Armies of Azerbaijan and Armenia FIRING at each other along border

Heavy Fighting between Azerbaijani and Armenian Forces is being reported North of the Village of Tegh near the Lachin Corridor in Eastern Armenia. What started as a Small Skirmish earlier now reportedly involves Artillery and possible Heavy Armor. Fighting took place near Tegh during the Border Clashes in 2021 as well.

Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan confirmed the death of at least 6 Azerbaijani soldiers.  It is __said__ that Armenia has suffered substantial losses of troops in today’s fighting.

Armenia’s MoD says that Azerbaijani forces are firing mortars in the vicinity of the armenian village of Tegh.

Armenian Forces are Shelling the Positions of the Azerbaijani Army across the Border near Tegh utilizing 120mm Mortars and 152mm Self-Propelled and Fixed Artillery.

Azerbaijani Sources are claiming that they have seen indications that Armenian Tanks and Armored Equipment is currently being Transferred to “Forward Positions” near the Fighting along the Border with Azerbaijan and along the Lachin Corridor.


Azerbaijan accuses Armenia of using Iranian shahed drones to target troops. Armenia is denying reports

– Reports that Armenia has abandoned posts in Tegh in anticipation of Azerbaijan drone attack.

– Armenian parliament cancels meetings


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