Bible Prophecy: The Kingdom & Eternity

BY ZOLA LEVITT The Kingdom This millennium of the Kingdom Age is the true reward of the Church, and it will be quite different from the Church Age we are experiencing now. The social order will be “upside down”: It will be “sophisticated” to be a Christian, foolish to be an unbeliever. The King Himself … Continue reading Bible Prophecy: The Kingdom & Eternity


THE TIME OF JACOB'S TROUBLE For nearly two thousand years we have been living in a parenthesis, a prophetic interval, a time "in between." Daniel's prophecy in the vision of the seventy weeks called for a period of 490 years when God would deal especially with Israel. When Christ offered Himself as the Prince of … Continue reading A MESSAGE OF HOPE FROM DR. JACK VAN IMPE – THE TIME OF JACOB’S TROUBLE

His Grace Is Enough

I've been reminded throughout the week that His grace is enough.  I'm reminded that He is not in need of a reminder to come and protect His children from harm.  From the foundation of the world we have been sealed, our names are in His book and we are His.  His arm is not too … Continue reading His Grace Is Enough

America: The Writing Is On The Wall

America, you wanted a world without God.  You wanted to be your own god.  You wanted to go your own way.  Well you're about to get what you wanted and you'll soon discover what it means to lose God's blessing and protection. Days from now a total solar eclipse will cross the entirety of the … Continue reading America: The Writing Is On The Wall