscow annexed in 2014. The international community has largely not recognized Russia’s annexation of Crimea, but that did not stop Russia from building a bridge over the Kerch Strait connecting Crimea to mainland Russia. The Kerch Strait bridge was opened in May.

In addition to asking for a declaration of martial law, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has also been gathering with his top military leaders.  Poroshenko is pledging that Ukraine will not take any “offensive” military actions, but he also says that they are ready to defend against any attacks from Russia.

The Russians are accusing Poroshenko of manipulating this crisis in order to pump up his flagging approval ratings for the upcoming presidential elections.  There is a very real possibility that Poroshenko could lose, and he is desperate to stay in office.

Of course, the Ukrainians are blaming Russia for everything, and Poroshenko says that what happened on Sunday “was an act of war”…

Finally, Ukraine has called for an urgent UN Security Council meeting over ‘Russian aggression’ while Ukraine’s secretary for national security, Oleksander Turchynov, accused Russia of engaging in an act of war: “We heard reports on incident and have concluded that it was an act of war by Russian Federation against Ukraine”.

At this point, it is unclear what the Russians will do next.

Hopefully, they will see that a full-blown invasion of Ukraine would not be wise.

But if they decide that such a war is inevitable, they will move with lightning speed as we have seen in other conflicts.  For example, Russia had already annexed Crimea before the rest of the world even started talking about it.  And we all remember what happened in Georgia.

If and when Russia finally pulls the trigger, their forces will be halfway to Kiev before the mainstream media in the western world even realizes what is happening.

And if Russia does invade, the Trump administration will be under tremendous pressure from Republicans, Democrats and other NATO members to intervene.  Already, there has been some very tough talk from Secretary of State Mike Pompeo…

It’s yet unclear how far the U.S. is willing to go in support for Ukraine. In a joint statement after Klimkin’s meeting with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo last week, both sides “condemned Russia’s aggressive actions against international shipping transiting the Black Sea, the Sea of Azov and the Kerch Strait to Ukrainian ports” and agreed that “Russia’s aggressive activities in the Sea of Azov have brought new security, economic, social, and environmental threats to the entire Azov-Black Sea region.”

But if we directly intervene in a military conflict between Russia and Ukraine, that could very easily trigger World War 3.

Most Americans are not concerned that a conflict between Russia and Ukraine could potentially affect the United States, but the threat is very real.  In fact, according to foreign correspondent Nolan Peterson such a war “teeters on the razor-thin edge of becoming real”…

This is the most dangerous moment I’ve seen in Ukraine in years. Tonight, a war that many people in America can only imagine thanks to Hollywood movies, teeters on the razor thin edge of becoming real. Tonight in Ukraine we go to sleep not knowing what tomorrow will bring.

Let us hope for peace because right now the world is becoming a more chaotic place with each passing day… (Click to Source)

Article posted with permission from Michael Snyder



RUMORS OF WAR: Ex-diplomat warns World War 3 could break out following another chemical attack in Syria

World War 3 COULD break out following ANOTHER chemical attack in Syria – ex-diplomat WARNS

SYRIA could face a major crisis in the event of another chemical attack as it may justify US-led military intervention in the country, a former Foreign Office official has warned.



Peter Ford, the UK’s former ambassador to Syria, said a situation similar to the alleged chemical attack in Douma in April could spark a widespread military operation against the Syrian regime and Bashar al-Assad’s army.

Speaking to RT, Mr Ford said: “The real potential flashpoint is a return to a Douma-like situation.

“Remember in April, we were close to World War 3. We were talking in those terms.

“It’s perfectly foreseeable that the same conditions will be produced, and I believe there will be another fake chemical attack, which will trigger a really dangerous crisis.”

US-led airstrikes in Syria following the April attack were carried out before formal investigations were conducted to determine whether chemical weapons were used.

A preliminary report published by the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) indicated that “various chlorinated organic chemicals” were found in two locations, but no evidence was uncovered of nerve agents.

Dozens of people were killed following the attack in the Eastern Ghouta town, which is located close to Syria’s capital Damascus.

The OPCW’s report indicates that medics treated around 500 individuals “exhibiting signs and symptoms consistent with exposure to toxic chemicals”.

Mr Ford suggested that a further chemical attack may spark an all-out US-led military operation as the country’s stake in the region is increasingly dwindling as the civil war draws to an end.

He said: “I don’t think the Americans have much to negotiate with in Syria.


Around 500 individuals were treated by medics following the chemical attack in Douma in April

“The boots on the ground are very limited in numbers, effectively they’re just a tripwire.

“The pro-US forces in the south are in the process of being rolled up.

“That only leaves the north, the Idlib area which is dominated, in terms of external support, by Turkey, not the US.”

Footage was released following the attack in April of young children foaming at the mouth, with western Governments accusing President Assad’s army of carrying out a gas attack.

The OPCW has not attributed blame for the use of chlorine weapons, but has recorded the systematic use of banned weapons during the Syrian civil war, both by ISIS and the Syrian regime.


Dozens of people were killed in the chemical attack in the town in Eastern Ghouta

Mr Ford also expressed his concern over President Trump’s actions within the Middle East, but noted his rejection of mainstream political consensus offered a slight sense of hope.

He said: “There are two keys to understanding Trump. One is this so-called isolationism, or nativism, the other is his narcissism.

“And his narcissism in a way is his redeeming feature, because it makes him depart from the orthodox Washington consensus.

“He’s like a Gulliver who’s pinned down by the Washington consensus, by this myriad of little advisors around him.

“The only time he’s really free is in the middle of the night at 3AM when he can tweet and nobody can stop him, or when he’s in a summit. One-on-one.” (Click to Source)

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Ex General to Putin warns Russia and UK heading for last war in the history of mankind


Russia and UK heading for last war in the HISTORY OF MANKIND, warns ex-Putin general

A FORMER Russian general has warned that the UK and Moscow are heading for “the last war in the history of mankind” over the poisoned spy row.

Evgeny Buzhinsky – who served in the Russian military for more than 40 years – said the row between Britain and Putin was creating a situation “worse than the Cold War”.

Buzhinsky told the BBC the expelling of diplomats by both countries over the poisoning of Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in Salisbury could lead to war.Buzhinsky said that Britain and Russia were heading for “a real war”.

He said: “Worse than the Cold War is a real war.

Russian general has warned of 'last war' with UK“It will be the last war in the history of mankind.”

Skripal and his daughter have been in hospital since ingesting the deadly nerve agent novichok in Salisbury, Wilts on March 4.

Buzhinsky was asked if the poisoning of Skripal could lead directly to war. He responded: “Not the Salisbury poisoning, but the pressure.

“The United States is saying the pressure will continue. What is that going to achieve? You are going to achieve regime change? It is useless.

“You don’t know Russians. There more pressure there is, the more the society is concentrated around the president.”

And he warned that the row was only going to escalate further.

“You expel diplomats, we expel diplomats, you further expel, what’s the next step? It’s a breach of diplomatic relations.

“Actually you are cornering Russia, and to corner Russia is a very dangerous thing.”

Vladimir Putin won the Russian election last month by a landslide to give him a record fifth term as president.

Former UK Ambassador to Moscow Sir Tony Brenton said Buzhinsky’s comments were a “relatively mainstream view” in Russia.

Speaking to the BBC Sir Tony said: “What we have is not a Putin problem, what we have is a Russia problem.”

Russia has denied any involvement in the poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripal.

Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has said that Skripal’s poisoning was “in the UK’s interests” and accused the West of playing “children’s games”.

He argued that Moscow had no reason to attack Mr Skripal, a former MI6 double-agent released in a 2010 spy swap.

He claimed that the poisoning “could also be advantageous to the British government, who find themselves in a difficult situation having failed to fulfil their promises to voters over Brexit”.

Around 150 Russian diplomats have been expelled from 25 countries — including 23 from the UK — since the poisoning of Skripal.

Yesterday it was revealed Yulia Skripal was given £150,000 in a secret bank account days before the Salisbury poisoning. (Click to Source)

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This Is Why Countries Are Urgently Preparing For World War 3: Russia’s 3rd Generation Nuclear Weapons Are Vastly Superior To Any Other Nuclear Weapons In The World

By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline – Live Free Or Die

April 2, 2018

While finally we may be about to see some sanity in the Middle East with President Trump’s recent announcement that “we’re coming out of Syria very soon, let others take care of it” as heard in the 2nd video below, as we see outlined within this ANP story, tensions between Russia and the West have been pushed to such extremes that there may not be anything able to stop all-out war, anyways.

With the globalists still orchestrating the hostile relationship between Russia and the US despite President Trump in office, Vladimir Putin and Russia have gone full-speed ahead, recently testing their ‘invincible’ hypersonic intercontinental ballistic missile that can carry 24 nuclear warheads at mach 20 speed, making them impossible to intercept as reported in this recent Daily Mail story. Weapons even the US military has admitted are vastly superior to any weapons that the US has or any other nuclear weapons in the world as heard in the final video below which details for us why so many countries are urgently preparing for world war 3.

With the Kremlin releasing a video of the launch of the Sarmat missile, also known as ‘Satan 2’, as seen in the first video below, as we’ve reported numerous times on ANP and was reported at Dallas News back in October of 2016, the ‘Satan 2’ missile can take out an area the size of Texas or France. As former Ronald Reagan assistant secretary to the Treasury Paul Craig Roberts warned in a story back in September of 2016 when things were heating up between the US and Russia prior to the election, “5 or 6 Satan’s and the East Coast would disappear“, and it would only take minutes!


With it now well know that Syria was an intentional ‘fuster-cluck’ with Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton themselves not only arming but practically creating ISIS as President Trump himself said during a campaign rally back in August of 2016, the fact that President Trump is getting us out of a place where ONE accident or ‘mistake’ could have led to an ‘end times’ war with Russia is a very good thing.

And if Satan 2 missiles raining down upon American states and turning the entire east coast into dust isn’t bad enough, as was recently reported across both the mainstream and independent news media’s, Russia also now has access to nuclear doomsday drone submarines called Status 6 aka Kanyon that experts warn could deliver a nuclear strike that causes a tidal wave.

While the Russian ambassador to the United States, Anatoly Antonov, recently told NBC’s Today show that the relationship between the US and Russia is the worst that he can remember, he also told NBC its time that those in the US who blame Russia for everything, including bad weather, get a grip upon reality.

“It’s high time for us to stop blaming each other. It’s high time for us to start a real conversation about real problems.”

Sadly, like many demonrats who won’t even talk to Republicans, Antonov’s ‘real conversation’ about ‘real problems’ is being ignored.

“I have offered my colleagues from the State Department from [the Department] of Defense, to sit together, to come to my residence,” he said. “If they are scared, I say that, ‘Come on, we can meet in a restaurant and to discuss all outstanding issues.’ It was four or five months ago. And I got [an] answer: silent.”


With it highly likely that the ‘nerve agent attack’ that Russia has been blamed for was a ‘false flag’ attack that was actually carried out by the UK to further ‘demonize’ Russia as was reported in this recent story, as William B. Stoecker has previously reported on ANP, many major wars throughout history have been started by false flag events.

Yet while the globalists mindlessly push for war with Russia while blaming them for mass aggressions despite NATO military bases surrounding their country, as ‘Doomer Doug’ reports in this recent story which Steve Quayle linked to on his website, the Middle East is once again heating up.

Long known as the ‘powder keg’ of the world, a war that breaks out in the Middle East now has the potential of drawing all of the world’s ‘nuclear armed’ players in and as both China and Russia have warned, any attacks against their interests could very well lead to war breaking out upon US soil. Are those who are still pushing for war with Russia aware of that?

And while we pray that it is never needed, we have embedded Cresson H. Kearny’s “Nuclear War Survival Skills” book at the bottom of this story. The information shared in his book could save the lives of you and your family’s.


While for many decades, MAD prevented any new nuclear wars from breaking out, as Dr. Peter Vincent Pry reported in this March 14th story on ANP, mutually assured destruction, MAD, no longer applies with Russia’s so-called invincible and unstoppable nuclear weapons ‘matched’ here in the US under Barack Obama by his ‘social justice warriors’ wearing high heels and his military ‘purge’.

As Dr. Pry also reported back on March 8th, Russia achieved ‘escalation dominance’ while Obama was in office, with Dr. Pry warning us that Russia’s 3rd generation nuclear weapons have NO US counterparts. Will the US military be able to ‘bounce back’ under President Trump now that Obama is thankfully out of office?


While we’ve reported several times on ANP upon this linked story over at Club Orlov called “A Russian Warning” which was written by several different Russian citizens living here in the US, we’ll close with an excerpt from their story that helps illustrate why war with Russia should be avoided at all costs, especially with the globalists who’ve long been working towards taking down America endlessly and mindlessly pushing for it.

As we’ve previously reported numerous times on ANP, while ‘deep state’ linked shows a massive depopulation event for America by 2025 when the US is being forecast to lose 270 million people from our 2016 population, Deagel also shows little change at all to the forecast population of Russia in 2025  which remains as it was in 2016.

And while we certainly understand that any Russian nuclear attack upon America would be met with an overwhelming attack by the US upon Russia, the fact that Russia has built enough underground bunkers to house a huge part of their population should nuclear war kick off while America had only built bunkers for the corrupt politicians who sold out America long ago should tell us everything that we need to know. We’ll close with this excerpt from “A Russian Warning”.

We now feel that it is our duty, as Russians living in the US, to warn the American people that they are being lied to, and to tell them the truth. And the truth is simply this: If there is going to be a war with Russia, then the United States will most certainly be destroyed, and most of us will end up dead.

Thus, if tomorrow a war were to break out between the US and Russia, it is guaranteed that the US would be obliterated. At a minimum, there would no longer be an electric grid, no internet, no oil and gas pipelines, no interstate highway system, no air transportation or GPS-based navigation. Financial centers would lie in ruins. Government at every level would cease to function. US armed forces, stationed all around the globe, would no longer be resupplied.

At a maximum, the entire landmass of the US would be covered by a layer of radioactive ash. We tell you this not to be alarmist, but because, based on everything we know, we are ourselves alarmed. If attacked, Russia will not back down; she will retaliate, and she will utterly annihilate the United States. (Click to Source)

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China’s first home-grown aircraft carrier set to carry out maiden sea trial

Type 001A set to take to sea later this month in voyage designed to coincide with the founding of the PLA Navy

PUBLISHED : Monday, 02 April, 2018, 9:00pm
UPDATED : Monday, 02 April, 2018, 11:25pm

The Deep State’s Simultaneous Plan to Start WW III and Activate FEMA Camps


Five days ago, I was speaking to an old and reliable source from the FBI. We speak on an “alternative means of communication” in which the methods of communication varies constantly. People often wonder how I had the information that the Bundy’s were about to be released from federal custody. I published the prediction and stated how it would come about almost six full days before the event became public. This informant was that same source that I am going to cite today at the end of the artile. In fact, this informants information was so good, that even Shauna Cox, a former gudeteest of The Common Sense Show, and a very close ally of the Bundy’s had no idea and wrote to me exprssing concern and then later expressing amazement.  This passage is not meant to be a case of “I told you so”. I simply want to impress the importance of the message. FEMA camps are in our immediate future.

The Lt. Colonel North Revelation

Subpoened to testify before a Congressional hearing following the scandalous Iran-Contra Affair, North was actually questioned on the existence of FEMA camps and forced detentions. This is a very short video and it is a landmark event in the revelation of the very real existence of American concentation camps that we refer to today as FEMA camps.

Please keep in mind, in this classic and historical video you are witnessing two US Congressman going on the record regarding FEMA Camps.

FEMA Camps

Steve Quayle and Alex Jones blazed the trail of exposing the subject of FEMA camps to the American people. Steve’s prounouncement of a red list, blue list, etc., frightened me out of my shoes because I could validate much of what Steve and Alex were saying with just a little bit of research on my part.

In 2011, my news director at the time, Annie DeRiso, befriended a very brave person named Sherri Wilcox from Tennessee. One summer, Wilcox went on a mission where she exposed FEMA camp liners and coffins in a rural area about 50 miles outside of Atlanta.

Her evidence listed below, grabbed the Independent Media by the throat and led to a resurgence of investigations by reporters.

Sherrie Wilcox, in this same time frame, produced video of Russian soldiers in vehicles with Russian soldiers traveling into Western Kentucky. It was at that same time, that retired professor of journalism at Western Kentucky contacted me through a trusted source and talked about the Chinese military students who were attending the school and were receiving undue special treatment and working on “secretive projects” kept hidden from the public. The professor was later frightened into silence. Today Sherrie Wilcox website is not open to the public. She has (my term) gone underground, for personal reasons as has the professor.

During this time frame it became the belief of many of us that the Russians and the Chinese would eventually become an occupation force under the UN flag. Researchers from Paul Preston to Paul Martin have validated these suspicions as have with discoveries of these communities of foreign troops on American soil.

This made Steve Quayle’s and Alex Jones’ announcements on this subject come to life for me in a very real way. I hadn’t yet become a colleague and subsequent friend with Steve until the following year when I interviewed him on The Common Sense Show.

Jade Helm 15

In the Spring and Summer of  2015 (ie Jade Helm)  and UWEX 16 (ie Jade Helm 16), I ran a series of articles which detailed how ARSOF and related military were training for the express purpose imposing martial law on rogue and “hostile states”. Further, the use of facilities, such as closed Walmarts would be used as impromptu FEMA camps. Then there were the UWEX 16 drills which rehearsed battling with ex-military forces who had gone rogue in a guerrilla-style civil war against ex-military forces. I published documentss which showed how the organizers of the drill hired crisis actors to play the role of these”guerrilla leaders”. This is when I knew we were headed towards a civil war and somebody at the top of our military structure believed the US military would turn in against itself.

At the same time, I published a series of articles which demonstrated how foreign troops were brought in to places like Camp Grayling and were trained under the UN flag. Please note, this was the same time frame. And of course, Obama, before leaving office negotiated the ability of the UN to send in troops in times of “domestic disturbance”.

FEMA camp interest was at an all-time high. Then came the Donald Trump phenomenon and the explosion of American populism and the intense attention shifted away from the Obama preparations for civil war (anyone remember Obama’s EO of 13603 which was the takeover of everything by the government including forced relocation to labor camps?

This entire history, I have documented here is available by going to the search engine of The Common Sense Show. If one wants to understand what is coming, this background information is essential to grasping the direction the Deep State is taking the country in an attempt to install extremist left wing dictatorship. The Democratic Party is dedicated to this idea (see Trevor Louden;s Enemies Within or what former Congressman West, or former Congresswoman McKinney have said on this topic).

Bill Ayers and President Obama

I have documented on The Common Sense Show how Bill Ayers, convicted felon of the Weathermen Underground, a subversive communist group that was trying to install a radical communist government in this country, actually funded and supported the Obama political career in its early days. This was something, as I have also covered, that former Maricopa County Sheriff, Joe Arpaio, discovered in his Obama birth certificate revelation.

The frightening thing about Ayers is what he told the late former FBI Special Informant Larry Grathwohl, as he had penetrated the Weathermen as undercover FBI agent in which Ayers was asked what he would do if and when his people were able to overthrow the government. He said, we will have “to put 50 million Americans into re-education camps and do away with, meaning murder, 25 million. Ayers visited the White House several times during the Obama administration. Ayers is still active as I am breaking down a C-Span show Ayers was on regarding American education. All of this is available on The Common Sense Show’s search engine.

The CALEXIT Revolution

Paul Preston and myself, for the past 18 months have done numerous interviews and articles on the CALEXIT movement, led by Soros, the Chinese government, the United Nation, Gov. Jerry Brown, the drug cartels including MS-13 and former members of the Obama administration (eg Calexit pokesperson Eric Holder, former and disgraced former Attorney General under Obama).

This movement has led to the Santuary State status, defiance of federal immigration laws, obstrution of justice and this has all been covered by Preston and myself. This is the epicenter of the coming Civil War. As I write these words, Trump is condering imposing soft martial law in California.

The Revelation of my FBI Contact

Going full circle back to the beginning of this article, I referenced my primary FBI contact. This is what was told to me.

  1. The Deep State is progressing as if they are going to regain control of the government from Trump and the loyalists to the Republican party.
  2. An outright coup against Trump will not likely be successful.
  3. They way to takeover the government is start World War III. And the Deep State and their minions in every agency of the government are doing their best to instigate war against the Russians and the Chinese.
  4. When conflict breaks out, the coup will begin under the guise of installing a loyalist government with American interests involved. Of course this will be the Deep State.
  5. FEMA camps will become fully operational and under the NDAA, dissidents like you and me will be rushed off the detention camps. In a time of war, how many will really question anything? What did WW II America do when the Japanese American citizens were incarcerated for their race? NOTHING! And that is what the Deep State is counting on. This is the fulfillment of the Bill Ayers dream.
  6. I was admonished by this contact to reopen the subject of FEMA camps and their immediate role in America’s future.

Please go to an article I wrote about LA County putting the homelews in FEMA Camps and read the article and perhaps in the light on this history,

Then read this blog from 2010-2011 which shows how long the Deep State has been incarcerating the homeless. I am announcing that I am publishing a book on FEMA camps in May of this year.  Then begin to pray in earnest. (Click to Source)

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Please note that Steve Quayle and Tim Alberino will be joining me on The Common Sense Show this Sunday Night.

NATO Braces For Putin’s Next Military Move In Eastern Europe


Nolan Peterson
Posted with permission from The Daily Signal

KYIV, Ukraine—Since 2014, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s military aggression in Ukraine has rearranged the national defense chessboards of countries across Eastern Europe.

In turn, the NATO military alliance has deployed weapons and troops eastward, to “make clear that an attack on one Ally would be considered an attack on the whole Alliance,” said NATO’s website. And the administration of U.S. President Donald Trump has approved delivery of American anti-tank weapons to Ukraine.

Yet, U.S. and NATO military leaders may have it wrong when it comes to anticipating Russia’s next military move in the region, a U.S. think tank says.

“The Russian military is well-positioned to launch a short-notice conventional war in Ukraine and a hybrid war in the Baltic states, the opposite of what Western leaders seem to expect in each theater,” Catherine Harris and Frederick Kagan wrote in a March report for the Institute for the Study of War.

That assessment challenges U.S. and NATO military orthodoxy about what Russia’s next military offensive might look like.

“U.S. leaders and their European allies are unprepared for the ways in which Putin is poised to wage war in Ukraine and the Baltics,” Harris and Kagan wrote.

Yet, one thing seems certain—the Russian military threat to both the Baltics and Ukraine is not likely to taper off anytime soon. Putin’s rubber-stamp election victory March 18 guarantees at least another six years with the ex-KGB lieutenant colonel at the helm of Russian foreign policy.

“We are painfully aware that if there is a medium-intensity conflict and we are going to be part of it, it is going to be against Russia,” Maj. Ivo Zelinka, deputy commander of the Czech Republic army’s 43rd Airborne Battalion, told The Daily Signal.

“In addition,” Zelinka said, “Russia did learn a few new tricks since the Soviet times, but surely did not forget any.”

Consequently, when it comes to military spending, Eastern Europe will be the fastest-growing region in the world in 2018, according to the annual Jane’s Defence Budgets Report.

“Growth has been particularly spectacular among the three Baltic states,” the report said, adding that by the end of 2018, defense spending among NATO’s Baltic countries of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania will have more than doubled in real terms compared to 2014 levels.

Similarly, since 2014, Ukraine has rebuilt its armed forces into the second-largest standing army in Europe, behind only Russia.

Russia’s defense budget has declined since its 2015 peak. Yet, Moscow appears to have repostured its military forces within its Western Military District, which borders on Ukrainian and NATO territory.

Harris and Kagan wrote for this month’s Institute for the Study of War report:

The ground forces deployments around the periphery of Ukraine give an indication of what preparations for a short-notice mechanized invasion might look like—pairs of regiments co-located under distinct headquarters along separate but converging lines of advance with well-secured rear-areas, all within 50 miles of the border. This disposition looks nothing like the ad hockery that would be required for a mechanized invasion of the Baltic states.

No Easy Task

Russia invaded and seized Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula in March 2014. The following April, Moscow launched a proxy war in eastern Ukraine’s Donbas region.

Four years later, about 60,000 Ukrainian troops remain deployed along a 250-mile-long, entrenched front line in the Donbas opposite a force of about 35,000 pro-Russian separatists, foreign mercenaries, and Russian regulars. (Ukraine and NATO say about 3,000 Russian soldiers are operating in Ukraine, mainly in command and control roles.)

Europe’s only ongoing conflict has so far killed about 11,000 Ukrainians and displaced more than 1.7 million people. Stuck in an endless cycle of waxing and waning violence, it’s a static, trench conflict, comprising episodic artillery and rocket barrages as well as small arms gun battles. Despite punitive Western sanctions, Russia still feeds the conflict with weapons, cash, and its own troops.

Ukraine’s national security doctrine officially refers to Russia as the “aggressor nation.” Consequently, Ukraine has rebuilt and repositioned its armed forces specifically to defend against a Russian invasion.

Since 2014, Ukraine’s military center of gravity has shifted from its Soviet-legacy western bulwarks (meant to repel a NATO invasion) to the eastern border with Russia.

Also, Ukraine has increased its active force structure from 15 to 22 brigades, comprising more than 250,000 active troops, up from about 100,000 in 2014.

The country now fields “an entire new generation of combat-hardened commanders who know Russian weaknesses and how to exploit them,” wrote Phillip Karber, president of The Potomac Foundation, and Wesley Clark, NATO’s former supreme allied commander in Europe and a retired U.S. Army four-star general, in a report for the Potomac Foundation, a Washington think tank.

Ukraine’s military is still hobbled by a lack of arms, equipment shortfalls, and a need to modernize. Moreover, it remains outmatched in terms of troops, materiel, and technology by Russian forces in the region.

However, Ukraine’s army is “ready and trained” and “larger and stronger” than it was four years ago, Clark and Karber wrote, adding that a Russian attack on Ukraine is “not as easy as it looks.”

Détente No More

Relations between Russia and the West are worse than they have ever been in the post-Cold War era, many security experts say. And the Baltics are the tectonic boundary of those rising tensions, where the spectre of war looms most ominously.

“President Putin clearly appears to distrust NATO and harbor resentments toward it,” wrote RAND Corp., a U.S. defense think tank, in a 2016 report detailing the Russian military threat to NATO’s Baltic countries.

“[Putin’s] rhetoric suggests that he sees the Alliance’s presence on Russia’s borders as something approaching a clear and present danger to his nation’s security,” the RAND report added.

That report, titled “Reinforcing Deterrence on NATO’s Eastern Flank,” found, after multiple war games, that invading Russia forces could be at the gates of Estonia’s capital city of Tallinn and Latvia’s capital of Riga within 60 hours.

To reverse Moscow’s advantage, the report advocated a buildup of NATO air and land power in the region, to include seven NATO brigades permanently based in the Baltics, with three heavy armored brigades, supported by airpower, artillery, and other forces.

“A successful defense of the Baltics will call for a degree of air-ground synergy whose intimacy and sophistication recalls the U.S. Army-U.S. Air Force ‘AirLand Battle’ doctrine of the 1980s,” the RAND report stated.

Rattled, in part, by the RAND report’s findings, the alliance announced a plan during the 2016 NATO summit in Warsaw to build up its military forces in the Baltics by rotating four battalion-size, combat-ready battlegroups throughout the region—including 800 U.S. troops stationed in Poland.

NATO officials said the move constitutes the “biggest reinforcement of Alliance collective defense in a generation.”

Those rotating forces are now in place, supported by other temporary deployments of NATO airpower.

NATO also continues to run an air policing mission over the Baltics, which dates back to 2004. The 24/7 operation to defend Baltic airspace was run out of only one base in Lithuania until 2014, when it was expanded to include operations from Estonia’s Ämari Air Base.

Wrong Toolkit?

NATO’s military buildup in the Baltics may not be the right tool for the kind of threat Russian forces pose to the region, some experts say.

Russia has three motorized rifle brigades, one motorized regiment, and three airborne regiments based within close proximity to the Baltic states, according to open source reporting. Those forces are distributed within mainland Russia as well as Russia’s Kaliningrad exclave.

The special operations-heavy makeup of Russian forces within striking range of the Baltics telegraphs a readiness for the type of hybrid warfare assaults Russia conducted in Crimea and eastern Ukraine, the Institute for the Study of War report said.

“Russian military leadership, practice, and ad hoc deployment along the Baltic borders all suggest Putin is much more likely to pursue a hybrid approach in the Baltic over a conventional mechanized invasion,” Harris and Kagan wrote.

Thus, to launch a conventional invasion of the Baltics, Russian commanders would have to shift mechanized forces from other locations in Russia toward the region, and expose Kaliningrad to a NATO counterattack.

With its constellation of spy satellites and other reconnaissance assets, NATO would notice Russia internally reinforcing its military forces on a scale required to mount a successful land invasion of the Baltics, thereby betraying the element of surprise.

In contrast, with three mechanized divisions along the Ukrainian border, and the concurrent headquarters already established to command those forces, Russia has the pieces in position to launch a land invasion of Ukraine on short order both from the north and from the east.

“Russia has strengthened its military presence on the border with Ukraine as several mechanized divisions are fully prepared for intervention,” Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said in a speech to Ukrainian troops last week.

In 2015, Russia re-established its 1st Guards Tank Army, which comprises about 700 tanks and which the Kremlin claimed could reach Kyiv in 48 hours.

In 2016, the Kremlin shifted its 20th Guards Army—with 400 tanks—from Moscow to the vicinity of Voronezh, which is about 400 kilometers, or 250 miles, closer to the Ukrainian border.

And in 2017, Russia re-established and began forward-deploying its 8th Guards Army—with about 900 tanks—near the Ukrainian border. Elements of the 8th Guards Army are deployed near Ukraine’s Donbas border to support Russian proxy forces within the breakaway region.

“There are three mechanized divisions near the Ukrainian border compared to just one airborne division near the Baltic, which would not be optimal for large-scale mechanized offensives,” Harris and Kagan wrote.

Learn by Example

So far in 2018, Russia’s proxy war in eastern Ukraine has quieted—the average number of cease-fire violations is at its lowest level in more than two years, international monitors say.

Yet, cease-fire violations are not the only measure of Russia’s ongoing aggression against Ukraine. Russian forces are waging a larger hybrid conflict that extends beyond the front lines in the Donbas, comprising weaponized propaganda, cyberwarfare, assassinations, and sabotage.

Russia also has used economic pressure as a weapon, such as cutting off natural gas supplies to Ukraine earlier this month amid a late-season cold snap, sparking an immediate countrywide heating crisis.

Similarly, Russia’s post-2014 brinkmanship against the West spans the gamut—aggressive warplane flybys of NATO aircraft and ships, global cyberattacks and disinformation campaigns, as well as meddling in European and American elections.

Russian relations with the West recently hit a new post-Cold War nadir following the attempted nerve gas murder of a former Russian spy and his daughter on British soil.

“The West would be foolish to over-focus on any one form of possible future war with Russia,” Harris and Kagan wrote in their report for the Institute for the Study of War, adding that the deployment of NATO armor and airpower to build a defensive bulwark against a Russian land invasion of the Baltics may not be an effective deterrent.

Many Western military analysts say that Russia’s war in Ukraine is a case study in Moscow’s contemporary “hybrid warfare” doctrine. Therefore, along that line of thinking, Western military leaders would be wise to study Russian tactics in Ukraine to anticipate how a hypothetical Russian hybrid assault on a Baltic country would play out.

Echoing that sentiment, last week Poroshenko told reporters, “NATO nations could learn from Ukraine how to resist Russia.”

When he was U.S. president, Barack Obama levied punitive economic sanctions against Moscow for its military aggression in Ukraine. Obama also kick-started the U.S. military’s pivot to Eastern Europe.

Yet, despite years of appeals from Kyiv, Obama never approved sending Ukraine lethal weapons. Reportedly, the Obama White House feared such a move would escalate the conflict and spark a tit-for-tat arms race between Russia and the U.S. over Ukraine.

The Trump administration, however, has taken a tougher stance against Russia in both Ukraine and across Eastern Europe. Notably, it has approved the delivery of American anti-tank weapons to Ukraine and upped the budget for U.S. military operations in Eastern Europe to deter Russia.

The formidable U.S. Javelin anti-tank missiles—set for delivery to Ukraine this year—won’t be enough to tip the balance of power in Ukraine’s favor should Russia invade. Yet, the Javelins will increase the cost in blood and treasure that Russia would suffer in such a war.

More importantly, Trump’s decision to supply Kyiv with lethal weapons underscores both a commitment to Ukraine’s security as well as a commitment to deter Russia in Eastern Europe more broadly.

That’s a message, many believe, that Moscow is sure to consider when plotting its next move.

“Ukraine’s struggle against Russian revanchism is NATO’s,” Clark and Karber wrote. “It’s time the West recognize that.” (Click to Source)

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