FBI Agents Raid Home of Owner of a Popular Website that Tracks Everything About the Secret Air Base in Area 51

The FBI reportedly raided the home of the owner of a popular website that tracks everything related to Area 51.  This is according to a report from a lead investigative reporter of KLAS TV, an affiliate of CBS.

“FBI agents came down hard on the operator of a popular website devoted to all things Area 51–its programs, lore, and legacy. More than a dozen agents served a no-knock warrant on the Rachel, NV home of Joerg Arnu, owner of http://dreamlandresort.com…” investigative reporter George Knapp wrote.

Joerg Arnu is the founder of Dreamland Resort and Webmaster. According to IMDb, Joerg Arnu grew up in Germany where he obtained a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering and started his career as a software developer. Today Joerg is a 25-year Area 51 research veteran, living in Rachel, NV, just outside the gates of Area 51. His Dreamland Resort website is all about the military R&D aspect of Area 51, Black Projects and Military Aviation.

“For 20 years and counting Dreamland Resort has been the most comprehensive source for information on Area 51, Black Projects, the Nellis Ranges, TTR, and the ET Highway. The webmaster is a 25-year Area 51 Research veteran and a resident of Rachel, NV, right outside the gates of Area 51,” according to the Dream Land Resort website.

George Knapp added, “They seized all computers, files, phones, photos. At the same time, another team of a dozen or more agents stormed into Arnu’s Las Vegas home, seized all digital devices and files, held his girlfriend at gunpoint.”

The motive for the raid is still unknown.

“The warrants were served one week ago. Arnu noted on his site that he does not know the reason for the raid or whether specific images of the secret base posted online may have initiated such a vigorous action by federal law enforcement. We are gathering more info.”

Below are some of the comments online following the news of the raid:


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