Providing WHO Power Over the US During Pandemics – While Smaller Member States Are Objecting Its Passage

The Biden Administration is pushing the World Health Assembly to approve its amendments to the treaty with the WHO which would give the WHO power over the US during any WHO declared pandemic.  

TGP has reported the past few weeks on the amendments the Biden Administration planned to bring before the WHO that would assign power to the WHO over the US and essentially the WHO’s overlord, China.  These actions would give away US power to foreign entities and the globalists who run them.

Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro announced that he would not sign the treaty for his country.  Senator Rick Scott warned about the treaty amendments. Archbishop Vigano also sounded the bell saying this was high treason for a country to sign off on.

These seditious acts were first brought to our attention by former Minnesota US Representative Michele Bachmann. (Click Here)

A week later, Tucker Carlson warned his audience about the treaty amendments Biden was proposing. (Click Here)

Earlier today it was reported that the Biden Administration withdraw 12 of 13 amendments to a WHO treaty that will give US sovereignty over to the WHO and China.  However, this is not exactly the case.  The Gateway Pundit determined that the amendments coming from the Biden Administration that would hand over American sovereignty to the WHO were not held back and still in place.  We also heard from a trusted source was smaller member nations argued against these amendments.

The Biden gang is actually pushing for these seditious acts to take place.  At the World Health Assembly, a Biden official encouraged the member nations to approve the amendments the Biden regime was proposing.

Fortunately, to date, the smaller member nations are the ones objecting to Biden’s treasonous amendments.

Contact your politicians and demand that the Biden Administration take back its treasonous amendments that would give US sovereignty to the WHO and its handler, China.

This isn’t over as long as the globalists and corrupt politicians are in charge.  This will always be on the table. 

The destruction of the US and  a New World Order are the goals.


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