If you ventured to downtown Coeur d’Alene, Idaho last night you would think you had entered a Militia family reunion. No one has an accurate count of how many heavily armed citizens came out to support peaceful protestors and protect local businesses and citizens against shipped in ANTIFA members but it was certainly HUNDREDS, perhaps over a THOUSAND.

“We just drove downtown Coeur d’Alene. It is packed with armed citizens. I’ve never seen so many AR-15s in my life. There’s at least a thousand armed citizens walking on the sidewalks and the streets are packed with cars and trucks with guys in the back with AR-15 and American flags everywhere. We saw two protesters wearing their little black clothing and black masks and sitting on a step quietly with their little poster board sign saying “our system sucks!” Guess why they’re being so polite.”~Keith Gibson, Coeur d’Alene resident.

Word got out that ANTIFA was going to ship in rioters to mingle with peaceful protestors in our quiet little town…and indeed they did as several white Mercedes vans were seen with dozens of people that didn’t belong in our community. It was also made known that they were planning to use the local WINCO store as their staging ground. After learning this, a well organized local group of concerned citizens set up a post in the parking lot to ensure that these unwelcomed invaders clearly understood that the citizens of Coeur d’Alene would have ZERO tolerance for any type of violence or destructive behavior in our town.

Concerned Citizen removing crowbar from ANTIFA member

Don’t tell me you’re peaceful and bring a crowbar to a protest…. not in our town… Was happy to remove it from their possession as we escorted him to his vehicle [ and just to clarify the guy in the beard handed me the crow bar when I requested it, His name is Sam and he did get that guy to leave ] Brett Surplus, Coeur d’Alene resident

The downtown area of Coeur d’Alene, Id was wall to wall with armed citizens, who protected the city for the entire night. Many had posts directly in front of local businesses while others walked the sidewalks making their powerful presence known. Photo’s below courtesy of Mark Addy, Coeur d’Alene resident.

Photo courtesy of Mark Addy
Photo courtesy of Mark Addy
Photo courtesy of Mark Addy

Photo courtesy of Mark Addy
Photo courtesy of Mark Addy
Photo courtesy of Mark Addy
Photo courtesy of Mark Addy
Photo courtesy of Mark Addy
Photo courtesy of Mark Addy

What was witnessed last night, 06/01/20 in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, was PROOF that Good Guys with guns keep bad guys with evil intent away. There was unity in a cause to protect the community. There were young people, old people, individuals from all walks of life out patrolling the community and believe it or not, EVERYONE, except the ANTIFA creeps felt extremely safe! (Click to Source)

We were surrounded by people so heavily armed…there was literally thousands of guns of all types…most people had several different weapons on them and I never felt more safe in such a huge crowd in my entire life! ~Grayson Cross, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho resident

Grayson Cross Instagram


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Globalist elites to gather in Swiss resort town to plan post-COVID ‘Great Reset’

The objective is ‘rebuilding’ the world’s economic and social system in order to make it more ‘sustainable.’
Fri Jun 12, 2020 – 8:43 pm EST

June 12, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — “Nothing will ever be the same again.” It was the mantra that we heard in many countries at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. It came with a warning that a “new normal” would replace the existing order. Easy travel, interpersonal relations, large gatherings, even things like shaking hands would have to give way to long-term social distancing, drastic rules, and surveillance. But these changes on the personal level are only a part of the picture. The World Economic Forum, together with Prince Charles of England and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), has launched an initiative revealingly dubbed “The Great Reset,” with the objective of “rebuilding” the world’s economic and social system in order to make it more “sustainable.”

The idea has received the full support of the U.N. secretary general, António Guterres, former president of the Socialist International from 1999 to 2005.

Technically, a reset is a re-initialization: in the language of our digital era, it means erasing all hardware and data on a hard disk and formatting it anew in view of a fresh start. Transposed to human activity, a reset means a revolution: a deep transformation of all that is done, thought, or believed — making a clean break with the past.

For many decades, the World Economic Forum, founded by Prof Klaus Schwab in 1971, has been getting heads of state, billionaires, and heads of big business together yearly in order to reflect on economical and governance issues and work toward a common end: free global trade, common world rules to supersede national sovereign decisions, promoting nondiscrimination, “to transform economies and societies.”

For a long time, its yearly meetings in Davos were held discreetly, even secretively. This has slowly changed, as the WEForum’s objectives have become more mainstream: its main meetings, schedules, and list of participants are now available online even though it is widely said that many talks and decisions of the mighty take place after official hours.

But the 2021 edition promises to be quite different. While a physical meeting will be held in the Swiss skiing resort town of Davos as usual — and no one enters Davos at that time of year without an official invitation to the Forum — this time, there will be global online participation for a virtual forum including many “stakeholders” and young people who will be told they will have a determining voice for the world to come. Some would call that “group dynamics.”

Over the months running up to the January Davos meeting, “The Great Reset Dialogues” will prepare the event in an online series that promises to be well worth watching by those who want to know how the globalists of the World Economic Forum want to reshape the future. And, yes, they can be called “globalists” because that is how the Initiative’s present ambassadors are portraying themselves.

An example? Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. He said: “I consider this painful global pandemic to be a complex, adaptive challenge. In a connected and interdependent world, a complex and adaptive challenge cannot be solved by individual countries alone — it can only be addressed through … collective action and global cooperation.”

This fits in neatly with António Guterres’s wish that 10 percent of the Earth’s GDP be used internationally to respond to the economic and sanitary fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic, with “global” solutions in view of “rebirthing” society.

Looking at WEForum’s Great Reset Initiative that grew out of the COVID Action Platform, it appears that most of the chips are already down. The “green economy,” “de-carbonizing,” “fighting inequalities,” “stakeholder capitalism,” and “sustainable development goals” (as in the U.N.’s “SDGs”) are the recurring terms in WEForum’s articles presenting the Initiative. None of these is new or original; in fact, the main thing that has modified the situation is the pandemic, which is being used as a driver for change. How? Through the global economic crash that accompanied it “thanks” to lockdown.

As for the Reset itself, it was already being talked about before the Chinese coronavirus was moving out of Wuhan. On December 30, 2019, for instance, the Financial Times published a YouTube presentation under the title “Why capitalism needs to be reset in 2020.” Here the recurring theme is “stakeholder capitalism,” by which “a company’s approach to people, the planet, and innovation — including how it protects and applies the value added of its data — must figure more prominently in capital-allocation decisions” (as the WEForum site explains).

Presenting the Great Reset Initiative of which he is one of the main leaders, Prince Charles seemed quite pleased with the situation: “We have a golden opportunity to seize something good from this crisis. Its unprecedented shockwaves may well make people more receptive to big visions of change,” he said.

Key quotes from the virtual online meeting. during which World Economic Forum president Prof. Klaus Schwab, Prince Charles, and several others presented the Great Reset Initiative, included many such remarks.

Noting that “climate change” was a much greater danger than the coronavirus pandemic, Prince Charles hoped for a “green recovery”: “It’s an opportunity we’ve never had before and may never have again,” he said. Considering our planet almost as a person, he said: “Our activities have been damaging her immune system.”

Schwab called the present situation a “unique window of opportunity.” We must “build a new social contract,” he said. “We must change our mindsets” and our “lifestyles,” he also remarked.

Will this be a remake of the French Revolution that held, with Jean-Jacques Rousseau, that man is born naturally good and corrupted by society, and that society must result from a “social contract” in which laws and moral norms are not the expression of divine law, but of the will of the majority? History has shown that revolutions built on that premise end in tyranny.

One of the major objectives of the “Great Reset” is “reducing inequalities,” which in everyday terms means “redistributing wealth.” This idea takes for granted that inequality is evil of itself. Speaking during the virtual Great Reset meeting, Guterres said the COVID-19 crisis should lead to a response to “unsustainable levels of inequality and the lawlessness of cyberspace.”

Carbon taxing and “renewable energy” are also high on the Great Reset agenda. Guterres quoted the need to “advance towards zero emissions” and implement the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the U.N. These SDGs, with their socialist mindset and eco-radicalism, advocate “for universal access to sexual and reproductive health and reproductive rights,” U.N. jargon that includes contraception and abortion — not least because the human population is seen as nature’s and “biodiversity’s” main enemy.

The IMF’s managing director, Kristalina Georgieva, who grew up in Communist Bulgaria, promoted the same “green” approach. While the IMF is providing emergency assistance that is expected to run up to 100 billion dollars, with “170 countries” expected to have a smaller economy at the end of 2020 than they started out with at the beginning of the year, Georgieva stated:

We see a very massive injection of fiscal stimulus[.] … But it is paramount that this should lead to a greener, fairer, smarter world in the future.

In other words, financial assistance must be used and distributed in order to favor ecologically correct enterprises. She added that there must be “low carbon incentives,” taking “advantage of low oil prices” to add “a carbon price as an incentive.” “We need a Great Reset, not a great reversal,” she concluded.

Perhaps the most noteworthy speaker at the virtual launch of the Great Reset was Ma Jun, of (Communist) China’s Green Finance Committee. He is also special adviser to the governor of the Chinese Communist Party–controlled People’s Bank of China and was presented before his talk at the virtual launch of the Great Reset as an “NPC member.” “NPC” stands for the National People’s Congress, which in theory is the highest political authority in China, where, however, president Xi Jinping and the ruling Communist Party reign supreme.

Ma Jun insisted that the post-COVID recovery must be “greener than any of the previous recoveries,” through the financing of “green projects” that must be “higher than any time in history.”

Ma also said “Consumption stimulus needs to be green. Governments could make a list of green consumer goods and these should be given preference on list of consumer subsidies and coupons.”

Noting that migrant workers have lost jobs in China, he added: “Instead of paying them unemployment benefits, we should ask them to plant trees and pay them for that.”

As to “non green projects,” Ma Jun proclaimed, they should be subject to “new regulations” obliging them to meet “strict environmental standards” and be made to “release information” about their compliance “on a mandatory basis.”

Remember that these recommendations were being made by Ma Jun not for China alone (which is the world’s largest carbon-emitter, with new coal plants planned for building up to 2030), but for the whole world.

He was in fact echoing the wish of Bernard Looney, BP (formerly British Petroleum)’s CEO, who said earlier, “Any recovery stimulus should have green conditions attached.” This would mean allowing non-compliant businesses to die after having been badly wounded by lockdown.

Looney also admires China: “Chinese recovery could engine us out of the crisis,” he said.

Moving back to the World Economic Forum’s publications on the COVID-19 crisis and the proper way out of it, we must not forget that gender ideology is also part of the ecological-socialist package. In an op-ed by John Miller titled “Great Reset: Why LGBT+ inclusion is the secret to cities’ post-pandemic success,” claimed that “a strong positive correlation exists between LGBT+ inclusion and economic resilience.” “In particular, cities that embrace diversity may reap an ‘inclusion dividend’ as they begin to rebuild their economies,” it went on to say.

While the crisis is “threatening to roll back decades of progress in the fight against poverty,” it said that “LGBT inclusion” will allow to recover more rapidly according to “Open for Business,” a coalition of companies that promote “LGBT+ equality.”

“This is a significant finding: a one-point increase in social acceptance suggests a three-point increase in that economy’s economic resilience index, even when controlling for GDP per capita. Could LGBT+ inclusion be a secret ingredient for economic resilience?,” wrote John Miller. He suggested that “openness” and “innovation” are linked to the acceptance of homosexual and trans lifestyles.

“Now is the time to be embracing LGBT+ communities, not stigmatizing them. Creating inclusive societies isn’t just the right thing to do; as the evidence shows, it’s an important part of an economic strategy focused on resilience and recovery:” Miller’s conclusion is also a clear indicator of what the COVID-19 crisis is being used to promote. (Click to Source)


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Biometrics companies serving the Global South and a new ID2020 partner step up as world market changes

 | Chris Burt

The week’s top headlines in biometrics and digital ID are largely split between two different market dynamics. Work towards extending responsible and effective ID systems in the developing world continues with a major new ID2020 member and companies based in Africa increasing market competition. A Malaysian company may soon seize a large share of that country’s government biometric market, as well. Meanwhile, biometrics companies in the developed world may have their hands full meeting domestic demand, with broad changes creating opportunities to help save lives as society emerges from lockdowns.

For the second week in a row, Mastercard is the subject of Biometric Update’s top story, with the increasingly-digital ID-focused payment network joining the ID2020 Alliance to support the push for user-managed, privacy-protected digital identity. The company’s President of Cyber and Intelligence Solutions Ajay Bhalla contributed a guest post last week on the evolution of biometrics as it promotes a white paper on moving beyond passwords.

Something of a milestone is reflected in our weekly wrap of digital ID and biometrics news from across Africa, as a trio of companies based in Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa make headlines for fraud-fighting partnerships and offerings to serve local markets. Along with branch offices being opened by multi-nationals to leverage local talent, they may be early signs that the capacity-building so many people across Africa have worked towards is bearing fruit. Those interested to know more about what identity authorities on the continent are doing to adjust to COVID-19 and the “new normal” can register for ID4Africa’s webinar coming up next week with a panel of seven experts from African governments.

Ahead of a webinar panel discussion this week, Goode Intelligence shared several insights into the impact of the pandemic on the biometrics market. The operations of factories in Asia, and some significantly altered timelines, and the need to make sure new processes brought in as emergency measures do not violate people’s rights, or the law. The market’s continued strength is seen in the stock of Malaysia’s Datasonic Group, which is rumored to be in the running for several government biometrics contracts, and Precise Biometrics CEO Stefan K. Persson’s assessment of his company’s position. Nuance, Synaptics, Fingerprint Cards, Idex and Goodix were other publicly traded biometrics providers making announcements this week.

One group of companies facing market turbulence ahead are several Chinese facial recognition providers which have been added to a restricted list by the U.S. government. Cloudwalk, SenseNets, Intellifusion, NetPosa and IS’Vision were added to the list, which already included several leading facial recognition companies, and several responded that they follow the rules of the countries they operate in. Some analysts made the dubious claim that the move would hurt the U.S. as much as or more than anyone else.

On the positive side of the market, companies supplying technologies for enterprises and other workplaces continue to roll out offerings with facial recognition and fever detection to help support safe re-openings. Oaro, Hyper Networks, In-Depth Camera and InReality are among the latest to launch new solutions. NEC has also launched a terminal for facial and iris biometric authentication to support touchless payments and access control. The company says the system is ideal for settings requiring high-precision authentication where people are wearing masks and gloves.

Mitek VP and Global Head of Products and Corporate Development Sanjay Gupta argues in a guest post that increased exposure to biometric technology due to the pandemic will ultimately lead more people to adopt the technology for its convenience and security benefits.

As technologies for COVID-19 recovery are considered, a pair of U.S. Senators are asking for details about Clear’s Health Pass. The same two Senators introduced proposed legislation to regulate facial recognition earlier in the year, and it is there, more than on data protection in general, that their questions are focused.

The new enterprise perimeter, which extends to every remote worker’s house, was examined in a panel discussion hosted by Palo Alto Networks written up by CIO Dive. An increase in weekly cyberattacks against North Dakota of more than four times followed that state moving to remote work and school. NIST National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence Director Jeff Greene says employees should at least be able to rate how risky the information they share on digital communications platforms is.

The enterprise network perimeter is not the only part of the cybersecurity landscape that has adjusted to COVID-19, and Trend Micro has a report on the shifts in the dark web. Stolen accounts and credentials still make up the largest category of offerings in underground digital markets, but fake news and propaganda tools have increased, and “access-as-a-service” are on the rise, but there is currently no dominant, stable marketplace due in large part to the good work of law enforcement.

The potential for digital signatures to help people and companies handle the digital processes and transactions people now rely on is discussed in a blog post by Signicat Product Manager Jon Ølnes. Like many other technologies associated with digital transformation, the lagging adoption of e-signing may be changed by the pandemic.

Equifax has added Hooyu’s ID doc and selfie biometrics to its portfolio of identity and fraud prevention tools. The partnership boosts onboarding for Experian customers with smoother experiences and more robust anti-fraud and anti-money laundering controls.

Google Assistant users may soon be able to make purchases secured with voice recognition. The feature is in testing, and limited to Google Play purchases and restaurant orders, but a voice-powered service that processes payments is obviously worth a lot more than one than hands off to a third-party when the wallet comes out.

A pair of attorneys from Blank Rome survey the conditions and suggest best practices for companies implementing fingerprint time and attendance systems for On the legal ground they are surely safe, though their claims about the three major challenges or risks associated with fingerprint biometrics could be debated, as stolen fingerprint templates, lower-security smartphone sensors and spoofs are not known to be behind many, if any recent successful attacks in the wild.

For all of the talk in media about biometric spoofing, the only instances of fingerprint spoofing seen recently are proof of concept and cooperative spoofs, according to a blog post from Fingerprint Cards System Design Engineer Eric Setterberg. While still technically feasible, biometric spoofs are much more difficult, and therefore less likely, than attacks against systems secured with other means, such as passwords, he argues.

Integrated Biometrics EVP of Global Sales and Marketing David Gerulski points out that people are not actually going to stop touching all surfaces in public, and argues that with best practices in place, contact fingerprint biometrics will continue to be used for the same high-security applications as they are now.

Center for Data Innovation Senior Policy Analyst Eline Chivot believes the push for COVID-19 apps in Europe has struck a blow against GDPR and digital sovereignty, and sets out her argument in European Views. Chivot details the emergence and decline of the Pan-European Privacy-Preserving Proximity Tracing platform (PEPP-PT) as a way to ensure that contact-tracing apps meet the EU’s data protection standards.

The app provided by WorldReach, InnoValor and iProov for the UK Home Office’s EU citizen immigration processes has, by contrast, been a huge success, according to an editorial for Think Digital Partners. The remote identity verification service is based on WorldReach’s Know Your Traveller platform, and by a range of measures, is in stark contrast with many government IT projects.

Chooch AI CEO and Co-founder Emrah Gultekin discusses how the company’s platform helps build computer vision systems end-to-end, using containerization to run applications at the edge, and why the company offers facial authentication but not biometric facial identification in an interview with

Hats off to Yoti’s three Digital Identity Fellows for the first episode of their new “Numbered Humans” podcast. The researchers split just over 20 minutes and discuss issues related to infrastructure inequality, the relationship between “online identity” and “digital identity,” and the broad spectrum of users who think of digital ID differently based on their social status, among others. The discussion on education reveals a striking similarity affecting digital identity around the world. (Click to Source)


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U.S. Democrats propose ominous ‘6666’ bill for coronavirus tracing

The shortened title of the bill is, ‘COVID–19 Testing, Reaching, And Contacting Everyone (TRACE) Act.’
Mon May 11, 2020 – 5:53 pm EST

May 11, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – In a bizarre story that seems so much like a conspiracy theory that you need to check it out for yourself, House Democrats have proposed a measure to fund tracing of individuals believed to have been in contact with anyone who has tested positive for coronavirus and require them to quarantine. What makes the story seem so far-fetched is that the bill number is H.R. 6666. No joke!

In another strange twist that has to be intentional, the shortened title of the bill is, “COVID–19 Testing, Reaching, And Contacting Everyone (TRACE) Act.” H.R. 6666 was introduced May 1, 2020 by 39 House Democrats, led by Illinois Representative Bobby Rush.

The bill authorizes the Health and Human Services department to give out $100 billion dollars for fiscal year 2020 alone “to eligible entities to conduct diagnostic testing for COVID–19, and related activities such as contact tracing, through mobile health units and, as necessary, at individuals’ residences, and for other purposes.”

The bill also seems to suggest an unlimited amount for 2021 and for as long as the Coronavirus looms. In the words of H.R.6666: “sums as may be necessary for fiscal year 2021 and any subsequent fiscal year during which the emergency period continues.”

And the funding is not for something only speculated about. Ventura County California has already rolled out the program, announcing on May 4, 2020 that they were launching a pilot “community contact tracing program.”

The initial announcement on May 4 caused an uproar since it seemed to indicate that county officials would be forcing people infected with COVID (even if they had no symptoms) out of their homes in certain cases.

Dr. Robert Levin, the director of Ventura County Public Health, said the county would be hiring large numbers of contact tracers and isolating every one of the people who test positive for COVID, and find every one of their contacts and make sure they were quarantined and check on them every day. Dr. Levin also noted that the program would likely be nation-wide with thousands brought on to be contact investigators.

Perhaps most controversially, Dr. Levin spoke of removing people from their homes. His words: “We also realize that as we find more contacts some of the people we find are going to have trouble being isolated for instance if they live in a home where there’s only one bathroom and there are three or four other people living there and those people don’t have COVID infection we’re not going to be able to keep the person in that home. Every person who we’re isolating for instance needs to have their own bathroom and so we’ll be moving people like this into other kinds of housing.”

To watch Dr. Levin’s full remarks, click here to see the full original video.

Dr. Levin’s comments caused a stir with some personalities who have been questioning the lockdown measures to sound alarm bells over possible state abduction of people from their homes.

Dr. Rashid Ali Buttar, an American osteopathic physician who has gained a major audience for his questioning of the lockdown and related measures being utilized to combat Coronavirus, lambasted the proposals for removing people from their homes relating it directly also to H.R. 6666.

“We have no idea if people are going to be testing positive have false positives based upon those tests,” he said. “So the point is that the chance of them testing someone and then being high and then being positive is pretty doggone high even if the person doesn’t have COVID 19 but they’re going to use that to pull you or your loved ones especially your children away under pretense of public safety.”

“They’re going to say that your child has to be removed from you because you have COVID 19 and so to protect your child we’re going to take that child or we’re gonna take your grandmother or your father or you and put you into quarantine,” he continued. “This is a load of rubbish because if you’re in your home isolated who are you going to expose alright? And if they’re gonna try to take you away from your family the chances of you having infected your family even if you did really have COVID 19 it’s about 99.9 percent so this is a bunch of BS. They’re using this as an attempt to further divide us as individuals it divided us from our friends from our social circles now they’re dividing us from our own family units.”

Following criticism, Ventura county health PR officials were telling media that the removal of infected persons from their homes is totally voluntary. Ventura county’s Natalie Hernandez told Fox News last week, “we’re not forcibly removing people,” adding that the county was offering a “completely optional service.”

Dr. Levin himself apologized for creating confusion. “I either misspoke or it was misinterpreted – I’ll take the blame of having misspoke,” Levin saidin a press conference reported by Fox News. “I gave people the impression that if you were isolated, you would be taken out of your home and put into a hotel room or a motel room or sequestered in some other way.”

“If I did do that, I am very sorry,” he said.

Despite the apologies and the claim of misspeaking, another Ventura county health official let slip the non-voluntary side of the program in another newscast. Chris Ornelas, a contact tracing nurse in Ventura county, said that should someone refuse isolation a health officer would be consulted for “next steps.”

“If it’s someone that is refusing, we will definitely consult with our health officer to look into the next steps,” he remarked.

I called the Ventura County health department Saturday to ask what Ornelas meant by “next steps” but have not yet had a response.

As the program ramps up and gets more and more serious about contact tracing and quarantine confinement of those who may have been exposed to the infection, symptomatic or not, that’s where a perceived connection to the prophesied ‘mark of the beast’ known by the number 666 comes into play, which is precisely why the name of the Democrat bill to fund massive contact tracing being H.R.6666 is so uncanny.

Last month CNN reported on the contact tracing program in effect in China where all residents are required to have a mobile phone app that marks them as either green, yellow, or red. Green enables them to enter public places such as stores, public transit and restaurants while yellow forbids them to enter public places and red means police enforced stay at home.

If you’re thinking something like this will never happen in the West, think again.

Just this month Alberta became the first Canadian province to launch a coronavirus contact tracing app. However, the app is voluntary and as of Friday only had 120,000 or 3 percent of the province’s population of four million download the app. The province is now pushing for more people to voluntarily download the app.

It only makes sense if they’re serious about contact tracing to insist on use of the app the way they are in China. And it would also make sense to somehow ensure that people can’t leave their tracing devices at home when they leave the house, hence the thoughts of implantable tracing microchips.

And in case you’re wondering if such microchips has ever moved beyond the tracking of pets, one U.S. company rolled out micro-chipping of its employees already in 2018. Since then 11 states have banned companies from microchipping their employees. Moreover, just a few months ago, Bill Gates’ company Microsoft patented microchip technology for cryptocurrency, but that’s another story. (Click to Source)


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Quantum Tattoo and a Digital Scannable Vaccine

By Anita Hoge|April 18th, 2020

By Anita B. Hoge

President Trump has spoken about the “cure being worse than the problem”

Our country is in an economic tailspin and it’s time to share some insights with the happenings of the day. There’s a huge push for identity certificates that prove you’re immune to the CoVid-19 virus to be able to return to work. As of Fri, April 9, 2020, Dr. Fauci states that Coronavirus immunity cards are being discussed by the Whitehouse.

Virus Immunity Certificates (or voluntary digital biological markers)

Testing….More testing on everyone? So will we accept antibody testing for immunity to receive freedom passports to go back to work, play, go to school, go to the grocery store, etc.? Are we so brainwashed that the United States will have a herd mentality for herd immunity?

Antibody Based Freedom-Immunity Certificates is a reminder that Bill Gates had a pandemic exercise October, 2019 called Event 201 that has now become an Echo Chamber. What is the “new normal” of not spreading the disease to other people.  Bill Gates pushes vaccinations where “contact tracing” (a process in which those within close contact with an infected person are closely monitored) can be done, in order to maintain necessary quarantines.

So will the flu vaccine have a tracking and scannable tattoo and code called a Quantum Tattoo? Will immunizations serve as a platform for digital identity? Will there be “forced  vaccinations”or “forced to shelter at home” if you refuse? [Link]

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation proposes quantum dot digital tattoo implant to track CoVid-19 vaccine:

“By selectively loading microparticles into microneedles, the patches deliver a pattern in the skin that is invisible to the naked eye but can be scanned with a smartphone that has the infrared filter removed. The patch can be customized to imprint different patterns that correspond to the type of vaccine delivered. Tests using human cadaver skin showed that the quantum dot patterns could be detected by smartphone cameras after five years of simulated sun exposure.” [LINK]


Tennessee the first to propose an immunity certificate: Talk of these special passports surfaced in American politics last week when House Democratic Caucus Chairman Mike Stewart called on Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee to implement an “Immunity Certificate” for first responders and healthcare professionals.

April 8, The Hill’s Morning Report – Article Presented by Facebook – Americans with COVID-19 immunity may lead US back to work

“On Tuesday, Cuomo put out an all-call to companies that can manufacture tens of millions of reliable antibody tests for his region, noting that he’s coordinating with the governors of New Jersey and Connecticut to plan for the eventual return of millions of workers to the Big Apple.”

Pittsburgh, PA, UPMC has developed a CoVid-19 vaccine: Is it a digital, trackable vaccine?

Biometric immunity markers to be allowed to work…who would have thought? (Click to Source)

Will Americans say NO!   #AmericaWillPushback

© 2020 Anita Hoge – All Rights Reserved


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What Christian conservatives need to know about Mike Bloomberg

When it comes to areas of great concern to Christian conservatives, Bloomberg has been anything but moderate.


February 21, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — It is ironic that former New York City mayor Mike Bloomberg is presenting himself as the balanced alternative to extreme socialists like Senator Bernie Sanders. In reality, when it comes to areas of great concern to Christian conservatives, Bloomberg has been anything but moderate.

As noted by Catholic activist Bill Donohue with references to his tenure as mayor, “on two key social issues — abortion and religious liberty — the presidential candidate was a total bomb.”

Donohue actually claims that “Bloomberg is one of the most radical pro-abortion politicians in American history.”

Among the former mayor’s accomplishments is this: “Bloomberg’s passion for abortion allowed him to appropriate $15 million from a civic facility revenue bond transaction that benefited Planned Parenthood.”

Would you want someone like this in the White House?

Lest you think these policies are a thing of the past, on February 12, Bloomberg announced, “As president, I will fiercely protect a woman’s right to choose, and I will appoint judges who will defend that right.”

He also declared, “On my first day in office, I will reverse the damage President Trump has done to women’s rights and ensure that every woman has access to reproductive health care.”

Never Trumpers who are pro-life might want to reconsider their stance should Bloomberg become the Democratic nominee. (For that matter, given the current crop of candidates, they should reconsider their stance regardless of which candidate emerges as the Democratic nominee.)

Donohue also states, “On religious liberty issues, Bloomberg’s record was similarly awful.”

To cite just one example, “[t]he courts have long ruled that religious groups have a right to use public facilities, yet Bloomberg denied the right of an inner-city Christian church to hold religious services in a public school on Sundays, setting up a court challenge. He lost in federal district court in 2005, but his censorial effort was not lost on supporters of the Bronx Household of Faith.”

I ask once again: if you are a Christian conservative (or, simply a person who cherishes our fundamental freedoms), is this the kind of man you want in the White House?

My Stream colleague John Zmirak claimed that Bloomberg is “much more profoundly evil a person … than anyone ever imagined,” even calling him an “amoral monster.”

Another Stream colleague, Rachel Alexander, has sampled some of Bloomberg’s derogatory comments about women and others, as opponents of Donald Trump have often done.

The difference is that Trump has proven himself a friend of the unborn and a friend of religious liberties. Bloomberg has proven himself to be the exact opposite.

Timothy P. Carney drew attention to several of Bloomberg’s more severe statements that confirm this. For example, he writes that “Mike Bloomberg once pointed to the in utero child of an employee and said ‘kill it, kill it,’ according to two witnesses.”

And this, according to Carney, is part of a larger, dangerous mindset: “Telling an expectant mother to kill her baby, mocking a new mother’s desire for quality child care, cursing whenever a female employee gets pregnant, and publicly denigrating marriage among professional women all reflect a clear and consistent mindset: The women who worked for him were worker bees. Their humanity, their fertility, their love, and their human attachments were all impediments to productivity. He saw these women as means to his ends of profit.”

Let the reader look at Bloomberg’s more recent, pro-abortion comments and decide whether this assessment is accurate.

Personally, what I’m sure about is what his policies have been and what he promises his policies will be. That is not the person I want leading our country.

What raises even more concerns is that Bloomberg presented himself as a champion of religious liberty as mayor. As David French noted in 2012, “at the same time that the mayor declared that ‘no neighborhood’ in New York was ‘off-limits to God’s love and mercy,’ he was enforcing a unique-in-the-nation policy that in fact declared New York City schools ‘off-limits’ to private religious use that includes worship.”

Yes, this was unique to New York.

As ADF attorney Jordan Lawrence explained, “[b]y state law, the city opens its 1,200 schools on weeknights and weekends to community groups for any use ‘pertaining to the welfare of the community.’ The public schools allow thousands of organizations — scout troops, labor unions, arts groups, etc. — to hold meetings, concerts and recitals. They’ve even allowed ‘Law and Order’ to film in the schools.

“Why single out religious groups and churches, by prohibiting them from conducting worship services in vacant schools when students are gone?”

So, under Mayor Bloomberg, everyone else had the right to rent and use the city’s 1,200 school buildings with the sole exception of religious groups and churches. Why?

The New York Daily News was not hyping things when its February 14, 2012 headline announced: “The Bloomberg administration says churches must leave school buildings now.”

Is this the administration you want running America?

Let the voter beware. (Click to Source)





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Why you could be fired for refusing to use fingerprint or face scanners

Face or fingerprint scanning systems in the workplace could replace swipe cards, and companies could sack workers who refused to use them.

Facial recognition technology is already in use at airports, but it’s also being employed by companies including SkyCity, Foodstuffs and The Warehouse to watch customers.

Employers can use fingerprint readers, voice recognition systems, as well as face, hand or iris scanners to track absenteeism or for health and safety or security reasons. Microchips have also entered the employment scene in countries including the United States.

But employment lawyer Susan Hornsby-Geluk said workers who refused to share their biometric data when a company had legitimate reasons to use it, could lose their jobs.

This could only happen after the employer had considered the worker’s explanation, and explored whether any reasonable alternatives were available first, she said.

The Privacy Act restricts employers to only collecting information about a person with their consent, except in limited circumstances, for instance, covert surveillance of an employee for suspected theft.

But Hornsby-Geluk said employers could make the collection of biometric data a condition of employment in an employment agreement.

“In this way the employee could either consent and take the job, or not,” she said.

In December, Christchurch company KME Services that used biometrics to keep track of staff was ordered to pay a former employee $23,200 in compensation and lost wages after unfairly sacking a worker who refused to use a face scanning system to sign in at work.

The Employment Relations Authority found that KME Services did not consult with staff before implementing the technology and misled them about the purpose.

Hornsby-Geluk said employees could opt out of biometric data being collected, if they had a personal legitimate reason such as a religious objection.

Dundas Street Employment Lawyers partner Susan Hornsby-Geluk says workers who refuse to share their biometric data, when a company has a legitimate reason to use it could lose their job.
Dundas Street Employment Lawyers partner Susan Hornsby-Geluk says workers who refuse to share their biometric data, when a company has a legitimate reason to use it could lose their job.

Privacy Commissioner John Edwards said there could also be limitations around people opting out if the purpose for biometrics was central to high security, for instance.

Edwards said business wanting to deploy biometrics for workers needed to undertake a “thorough” privacy impact assessment.

He said businesses must press the third party data collector for detailed information on how the system worked, what data was collected, and how it would be kept secure and used only for the employer’s immediate legitimate needs.

“A biometric is quite sensitive information. You can’t change your face. If that service provider leaked or sold the biometric, that could have quite profound effects on the individual’s privacy,” Edwards said.

Honsby-Geluk said workers were entitled to request any personal information about them held by their employer at any time, including biometric data.

Privacy Commissioner John Edwards says business wanting to deploy biometrics for workers needed to undertake a "thorough" privacy impact assessment.
Privacy Commissioner John Edwards says business wanting to deploy biometrics for workers needed to undertake a “thorough” privacy impact assessment.

She said information could only be collected by an employer for a lawful purpose and used only for that purpose.

“If biometric data was being collected primarily for health and safety reasons, it is unlikely that the employer could justify continuing to hold it after an employee leaves.

“An employee may be able to justify holding on to timesheet data for up to six years as this is the period during which an arrears of wages claim could be made by an employee or ex employee.” (Click to Source)




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Pope Francis Unveils Globalist New World Religion at Summit with United Nations Leader

The Pope wants globalism to replace traditional religion.

Published  on Dec 26, 2019 By Shane Trejo

Pope Francis’ war on traditional Catholicism has been ramping up recently, and he castigated Catholics who believe in tradition and refuse to warp Biblical scripture to appease a godless world for creating a “minefield of misunderstanding and hatred.”

“Rigidity and imbalance fuel one another in a vicious circle,” he said. “And these days, the temptation to rigidity has become so apparent.”

“Tradition is not static, it’s dynamic,” Francis added.

Francis revealed the dogma that he intends to replace belief in Christ as savior with last week. He is advocating for Catholics to unite behind a one world government, and surrender their freedom and sovereignty to international interests.

“Trust and dialogue between people and between nations, in multilateralism, in the role of international organizations, and in diplomacy as an instrument for appreciation and understanding, is indispensable for building a peaceful world,” Francis claimed.

“Your clear moral voice shines through – whether you are speaking out on the plight of the most vulnerable, including refugees and migrants … confronting poverty and inequalities … appealing for disarmament… building bridges between communities … and, of course, highlighting the climate emergency through your historic encyclical, ‘Laudato Si’, and so many other vital efforts,” U.N. Secretary General António Guterres said during his meeting with the pontiff.

The “Laudato Si” was a blasphemous encyclical letter issued by Francis in 2015 calling for world government to solve the supposed global warming crisis.

“Climate change is a global problem with grave implications: environmental, social, economic, political and for the distribution of goods. It represents one of the principal challenges facing humanity in our day,” Francis wrote in his second encyclical.

Francis added: “Enforceable international agreements are urgently needed, since local authorities are not always capable of effective intervention… International and regional conventions do exist, but fragmentation and the lack of strict mechanisms of regulation, control and penalization end up undermining these efforts… What is needed, in effect, is an agreement on systems of governance for the whole range of so-called ‘global commons.’”

Francis made fighting global warming a focal point of his speech while standing next to Guterres in the Vatican last week.

“It is necessary to recognize oneself as members of a single humanity and to take care of our land which, generation after generation, has been entrusted to us by God in custody so that we may cultivate it and leave it in inheritance to our children. Commitment to reducing polluting emissions and comprehensive ecology is urgent and necessary: let’s do something before it’s too late,” Francis said.

“We cannot – we must not – look the other way at the injustices, the inequalities, the scandal of hunger in the world, of poverty, of children who die because they have no water, food, the necessary care. We can’t look the other way at any kind of abuse against the little ones. We must fight this plague together,” he said.

Francis – the protector of pedophile predator priests – is an agent of the new world order, working to subvert authentic Christianity at a time when it is under unprecedented attack. (Click to Source)

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Hungarian PM Says Only Solution to World’s Problems Is Return to Christianity (Orban)

Hungary’s prime minister believes that the Christians, who are being protected from persecution today, may rise and save Europe tomorrow.

Hungarian PM Victor Orbán gave a powerful speech in Budapest during the Second International Conference on Christian Persecution.

Orbán declared: ‘I’m convinced that in order to save Europe, those who could provide us with the biggest help are those whom we’re helping right now. We’re sowing a seed, giving the persecuted what they need and getting back from them the Christian faith, love, and persistence.’

Orbán argues that his country’s Christian identity gives Hungary an obligation to help other Christian communities. ‘Hungarians believe Christian values lead to peace and happiness, and this is why our Constitution states that protection of Christianity is an obligation for the Hungarian state,’ he said.

‘It obligates us to protect Christian communities throughout the world who suffer persecution,’ Mr Orbán added.

Orbán contrasted the large number of Christians among those who suffer for their faith with the indifference of most of Europe.

‘Four out of five people persecuted for their faith are Christians and some 245 million Christians around the globe suffer extreme persecution, and yet Europe remains silent again and again.

European politicians seem paralyzed and unable to do anything, insisting that it is all a matter of human rights.’

The Hungarian Prime Minister argued that Christian persecution is not only an attack on people but on an entire culture, ‘including here in Europe.’

This persecution is sometimes violent but sometimes more subtle, including population exchange through mass migration, stigmatization, mockery, and the muzzle of political correctness.

Orbán said also that Western Europe’s indiscriminate acceptance of mass migration is a time bomb for the future.

‘Western Europe has already provided dozens of militants to the Islamic State, and uncontrolled immigration has produced a radical change in the demographics of the population,’ he said.

The Prime Minister said that the only solution is for Europe to discover its Christian roots and reaffirm its Christian identity.

By April this year, the Hungarian initiative had given the equivalent of $26,200,752 to Christians living and working in their home countries, which include five Middle Eastern and two sub-Saharan nations.

According to Breitbart, the Hungarian Prime Minister stressed the important role Christian Hungary has to play in the world.  ’Hungarians make up only 0.02 percent of the world’s population, so how much difference can it make? Is it worth it?’ Orbán asked. He answered his own question by reflecting on the 12 apostles who, though small in number, changed the world with the Good News.

‘Standing up for our persecuted brothers and sisters engenders courage in us and others,’ Orbán continued. ‘When we raised Aid to Persecuted Christians to the level of a government ministry, who would have known how it would grow and influence others?’

The Minister stated that during the past year 2,625 Christians have been wrongfully arrested and that over 1,200 Christian churches across the world have been attacked.

Szijjártó also criticised the UN Global Compact for Migration, saying that every country has the right not to be a source, transitional country, or object of migration.

‘Every country has the right to decide whether it wants to be one or neither of these, just as everyone also has the right to live in the land of their birth and to live a secure life there in their own homeland. This is the foundation on which the Hungarian government is building its policy when it supports Christian communities abroad.’ (Click to Source)

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