Bat Kol at the Transfiguration

In our days it is even exceedingly rare to hear a voice speak from heaven, but it seems to have been more common in the days of the Apostles. Talmudic literature offers several anecdotes of “a voice from heaven” speaking during the late Second Temple Era. The Hebrew term for the heavenly voice, bat kol, literally … Continue reading Bat Kol at the Transfiguration

The Metamorphosis

Yeshua's disciples saw him undergo a metamorphosis before their eyes, but into what did he transfigure and what did it mean? As Yeshua prayed, “He was transfigured before them” (Mark 9:2). The Greek text of Matthew and Mark uses the word metamorfoo from which we derive the English word “metamorphosis.” A metamorphosis is the process of substantially … Continue reading The Metamorphosis

Where did the Transfiguration Occur?

Where is the high mountain of the transfiguration? Church tradition places the event on Mount Tabor, but the Gospels point to another location. The story of the transfiguration began when Yeshua "brought them up alone with him on a high mountain" (Mark 9:2). Mountains are a common place to seek divine revelation. The Master enjoyed … Continue reading Where did the Transfiguration Occur?