Mystery Of Planet V – Was There Once A 5th Planet Between Mars And The Asteroid Belt?


Kevin Montana – – The Planet V hypothesis is based on the assumption that there was once a 5th planet in our Solar System. The planet has been named Planet V and some astronomers think it may have once existed between Mars and the asteroid belt.

If there was a fifth planet that formed during the early planetary era, then what happened to it?

The existence of a hypothetical fifth planet once existed in our solar system was put forward by NASA scientists John Chambers and Jack J. Lissauer in 2002.

Chambers and Lissauer conducted several computer simulations of the Solar System with an additional terrestrial planet and suggested Planet V was either was ejected or impacted the Sun, an event that led to its destruction about 4 billion years ago. According to researchers a destructive cosmic event like this one was realistic if Planet V’s mass was less than 0.25 of Mars. The other simulations were not considered successful because Planet V either survived for the entire 1 billion year length of the simulations, or collisions occurred between planets.

Was Planet V Destroyed During The Late Heavy Bombardment?

About 4.1 to 3.8 billion years ago, our Solar System experienced a period of intense comet and asteroid bombardment. Known as the Late Heavy Bombardement, it is believed it was during this period that a large number of asteroids collided with the early terrestrial planets in the inner Solar System, including Mercury, Venus, Earth.

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