Get Ready For A Worst Case Scenario With Warmonger Joe Biden Taunting Russia And Nuclear War Completing America’s Destruction, Assuring A ‘Return To The Dark Ages’

– Turn Your Own Living Room Into A Nuclear Fallout Shelter 

By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline – Live Free Or Die March 19, 2021 

While for the past 4 years up until January of 2021, talk of an ‘endgame’ nuclear war between Russia and the United States largely evaporated, with Joe Biden and the globalists now back in the White House, they didn’t waste any time at all bringing America back to where we were under Barack Obama, with Russia just recalling their Ambassador to the US after Biden recklessly called Russian President Vladimir Putin ‘a killer’

With the ‘war of words’ between Biden and Putin being kicked up to another level after a furious Putin wished Biden ‘good health’ in what some are calling a ‘sinister TV quip’ after America’s ‘White House occupier’ called Putin a ‘killer’ and the Kremlin demanded an apology for the ‘unacceptable’ words Biden had used, describing relations between the US and Russia as ‘very bad’, as Steve Quayle had warned in an SQnote while linking to this American Military News story, with the globalists insanely pushing for war, we should all remember that ‘the luciferians’ need WW3 to bring on the ‘man of peace’the AC who is waiting in the wings.

So while a nuclear war to most Americans is something that should absolutely be avoided at nearly all costs, there are those who WANT nuclear war and the world to go up in flames as the National Review had reported way back in 2015 in this linked story titled “Islamic Extremists Are Trying to Hasten the Coming of the Mahdi”

Warning within that nearly 6 year old story that “to misunderstand the nature and threat of evil is to risk being blindsided by it”, the American people face nearly that exact scenario in 2021 with Biden and Democrats surely underestimating Russia’s nuclear capabilities, with Russia’s ‘unstoppable hypersonic nuclear weapons’ which can travel at 5x the speed of sound, a weapons completely unstoppable by the US and ‘unrivalled’ among all nuclear weapons. 

So while we’ll pray that nuclear war in our futures will be avoided, we have to take a look within this ANP story at preparing for a nuclear war survival scenario, with American ingenuity and our own living rooms being able to be converted into a ‘fallout shelter‘ with a little bit of knowledge, hard work and good ole’ American ‘know how’.

As we had reported in this October of 2020 story on ANP, according to the website, ‘a dangerous new trend is taking place that would soon overshadow the disastrous 2020 election, Covid-19 and the Democrat-inspired social chaos across America’.

Warning us in a September 2020 update to their 2025 forecast for the world that “the most likely major event of the 2020’s could leave billions of casualties”, that forecast bluntly warned.:

If there is not a dramatic change of course the world is going to witness the first nuclear war. The Western block collapse may come before, during or after the war. It does not matter. A nuclear war is a game with billions of casualties and the collapse plays in the hundreds of millions.

And with any nuclear war between the world’s super powers not only bringing nuclear radiation fallout all across the planet but utter chaos and confusion as well with America’s electrical grid likely going down with any nuclear blast as well, how many Americans are prepared to survive for more than just a few days should the electrical grid go down? 

As Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, head of the US Congressional EMP Commission, has long warned, a long term grid down scenario will lead to the deaths of up to or more than 90% of the US population.

And as we’d also reported in this February 5th ANP story titled “Remember Deagel’s 2025 Forecast For America When Joe Biden And The Globalists Start Talking About Nuclear War With Russia,” a mindset like Joe Biden’s will play a key role in the upcoming catastrophic events and now we may soon witness just that. 

So in the final sections of this story below, we’ll be taking a look at preparing for just such a worst-case scenario as a nuclear war and the possibility of nuclear fallout drifting all across America as well as the EMP that comes with a nuclear detonation, with the very real probability that America would be turned into a 3rd world nation nearly overnight should nuclear war break out. 

So with the very real threat that nuclear war could also bring America a long-term grid outage scenario, and the possibility that should that happen, nuclear plants all across America could go into meltdown phase as well, we’ll be taking an extended look at this story titled “How to protect yourself from nuclear fallout (tips about radiation, building an expedient shelter, etc)” right here as a public service announcement. 

No one wants to think about a nuclear crisis – and hopefully it will never happen – but we all must accept the fact nuclear tensions are rising globally, so we should prepare ourselves and our loved ones in the event the unthinkable strikes our soil.

For decades, movies and some in the media have portrayed a nuclear attack as a “doomsday” event implying most people would be killed on impact … and survivors would want to die once they come out of their shelters.

In reality, unless you are actually at ground zero or within a several mile radius of the blast zone (depending on the size of the nuke, of course), there is a very high probability you’ll survive as long as you…

  • limit your exposure to radiation and fallout,
  • take shelter with proper shielding, and
  • wait for the most dangerous radioactive materials to decay.

In other words, you CAN survive a nuke attack … but you MUST make an effort to learn what to do! By learning about potential threats, we are all better prepared to know how to react if something happens.

What happens when a nuke explodes?

A nuclear blast produces a blinding light, intense heat (called thermal radiation), initial nuclear radiation, 2 explosive shock waves (blasts), mass fires, and radioactive fallout (residual nuclear radiation).

The below graphic shows the destruction of a test home by an atomic blast on March 17, 1953 at the Nevada Proving Ground. The structure was located 3,500 feet from ground zero, and the time from the first to last picture was 2.3 seconds. It shows the force of the blast wave then the radiating energy set it on fire. (See more nuke test photos in our Fire in the Sky post.)

Also, if a nuke is launched over our continent and explodes miles above the earth, it could create an electromagnetic pulse (EMP). An EMP is a split-second silent energy burst (like a stroke of lightning) that can fry electronics connected to wires or antennas like cell phones, cars, computers, TVs, etc. Unless electronics are grounded or hardened, an area or nation could experience anything from minor interference to crippled power, transportation, banking and communications systems.

An EMP from a high-altitude nuke (where a nation or group succeeds in detonating a nuclear device carried miles into the atmosphere) could affect electronics within 1,000 miles or more as shown below. (Evidence suggests some countries and groups are working on enhanced and non-nuclear EMP weapons or e-bombs.)

What is the most dangerous part of a nuclear attack?

Both the initial nuclear radiation and residual nuclear radiation (also called radioactive fallout) are extremely dangerous.

Initial nuclear radiation is penetrating invisible rays that can be lethal in high levels.

Radioactive fallout (residual nuclear radiation) is created when the fireball vaporizes everything inside it (including dirt and water). Vaporized materials mix with radioactive materials in the updraft of air forming a mushroom cloud.

Fallout can be carried by winds for hundreds of miles and begin falling to the ground within minutes of the blast or take hours, days, weeks or even months to fall. The heaviest fallout would hit ground zero and areas downwind of that, and 80% of fallout would occur within 24 hours. Most fallout looks like grey sand or gritty ash and the radiation given off cannot be seen, smelled, tasted or felt which is why it is so dangerous. But as the materials decay or spread out radiation levels will drop. 

Radiation detection devices – SINCE You cannot see, smell, taste or feel radiation, special instruments can detect even the smallest levels of radiation. Since it may take days or weeks before First Responders could get to you, consider having these devices handy during a crisis or attack since they could save your life.

Survey meter – measures rate of exposure or intensity of radiation at that specific location if you stayed there for an hour … like a speedometer in a car (cost: $300-$1,000+)

Dosimeter – a pen-like device you can wear that measures total dose or accumulated exposure to radiation as you move around (needs a charger too). Dosimeters cost about $45-$65+ each and some dealers offer 3 dosimeters + a charger for about $240 or so.

Measuring radiation – Radiation was measured in units called roentgens (pronounced “rent-gens” and abbreviated as “R”) … or “rads” or “rem”. An EPA document called “Planning Guidance for Response to A Nuclear Detonation 2nd Edition June 2010” explains … 1 R (exposure in air) ≅ 1 rad (absorbed dose) ≅ 1 rem (whole-body dose). Although many measuring devices and older documentation use R and rem, officials and the media now use sievert (Sv) which is the System International or SI unit of measurement of radiation. The formula to convert sieverts to rems is quite simple … 1 Sv = 100 R (rem).

How many rads are bad? – High doses of radiation in a short span of time can cause radiation sickness or even death, but if that high dose is spread out over a long period of time, it’s not as bad.

According to FEMA, an adult could tolerate and recover from an exposure to 150R (1.5 Sv) over a week or 300R (3 Sv) over a 4-month period. But 300R (3 Sv) over a week could cause sickness or possibly death. Exposure to 30R (0.3 Sv) to 70R (0.7 Sv) over a week may cause minor sickness, but a full recovery would be expected. But radioactive fallout decays rapidly so staying in a shelter with proper shielding is critical!

The “seven-ten” rule – For every sevenfold increase in time after the initial blast, there is a tenfold decrease in the radiation rate. For example, a 500 rad level can drop to 50R in just 7 hours and down to 5R after 2 days (49 hours). In other words, if you have shelter with good shielding and stay put for even just 7 hours … you’ve really increased your chances of survival. Your detection devices, emergency radio or cell phone [if the last 2 are working, that is] can assist you in knowing when it’s safe to come out.

So how do I protect myself and my family?

Basic shelter requirements – Whether you build a shelter in advance or throw together an expedient last-minute shelter during a crisis, the area should protect you from radiation and support you for at least 2 weeks. Some basic requirements for a fallout shelter include …

  • shielding
  • ventilation
  • water and food
  • sanitation and first aid products
  • radiation monitoring devices, KI (potassium iodide), radio, weapons, tools, etc

Reduce exposure – Protect yourself from radioactive fallout with …

  • distance – the more distance between you and fallout particles, the better
  • shielding – heavy, dense materials (like thick walls, earth, concrete, bricks, water and books) between you and fallout is best. Stay indoors or below ground. (Taking shelter in a basement or a facility below ground reduces exposure by 90%. Less than 4 inches of soil or earth can reduce the penetration of dangerous gamma rays by half.)
  • time – most fallout loses its strength quickly. The more time that passes after the attack, the lower the danger.

Indoor shelter locations – If you don’t have a fallout shelter, these options could provide protection from dangerous radiation by using proper shielding materials.

  • basement – find the corner that is most below ground level (the further underground the better)
  • 1-story home / condo / apartment – if no underground facility, find a spot in center of home away from windows
  • trailer home – find sturdier shelter if possible (like a basement or brick or concrete building)
  • multi-story building or high-rise – go to center of the middle section of building (above 9th floor if possible). Note: if rooftop of a building next to you is on that same floor, move one floor up or down since radioactive fallout would accumulate on rooftops. Avoid first floor (if possible) since fallout will pile up on ground outside.

Shielding materials – All fallout shelters must provide good protection from radioactive particles. FEMA suggests having a minimum of several inches of concrete or 1 to 2 feet of earth as shielding around your shelter, if possible, and the more the better. Per FEMA, the following shows examples of shielding materials that equal the protection of 4 inches (10 cm) of concrete …

  • 5 – 6 inches (12 – 15 cm) of bricks
  • 6 inches (15 cm) of sand or gravel
  • 7 inches (18 cm) of earth
  • 8 inches (20 cm) of hollow concrete block
  • 10 inches (25 cm) of water
  • 14 inches (35 cm) of books or magazines
  • 18 inches (46 cm) of wood

Make an expedient shelter – Some very basic ways to build an expedient last-minute shelter in your home, apartment or workplace to help protect you from dangerous radiation include…

  • Set up a large, sturdy workbench or table in location you’ve chosen. If no table, make one by putting doors on top of boxes, appliances or furniture.
  • Put as much shielding (e.g. furniture, file cabinets, appliances, boxes or pillowcases filled with dirt or sand, boxes of food, water or books, concrete blocks, bricks, etc.) all around sides and on top of table, but don’t put too much weight on tabletop or it could collapse. Add reinforcing supports, if needed.
  • Leave a crawl space so everyone can get inside and block opening with shielding materials.
  • Leave 2 small air spaces for ventilation (about 4-6″ each) – one low at one end and one high at other end. (This allows for better airflow since warm air rises.)
  • Have water, radiation detection devices, KI, battery operated radio, food and sanitation supplies in case you have to shelter in place for days or weeks.
  • In summary, those within the blast zone of Ground Zero (depending on the size of the nuke) won’t make it .. BUT .. if you are a few miles outside the zone your chances of surviving it are high but you MUST have detection devices to monitor levels of radiation and a plan to stay sheltered for at least 48 hours or up to a few weeks. First Responders will have to wait for the deadly fallout to decay before they enter a hot zone so the more you prepare, the better your odds of surviving a terrorist nuke.

Some other items that we can purchase now that could make the difference between life and death include.

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Emergency Communications:

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For Creating A Shelter: 

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And with claiming that in the event of a nuclear explosion nearby, we should have at least several days worth of food and water on hand, some survival food suggestions and buckets with many more such links here from ANP’s “Still Or Back In Stock ANP Shopping Page with Reader Suggestions“.

Freeze Dried Foods:

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Fruit pails or buckets  

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We have also embedded Cresson H. Kearny’s must-read classic ‘Nuclear War Survival Skills’ at the very bottom of this story for you to look over and get some more ideas to help you and your family get prepared for what we pray never comes. And as always, we open up our comment section to your suggestions and ideas, they could save someone else’s life. (Click to Source)

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