Actor Stephen Baldwin: ‘You Can’t Be Pro-Choice and Call Yourself a Follower of Jesus Christ’

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Actor Stephen Baldwin came to the Faithwire headquarters on Thursday, where he delivered a powerful and convicting pro-life message, arguing that the Bible is clear and unchanging — and that the scriptures take a firmly pro-life stance.

“The Bible’s very clear. The word never changes. … You can’t be pro-choice and call yourself a follower of Jesus Christ, doesn’t go together,” Baldwin said during a Facebook Live. “It’s a fact. It’s a simple common sense fact. So, anybody who hears me say that and goes, ‘Well, hey I’m … this type of Christian or this denomination and in our church … it’s acceptable.’ I’m just going to say, ‘Well, whatever they’re teaching you according to God’s word that has allowed you to believe that is incorrect.’ It’s very simple.”

And Baldwin, who also spoke about his new Russia Today show, titled, “The Great American Pilgrimage,” wasn’t done there, as he mentioned the recent failure of the U.S. Senate to pass a bill that would ban abortions at 20 weeks, arguing that there is “scientific evidence that shows an infant at 20 weeks feels pain.”

The actor took particular issue with those who might nonchalantly argue that current abortion law is permissible or acceptable, warning of where he believes that sort of thinking can take a society.

“Well, guess what? When your attitude is that, and then everyday people say, ‘Oh I can’t believe in a God that would send somebody to hell’ — God doesn’t send anybody to hell. Ever,” Baldwin said. “He gives us a choice. And when you choose the things we’ve been choosing, let me tell you something: He’s going to be upset about it. And in those mysterious ways, he’s going to respond.”

Watch Baldwin’s powerful rebuke below:

Baldwin went on to speak about “Great American Pilgrimage,” a show in which he travels around America and talks with a diverse pool of people about their views on the country amid an ever-divided era. He said he’s hoping to inspire people to listen to others about their life experiences.

The actor said he wanted to embark on the journey with a specific question in mind: “Can we have a conversation where I just listen to who you are what you’re about, where you came from?” He said he wanted to be relational and is hoping that the effort inspires others to do the same.

Here’s a preview of “The Great American Pilgrimage”: (Click to Source)