McDonalds CLOSES CORPORATE HQ to announce layoffs; Staggering Economic Downturn

McDonald’s is temporarily closing its U.S. offices this week as it prepares to inform corporate employees about its layoffs as part of a broader company restructuring.

In an internal email last week to U.S. employees and some international staff, McDonald’s asked them to work from home from Monday through Wednesday so it can deliver staffing decisions virtually, the report said. It is unclear how many employees will be laid off.

“During the week of April 3, we will communicate key decisions related to roles and staffing levels across the organization,” the Chicago-based company said in the message.

McDonald’s also asked employees to cancel all in-person meetings with vendors and other outside parties at its headquarters.

Hal Turner Remarks

One person I spoke with about this said “That sounds to me like they don’t want anyone going postal after they are fired, so shut it down for three day’s and fire them safely at HOME via Email!”

He may have a point!

McDonald’s is the largest fast-food chain in the world.   It’s Founder, Ray Kroc, was once asked what he thought the company might end up selling 50 years from then.  He replied “I don’t know what we’ll be selling, but we’ll be selling MORE OF IT than anyone else.”

He turned out to be right.  McDonald’s is the single most successful restaurant chain on planet earth.

The fact that THIS company is now going into layoffs is a staggering indicator of just how serious the economic downturn under Joe Biden actually is. 

Congratulations to you Biden voters, you managed to screw up the country worse than anything since Herbert Hoover, and you’re not done yet. 

Let me ask you Biden voters something:  Did you need to take special training to be this stupid, or does it come naturally?

Well, I guess we can get through this; after all, I hear Joe Biden is the next James Bond.  Here’s a trailer for laughs:



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