Noach – Noah – “A Resting Faith” – 16 October, 2017

Noach Noah Genesis 6:9-11:32 Isaiah 54:1-55:5 (A); 54:1-10 (S) “A Resting Faith” by Mark Huey Perhaps one of the most compelling testimonies of faith and belief in God, witnessed from the opening chapters of Genesis, is the life of Noah. The example of Noah, in association with the disastrous judgment of the Flood brought upon the world, is something from which we all need to … Continue reading Noach – Noah – “A Resting Faith” – 16 October, 2017

The One New Man Bible – B’reshite – Oct 13, 2016

B’reshite (Genesis 1:1 – 6:8) Creation 1.1. In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. 2. And the earth was totally empty, devoid of all life, (Jer. 4:23) both animal and plant; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God hovered, brooded, over the face of the waters. 1:3. And God said, “Light, Be!” And there was light. 4. And God saw the light, that it was good, and God … Continue reading The One New Man Bible – B’reshite – Oct 13, 2016

Why Giants?

Why Giants? It was the purpose of Satan and his fallen angels to corrupt the human race and thereby do away with pure Adamite stock through whom the seed of the woman should come. This would avert their own doom and make it possible for Satan and his kingdom to keep control of the planet earth indefinitely. It was said to Adam and Eve that … Continue reading Why Giants?

Torah Commentary -Trail of Righteousness – 11-4-2016

Torah Commentary Note: A new Torah reading schedule is on our web site which directs you in not only reading the Torah but also the complete Scriptures during the current Torah cycle. LINK Genesis 6:9-11:32 Isaiah 54:1-55:5 Matthew 24:36-44 1Peter 3:18-22 Noach (Noah)   Trail of Righteousness The story of the flood is maybe the most famous outside of creation itself. Most all cultures have … Continue reading Torah Commentary -Trail of Righteousness – 11-4-2016

The Biggest Prison Break Of ‘Em All!

Demons are making their presence known more and more in our world. Websitesdedicated to the paranormal proliferate on the Internet as well as in movies and TV shows which feature aliens and extraterrestrials. When God destroyed the earth because of its wickedness, the fallen angels—who started all the trouble could not be drowned because they were spirit beings; so God sent them to a place … Continue reading The Biggest Prison Break Of ‘Em All!