666 UPDATE: West Virginia Company’s Biometric “Mark” Authentication System Runs Afoul Of Religion, But Experts Say They Will Provide A Workaround For Advocating Human Scanning, Growth Of Beast Technology

Biometric authentication runs afoul of religion in West Virginia


A U.S. coal mining company violated an employee’s religious beliefs by requiring him to clock into and out of work via a biometric hand scanner, a federal appeals court has ruled. The decision could mean more work for human resources departments in crafting other biometric authentication programs but so far appears unlikely to stall the expansion of similar systems.

Pennsylvania-based Consol Energy Inc. should have accommodated the religious beliefs of Beverly Butcher, a 37-year-old evangelical Christian who worked in West Virginia, according to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit. Like other workers at the location, Butcher was told to place his right hand on the scanner to verify attendance and work hours, a system that also assigned personal numbers to employees. To Butcher, the biometric authentication represented the “Mark of the Beast” found in the New Testament’s Book of Revelations.

Similar concerns about biometric technology – or other identification technologies – are not uncommon though considered unfounded in mainstream circles.

Butcher contacted the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which filed suit against the company. Butcher retired in 2012 rather than take part in the company’s biometric authentication, according to court documents. The ruling awards Butcher nearly $440,000 in lost wages and benefits.

Even though the court issued a permanent injunction against Consol to refrain from future violations of employee religious concerns, the ruling likely will have no major impact on other companies’ use of biometric authentication technologies, said Jancie Kephart, founding partner at Identity Strategy Partners, a consultancy based in the Washington, D.C. area. “This case is too far afield from mainstream issues, including those pertaining to privacy, which this case does not even touch,” she said. “It will rather result in some work for corporate human resource teams who will need to write some new policies for current and prospective employees.” (Click to Site)

Torah Commentary – Mattot/Massei “Tribes” / “Journeys” – On The Edge of Destiny – SCRIPTURES FOR July 22, 2017

Torah Commentary
Mattot/Massei “Tribes” / “Journeys”
Numbers 30:2-36:13
Jeremiah 2:4-28, 3:4
Hebrews 1-6


On The Edge of Destiny
We come to the end of the Book of Numbers this week. Forty years have passed since Israel stood on the bank of the Red Sea. All that stands between the Hebrews and their destiny is another river, a war with the Midyanim, a few instructions to get to the end of Numbers and a pretty long sermon by Pastor Moshe. Oh yea, and Pastor Moshe has to die.
Imagine the thoughts running through the minds of the Hebrews here. They are on the edge of their future. Yet there is one major requirement given by Yah before crossing; a battle. Destroy the Midyanim! Why not just enter the Land then deal with these wicked people? Of course the answer, I am sure has many levels of meaning. Let us examine the base level. It was the women of Midyanim who caused 24,000 Hebrew men to die in a plague. We ask, “Who sent those Midyanim women into the camp in the first place?” Sadly, it was the Midyanim men, their spiritual leaders. Men, whose responsibility is to guard and protect them, instead sent them off to insight grievous sin. This battle was a test to see if the men of Israel would step up to the standard Pinchas set for them or would they sit back and watch as the next sin tried to enter the camp.
Last week, it appears, I touched a few nerves in my written commentary. If you missed it, the archive is posted on my website. I received feedback from some men who shared that my words brought conviction in their walk. They took a good look in their own mirrors, pulled up their big boy training pants and took action on areas Holy Spirit revealed to them were out of order. The overwhelming response I received was more from women who said they were yearning and praying for men to take their place in the Biblical roles mandated in Scripture. (Click to Site)




An earthquake swarm that began in Yellowstone on June 12th is still rumbling on.
The University of Utah Seismograph Stations is monitoring the swarm, which is currently active on the western edge of Yellowstone National Park. The swarm so far has consisted of 1,284 events with the largest magnitude of a 4.4. There have been 7 earthquakes in the magnitude 3 range and just over 100 earthquakes in the magnitude 2 range. Researchers say 125 people reported feeling the magnitude 4.4 event on June 16th. (Click to Site)

First peek inside Chinese sex robot factory making ‘human-like’ dolls set to ‘GO GLOBAL’

A FACTORY that manufactures hyper-realistic sex robots set to be sold worldwide has shared extraordinary behind-the-scenes photos showcasing “the inevitable trend of the future”.


Last week world leading cyborg developer Dr Sergi Santos told Daily Star Online of his plans to sell his “very human” sex robots in adult shops worldwide.

The scientist and academic, from Barcelona, said he struck a deal with a Chinese sex doll and robotics factory that will allow him to produce “a minimum of 50 a week”.

Within the next two months his sex robots will be ready to be shipped to red light districts all over the world – from London to New York.

As his sex robots go into production, Daily Star Online can exclusively reveal pictures from inside the Chinese factory where Dr Santos’ eerily “human-like” androids will be brought to life.

In surreal scenes reminiscent of hit TV show Westworld, handcrafted dolls are painstakingly created by technicians and artists in the factory. (Click to Site)

Sikkim standoff: Indian soldiers can withdraw, be captured or be killed, says former Chinese diplomat to India

The comments by Liu Youfa, a former Chinese consulate general in Mumbai, come amid a military stand-off between India and China in the Doklam area.


A former Chinese diplomat who recently served in India has said that Indian troops deployed at the disputed Donglang area could either withdraw voluntarily, be captured or be killed.

The comments by Liu Youfa, a former Chinese consulate general in Mumbai, come amid a military stand-off in the Donglang area – also called Doklam – with Beijing blaming Indian soldiers of trespass and preventing Chinese soldiers from building a road in the region, which is also claimed by Bhutan.

“According to what I understand of international law, when people in uniform get across the border to move into the territory of the other side, they naturally become enemies who will have to face three consequences: First, they can go out voluntarily, or they may be captured or when the border dispute should escalate, they may be killed,” Liu told CGTN, the English channel of national broadcaster CCTV. (Click to Site)

Report: Former Zetas cartel leader used to eat victims


In an interview with Mexican publication El Blog del Narco, a reporter said a now-deceased Zetas cartel leader used to eat the flesh of victims.

The journalist told the publication he had seen former Zetas leader Heriberto Lazcano, or “El Lazca,” eat human flesh, according to El Blog del Narco. He said after the cartel leader would have someone killed, the victim would be cleaned and shaved, according to the publication. (Click to Site)

Research Team Slams Global Warming Data In New Report: “Not Reality… Totally Inconsistent With Credible Temperature Data”


As world leaders, namely in the European Union, attack President Trump for pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement which would have saddled Americans with billions upon billions of dollars in debt and economic losses, a new bombshell report that analyzed Global Average Surface Temperature (GAST) data produced by NASA, the NOAA and HADLEY proves the President was right on target with his refusal to be a part of the new initiative.

According to the report, which has been peer reviewed by administrators, scientists and researchers from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.), and several of America’s leading universities, the data is completely bunk:

In this research report, the most important surface data adjustment issues are identified and past changes in the previously reported historical data are quantified. It was found that each new version of GAST has nearly always exhibited a steeper warming linear trend over its entire history. And, it was nearly always accomplished by systematically removing the previously existing cyclical temperature pattern. This was true for all three entities providing GAST data measurement, NOAA, NASA and Hadley CRU.


As a result, this research sought to validate the current estimates of GAST using the best available relevant data. This included the best documented and understood data sets from the U.S. and elsewhere as well as global data from satellites that provide far more extensive global coverage and are not contaminated by bad siting and urbanization impacts. Satellite data integrity also benefits from having cross checks with Balloon data.


The conclusive findings of this research are that the three GAST data sets are not a valid representation of reality. In fact, the magnitude of their historical data adjustments, that removed their cyclical temperature patterns, are totally inconsistent with published and credible U.S. and other temperature data. Thus, it is impossible to conclude from the three published GAST data sets that recent years have been the warmest ever –despite current claims of record setting warming.


Finally, since GAST data set validity is a necessary condition for EPA’s GHG/CO2 Endangerment Finding, it too is invalidated by these research findings. (Full Abstract Report) (Click to Site)

Vatican-reviewed magazine accuses Catholics of ‘hate’ for supporting Trump


ROME, July 13, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) — Conservative Catholics in the United States have formed an “ecumenism of hate” with Evangelical Protestants in their united support for President Trump and his policies, claimed an Italian Jesuit magazine that is reviewed by the Vatican prior to publication.

The article published July 13 in La Civiltà Cattolica claims that some U.S. Catholic conservatives have built ties with fundamentalist Evangelicals for political purposes that evince “enormous differences” with Pope Francis.

“Appealing to the values of fundamentalism, a strange form of surprising ecumenism is developing between Evangelical fundamentalists and Catholic Integralists brought together by the same desire for religious influence in the political sphere,” the article states.

“Some who profess themselves to be Catholic express themselves in ways that until recently were unknown in their tradition and using tones much closer to Evangelicals. They are defined as value voters as far as attracting electoral mass support is concerned.”

“There is a well-defined world of ecumenical convergence between sectors that are paradoxically competitors when it comes to confessional belonging. This meeting over shared objectives happens around such themes as abortion, same-sex marriage, religious education in schools and other matters generally considered moral or tied to values. Both Evangelical and Catholic Integralists condemn traditional ecumenism and yet promote an ecumenism of conflict that unites them in the nostalgic dream of a theocratic type of state,” it adds.

The authors of the report are two of Pope Francis’ close confidantes, editor-in-chief Jesuit Fr. Antonio Spadaro and Marcelo Figueroa, an Argentine Presbyterian pastor who was appointed by the pope to head up his country’s edition of the Vatican newspaper, L’Osservatore Romano. (Click to Site)

Experts ‘Concerned’ Because Long Valley Caldera Volcano Is ‘Moving’ – High Number Of Earthquakes ‘Indicators Of Pending Volcanic Eruption’


By Susan Duclos – All News PipeLine

Long Valley Caldera near Mammoth Lakes has experts “concerned” because over the last 100 days the volcano has been “acting up” asNewsPrepper describes it and the unusual amount of Earthquakes that have hit Mammoth lake over the last month means all eyes should be carefully watching these earthquakes and especially this particular volcano.

In 1915, Lassen Peak erupted and wrecked a huge portion of the state. Over the last 100 days, the much larger Long Valley Caldera has begun acting-up. And what it’s doing has Geologists at the US Geological Survey “concerned.” The Caldera – the mouth of the Volcano – is . . . . moving.

According to scientific instruments monitored by the United States Geological Survey (USGS) the area in vicinity of the Long Valley caldera is deforming and moving rapidly compared to previous records. How sure are they? “95% (confidence interval), the (data) ensemble is significant”

The data is showing on a recent timespan that the amount of movement is causing STATISTICALLY SIGNIFICANT STRAIN in the rock in the area. This is not conspiracy-theorist conjecture or amateur geology antics, this is from the USGS itself.

According to a March report found at AOL science and tech news, this massive super volcano “has the potential to unleash a fiery hell across the planet, and the magma-filled mountain has a history of doing so.” While the article downplayed the likelihood of an imminent eruption, the article was written before the 1,000+ EQ that are being reported on now.

The article goes on to state:

Approximately 760,000 years ago, this super volcano in particular had a massive eruption on an apocalyptic scale that blanketed the United States region in molten lava and ash.

And if such were to occur again, molten rock would not only incinerate the Earth for thousands of miles, but the toxic ash spewing from the opening of the crust would temporarily block out the rays of the sun, which scientists say would cause temperatures to fall to levels not seen since the Ice Age. (Click to Site)

Parades, parties and port-a-potties: Eclipse mania is taking hold from coast to coast


To the casual observer, it might look like an ordinary Nebraska cornfield. But Louis Dorland sees something more: an ideal place to observe the Great American Eclipse.

The horizon extends for miles to the west and the east, with few obstructions to mar the view. It’s just a two-hour drive from his home in the Omaha suburbs, but because it’s deep in the country, he figures the area won’t be packed with skywatchers on the big day.

Dorland spent an entire day scouting locations in search of a quiet spot to spend about 2 1/2 unforgettable minutes, when day will eerily give way to night. The tricky part was making sure the guy who owned the cornfield wouldn’t mind Dorland’s setting up his binoculars and picnic blanket on the side of his property.

With some trepidation, the retired IT worker hopped out of his minivan and approached the farmer steering a green tractor near the side of the road.

“I was worried he might not be pleasant about it, but he was absolutely fine,” said Dorland, who expressed his thanks by offering the farmer several pairs of paper eclipse glasses to share with his family.

Thanks to an unusual celestial alignment, the moon’s shadow will race across the United States on Aug. 21, tracing a 2,800-mile arc from Oregon to South Carolina. It will take about 90 minutes for the eclipse to travel from coast to coast, plunging a roughly 70-mile-wide swath of land into a twilight-like darkness in the process.

Only in this so-called path of totality will the world grow dark enough to see the stars as the moon blots out the sun. The temperature will drop, crickets will begin to chirp and farm animals will lie down and go to sleep. If skies are clear, observers will be able to see the sun’s halo-like corona, which is usually obscured by the brightness of the photosphere.

An estimated 12 million Americans are fortunate enough to live in the path of totality. But for the rest of us, viewing the first total solar eclipse to stretch across the continental U.S. since 1918 will take some strategizing. (Click to Site)