An Interesting Alignment Of Dates

Gary  Monday, July 09, 2018  In early January of last year, nearly nine months before the Great Sign, we pinpointed several other astronomical alignments that would seem to further picture the narrative of Revelation 12.  When you put these signs together, it formed most of the story.  What we've discovered of late is that 8–10 months out (the length … Continue reading An Interesting Alignment Of Dates

Billy Graham Passes Away At The Age Of 99

William Franklin Graham Jr., the Southern Baptist minister who preached the gospel to more people than any other person in history, passed away today at the age of 99.  It has long been thought by many students of Bible prophecy that his passing might signal the nearness of the rapture because of his pivotal role as the world's most well-known … Continue reading Billy Graham Passes Away At The Age Of 99

2018: A New Chapter Begins

Happy New Year to all of our wonderful readers.  I have been admittedly quiet the last few weeks, but for good reason: I have welcomed a new child into the world and she has decided to keep me up at night - every night! We will continue to follow the headlines and present new research in … Continue reading 2018: A New Chapter Begins

Kingdom Now: Eschatological Error At The Beginning And End Of The Church Age

Technical jargon created and employed by insiders, while useful and appropriate within a given field of expertise, often has a way of shutting down the conversation whenever such terms are tossed around by "the common folk." In the case of biblical study, this failure to communicate can be especially disheartening if a new believer encounters … Continue reading Kingdom Now: Eschatological Error At The Beginning And End Of The Church Age

Shemini Atzeret

Looking for the Blessed Hope I'm continually hearing "no man knows the day or hour" at the expense of context and other verses that say quite literally the exact opposite (1 Thess. 5:4, Heb. 10:25, Rev. 3:3).  In the Olivet Discourse itself Jesus says it is the wicked servants who when the time comes will not know … Continue reading Shemini Atzeret