Soldier From Germany (NATO) — Bearing Arms — Caught on TV in Severodonetsk, Ukraine

It has long been rumored that NATO already has active duty military troops from NATO countries, inside Ukraine ACTUALLY ENGAGED IN COMBAT against Russia.  NATO says they are only “training” Ukrainian forces.  So why is this German soldier bearing arms in Severodonetsk?

Below is a still image taken from a FOX NEWS CHANNEL broadcast on Saturday, June 11, 2022 at 8:29 PM eastern U.S. time. (h/t to HTRS Reader/Listener “Rick” for providing this image) 

The image clearly shows a soldier, wearing the uniform flag patch of Germany on his arm, in battle gear, carrying a launch tube for some type of weapon, in Severodonetsk, Ukraine, where utterly intense military battles have been taking place for the past week, between Ukraine and Russia.

What is this German soldier doing there, carrying arms?

He certainly isn’t training anyone given the gear he is seen wearing.

This seems to be the first conclusive proof that NATO is covertly engaged in actual combat against Russia.   

Undeclared war?  By NATO?  Against Russia?

World War 3 now appears closer than any of us knew.

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