Woman Claims ‘Mandatory Flu Shot’ Blinded Her…Left Her With MS


It was only weeks following a flu shot that Jennifer Whitney says she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. The 34-year-old Mukilteo, Washington resident says she took the vaccine after being pressured by her boss at work. Inevitably, Whitney was terminated from her job due to taking time off to deal with the onset of MS symptoms. Whitney spent ten months unable to see and is no longer able to have children.

She told MailOnline: ‘Some people tell me that I must be imagining it because they believe vaccines are safe, but that’s not the case.

‘I’m not imagining all these symptoms and I’m certainly not imagining how well I used to be. Whether I’ll ever be that well again, I don’t know.’

Whitney was a manager at an optometry business at the time of her MS diagnosis. She says that pressure from her boss forced her hand with getting a flu shot.

‘As the manager, I felt pressurized into setting an example to the other employees,’ she said. ‘My boss encouraged everyone to get it.

‘I didn’t want to cause any arguments, so I went to the pharmacy in my lunch-hour and received my flu shot. Then I went back to work.’

In the days that would follow, Whitney claims she experienced a variety of potential side-effects, including a headache, pain, and dizziness.

‘I just about managed to drive home, but had to call my husband from the car to come and help me,’ Mrs Whitney said.

‘I was so weak, I couldn’t walk, so my husband had to carry me to our apartment. Once inside, he lay me down on the sofa.

‘Little did I know I’d be spending the next few weeks in that exact same spot.’

Doctors told her she had a condition known as benign vertigo. The next day, Whitney was subjected to an MRI at which point she was diagnosed with MS. She was told that her immune system was attacking her brain.

‘I was so shocked,’ she said. ‘I’m a really healthy person and had never been off sick from work.

‘To have suddenly developed a serious, untreatable and incurable illness practically overnight was hard for me to comprehend.’

The MS medication’s side-effects further complicated her life.

‘My skin broke out in blisters all over my body. I reported this to my neurologist, who called me back in for tests for lupus which is a rare side-effect of Gilenya.’

The events rendered her unable to do her job. She developed severe shaking that made it difficult for her to handle eyeglasses. That’s when she claims she was fired for taking too much time off from her job. She says that she developed burning eyes following her termination.

She also says that she discovered that the vaccine courts pay out the largest settlements to flu shot victims.

Unemployed, she now experiences bouts of blindness in both of her eyes. (Click to Source)

Woman Passes Away After Being Sent Home With Flu Meds


A 20-year old mother has passed away from what is being chalked up as a flu death by health officials, however, the incident isn’t short some oddities.

“She checked into the hospital at 7:30 and by 3:25 she was gone,” said Stephanie Gonzales, the aunt of Alani Murrieta, said to Fox11 out of Los Angeles.

Murrieta was considered to be “very healthy” prior to passing away, leaving two children behind. Last Sunday, Murrieta left work feeling a little sick. On Monday, her sister decided to take her to an urgent care for what was considered a routine visit. She was diagnosed with a case of the flu and given meds. But that night, Murrieta fell into a much deeper sickness. On Tuesday morning, Murrieta was troubled with her breathing so her mother took her to the emergency room.

Her oxygen levels were low. They took an x-ray around 9 that morning, and they told her she had pneumonia, and it kind of just went downhill after that,” Gonzales said.

After being placed on a ventilator, Murrieta’s heart stopped. She was unable to be resuscitated. She had no preexisting conditions. The doctors decided that the cause of death was pneumonia which stemmed from the original flu.

Murrieta was not given a flu shot, but the article says that it wouldn’t have made a difference anyway.

One question I’d have is what medications was she given on Sunday night?

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Australia To Suspend Doctor For Helping Parents Get Vaccine Exemptions


A Melbourne GP may end up having his medical license revoked for “helping” anti-vaccine parents get exemptions in Australia. The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency is unhappy with Dr. John Piesse helping parents find a way around the strict vaccine mandate, “no jab, no pay.” The agency has informed Dr. Piesse that they are looking into suspending him. Dr. Piesse, who attended the Vaxxed documentary screening in Australia, says he refuses to back down unless someone can provide him with evidence that he is wrong. He also claims he doesn’t give an exemption to every parent. (Click to Site)

Doctors Often Avoid Flu Shots


When a Doctor suggest, or even intimidate you and your family, to get a flu shot, have you ever wondered if that Doctor got a flu shot for his or herself? We often fail to realize the benefit in asking this question. The fact is, most of these Doctors and Nurses don’t even want a flu shot for themselves, yet have no issue pushing the flu shot to you and yours. Most hospitals don’t require Doctors and Nurses to get a flu shot. The hospitals typically just suggest it. But hospitals are now moving to push for mandatory flu shots.

According to Benefits Pro.

…in a new paper published in Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology, a medical journal.

When the survey was conducted, just under 43 percent of the infection preventionists at 386 hospitals said that their hospital currently required flu shots for staff. However, an additional 10 percent said their hospital would begin to require the shot for the next flu season. That means it is likely that, two years later, a majority of hospitals are making their doctors, nurses and administrative employees get the vaccines that they keep telling patients they need to get.

So if “infection preventionists” don’t want the shot, why would they want you to have it? In my opinion, any Doctor pushing a flu vaccine should be made to take one themselves. And if they choose not to take one, they should be forced to wear something which identifies them as someone who declined the shot. The simple fact is, many Doctors know that flu shots are dangerous and useless in preventing the flu, but they succumb to the pharmaceutical company line. (Click to Site)

Australia Launches Massive Campaign To Take Down Anti-Vaxxers


The Australian government isn’t pinching any pennies when it comes to subverting anti-vaccine causes. In fact, they are reportedly now spending $5.5 million dollars to campaign against the anti-vaccine movement. A movement that’s already taken government hits, such as “no jab, no pay.” The country has also banned some individuals who have promoted anti-vaccine rhetoric and media.

The campaign, called “Get the Facts about Immunisation,” is a series of handouts and videos encouraging vaccination. The videos and handouts also feature parents who are grieving the losses of children.

Speaking to The Sunday Telegraph, Health Minister Greg Hunt explained “it is these areas of low coverage which pose risks to the community, especially to people who can’t be vaccinated, like newborns and those with medical reasons.” (Click to Site)

Authoritarian Vaccine War Greets Back To School Parents Worldwide


With the first week of official back to school beginning for many parents, the polarizing vaccine debate is back center-stage. But this year, the stakes are higher. Over the course of the past year, many countries around the world have taken harsh stances against those parents who seek vaccine choice rights. Egregious laws have been passed forcing both parent and school alike to comply or suffer financial consequences. The new vaccine landscape is more authoritarian than ever and it doesn’t appear it will come up for air anytime soon. Here’s a world roundup of vaccine noncompliance aggression.

Italy’s parliament recently passed a law that forces parents to give their children 10 mandatory vaccines. This law effects kids up to 16 years of age. Any non-compliance results in $600 fine (or Euro equivalent). (Click to Site)

The Disgusting Cow Stuff in Vaccines


by Dr. Sherri J Tenpenny, DO, AOBNMM, ABIHM

Discussions regarding the cumulative amount of mercury and aluminum in vaccines have risen to the forefront of many discussions. I have been reviewing the package inserts of every US approved vaccine and adding up the total amount of foreign matter (by weight) being injected into humans. To do this, I created a spreadsheet to log every ingredient in every vaccine, including the amount of each substance listed as milligrams, micrograms or even nanograms. Believe me when I say, this has been a time-intensive, colossal undertaking.

I started by listing all the vaccines across the top row of the spreadsheet – there are at least 60 vaccines currently approved for the U.S. market, and there are 250 more on the way. Working with this page, I began to list every chemical and every cell type in the first column. In addition to viruses such as polio, measles or influenza, vaccines contain at least 130 different ingredients such as metals, chemicals, yeast, antibiotics, sucrose, lactose, and casein. Vaccines have foreign proteins including DNA from humans (albumin and aborted fetal cells) and DNA from animals (chickens, cows, pigs, guinea pigs, monkeys and even insects.)

Most of these ingredients fall into a group called excipients, with subcategories that include adjuvants, which enhance antibody production; stabilizers, which prolong shelf life; and preservatives, which prolong the shelf life of vaccine components.  Examining the excipient list more closely, I noticed a number of different bovine ingredients within the various vaccines:

  • Bovine casein (milk protein)
  • Bovine extract
  • Bovine cassation acids
  • Bovine serum albumen
  • Bovine calf serum
  • Bovine formula fed calf serum
  • Bovine calf serum protein
  • Fetal bovine serum (FBS)

I found this to be curious. Why eight different bovine ingredients? What are the differences between each type of ingredient that necessitates a distinct listing? When I investigated this further and I was appalled by what I found. (Click to Site)

16-Year Old Dies From Flu Shot Side Effects


A Tapei family has won a case against The Ministry of Health regarding a flu shot vaccine injury that their 16-year old died from flu shot side effects.

According to Tapei Times

In November 2009, the then-16-year-old boy, surnamed Chen (?), had received a novel influenza A (H1N1) vaccination at the Chiayi County vocational high school where he studied.

After the vaccination, Chen’s face and eyes began swelling.

Even though the school reported the case to the county health bureau and his parents took him to several hospitals for treatment, the cause of his symptoms was not identified.

He took prescribed steroids and allergy medication for about two years and continued to suffer from headaches, before he in May 2012 suddenly lost consciousness in the student dormitory. (Click to Site)

Pharma Synthesized Marijuana Kills People


According to an article on Ouest France, recent testing by pharmaceutical testing company Biotrial left six people for dead. It wasn’t long after the event that the media began feeding the herd propaganda that “marijuana kills.” The only trouble with this is that it wasn’t marijuana that killed, rather, a synthetic version created in pharma’s labs.

This is a rather important point to digest. For Pharmaceutical companies who have huge stakes in painkillers and antianxiety medication lines, they are driven to stop the legalization of marijuana movement. But seeing that movement seems a bit unstoppable at this juncture, their best bet is to “patent” concoctions of it. Essentially, they recreate a plant. And in doing so, that plant happens to kill people. And soon enough, marijuana kills and we should make possession of marijuana a criminal act. Do you see how that works? (Click to Article)

TRUMP: Why Can’t We Look Into Vaccine Safety?


The vaccine meltdown is in full bloom after Donald Trump asked environmental attorney and vaccine skeptic, Robert Kennedy Jr., to head up a vaccine safety committee. But as per the usual, the Left is going overboard and being melodramatic.

1) Isn’t it sad that when we decide to question Pharmaceutical companies, we get nothing short of revolt? Sound familiar? It seems similar to those who chose not to accept Trump as President. It sounds like an indoctrinated group of people who can’t allow vaccine safety to be questioned.
2) Trump isn’t anti-vaccine. He is skeptical of vaccines given to children at such a young age, and believes there may be too many.
3) Trump has been a supporter of the autism community for at least a decade. He’s been engaged with those circles, and for years, parents of autistic children have been asking politicians to do a serious investigation into vaccine safety. There is an entire body of science that has been ignored. It’s time for someone to seriously look at it – instead of only marching to the mantra of “vaccines are safe and effective.” (Click to Article)