The Rapture… Our Blessed Hope!

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L. A. Marzulli


When I first started this blog I avoided talking about the rapture. My reason was this. In my opinion, and it’s based on what Jesus admonishes us to do, we are to destroy the works of the devil. In other words once we are born again and spirit-filled, we get involved in the ongoing cosmic war which is raging all around us.
That being stated, I have been pre-trib for 37 years, except for a brief sojourn into the mid-trib-pre-wrath position around the year 2000.
The Rapture of the church is our blessed hope. Some folks insist the church will go through the tribulation but the reason why this can not be is simple. We are not appointed to wrath.
The church has undergone persecution and that continues into the modern era, in places like China, Iraq, Pakistan and other countries that are hostile to the gospel.
However, persecution by man is a far cry from the wrath of God. i.e. The judgment that is poured out on the earth during the tribulation. There is a vast difference between persecution and the wrath of The Lamb.
Remember this entire planet is being influenced by the Fallen Cherub, i.e. Satan and thus we live in a broken, fallen world that groans to be redeemed. (Click to Site)

What Is This Strange Life Form In A Jar In Mexico City?


In January of 2016 while exploring ancient sites in Mexico we had the great fortune to meet paranormal investigator Jaime Maussan in his offices and TV studio in Mexico City. Quite spontaneously he pulled a jar out of his cupboard and simply placed it on his desk.

Simply put, I was initially shocked and very skeptical as to what I was presented. It looked like a cross between a bat and a humanoid, and I spent 15 minutes looking closely at it for signs that the wings, etc. had somehow been artificially attached. (Click to Article)

Fallen Angels at the Denver Airport! – Commentary & Analysis by L. A. Marzulli – March 3, 2014

Commentary & Analysis by L. A. Marzulli

Peggy, Richard and I were changing planes at the Denver airport last week and we made our flight just as it was boarding.  We had flown from OK City to Denver and were in baggage claim waiting to get our bags before getting re-ticketed at United airlines for the flight to Los Angeles.  We almost didn’t make it!

While we were waiting for our bags I spotted this “artwork” about 100 feet from the baggage claim carousel.  I have been following the Denver airport oddities for over a decade so I decided to have a look.  Richard came with me and took these shots.

It is an open suitcase but the contents are not clothes!  It is a winged creature with horns and a tail!  Is it a depiction of a fallen angel?  Has it been hiding in some unfortunate man or woman’s suitcase?  A bigger question for me is what is this “art” doing at the Denver airport?

Jesse Ventura explored the Denver airport conspiracies in one of his episodes and came to the conclusion that there was no conspiracy?

photo 2-3So what is a fallen angel in a suitcase making a face at us, trying to tell us?  Is there a hidden meaning?  If this art work so in our face that we can’t see its meaning?  Is it someones twisted sense of humor or something more sinister?

In closing todays post.  I was bothered by what I saw.  Why would someone go out of their way to create this at an airport of all places? Why the fallen angel popping out of a suitcase?  In my opinion whoever is  behind the masonic and new world imagery at the Denver airport is telegraphing their allegiance to The Fallen One.  Like the recent Grammy’s or last years Super Bowl spectacle with Madonna, the underground, dark occult symbolism has become main stream.

For more on the Denver airport – see link below!

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Food Shortages? Something to Think About…UN warns of looming worldwide food crisis in 2013 – Commentary & Analysis by L. A. Marzulli

UN warns of looming worldwide food crisis in 2013

California is going through one of the worst droughts in the history of the state.  This is impacting the growing of crops which accounts for a good amount of the food the USA consumes.

Globally, food prices are near their historic peaks, and food price volatility is widely seen as the “new normal.”

Rising food prices led to the Arab Spring!  One man who could no longer provide for his family set himself on fire and that single act of desperation led to riots across the Arab world which toppled the governments of three countries and led to the bloody civil war dragging on in Syria.

So we see that lack of food creates a climate where people can and will engage in behavior that is violent, and unpredictable.  In certain sections of Philadelphia store shelves were picked clean during the recent snow storm which knocked out the power for 5 days.

Now consider this, if the California drought continues along with the other bizarre weather patterns and the bee die-offs, which are happening in different parts of the world, what will happen to food prices in the near future?  Will the government step in and start rationing?

Our society is enforced by the law and our civility is but a thin veneer which seems to vanish at the slightest interruption.  Think about the lawlessness that surrounded the city of New Orleans in the days after hurricane Katrina?  Think about the panic recently in Philadlephia when people realized they didn’t have enough food in their pantries to keep their families fed for a week.  Think about it!

We can either choose to prepare now or panic later.  Why not stock pile some food and water, candles and lamp oil, blankets and sleeping bags, a tent, a portable gas stove?   Last week at the Decoding the End Times Prophecy Conference, I was asked by Canary Cry Radio about what I do to prepare for an emergency.  I told them that I have a root cellar with food and water and also have a large garden where we grow most of our vegetables.

In closing todays post:  I’ve covered this before in older blogs, but with the continuing drought in California as well as the record flooding in other parts of the world I thought it prudent to bring it up again.  A good book to add to your library that discusses in these issues in depth is Holly Deyo’s book, Dare to Prepare.  Here’s the link!

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What are They Afraid Of?

Commentary & Analysis by L. A. Marzuill

Dr Poulianos has claimed that the government destroys more than 90% of the anthropological evidence found in Greece, and that people who do not hold paleoanthropology qualifications are put in positions of responsibility over important archaeological excavations.  – See more at:

In On the Trail of the Nephilim I, I discussed what I believe was a systematic cover up of giant skeletons unearthed in the 19th and 20th centuries, initiated by the Smithsonian Institute.  I posited the reason for this was these skeletal remains did not fit into the evolutionary paradigm set forth by the Darwinists.

On the other side of the globe, in Greece, it would appear the same censorship is going on as the authorities seek to obfuscate any evidence which would upset the status quo that humans originated in Africa.  I have one question? Isn’t science supposed to go where the evidence leads?  Isn’t science supposed to be open-minded and impartial as to what it discovers?  So why is it when evidence turns up that the scientist don’t like it is repressed, destroyed, fudged—as in Climate gate—or worse those who are presenting the new evidence are attacked personally!

In On the Trail of the Nephilim II, I will be presenting photographic evidence that shows there were giants in the Americas, and that main-stream archaeology and anthropology has dismissed these reports as rumors and Barnum and Bailey type sensationalism.  However, native American oral traditions tell of a race of red-haired giants who were cannibals.  This story is repeated in most of the tribes that I have talked to.  Native Americans insist there were giants here and the stories handed down to them over the centuries are not fiction but real.  So where’s the evidence?  It has been systematically removed and confiscated by our institutions!

When I was out at the Lovelock cave in Nevada, there was no mention of the Paiute legend of red-haired giants.  The only information on the signage was what American Archaeologist and anthropologist put forth, in other words, the party line.

Why the cover up?  What are these controllers of information afraid of?  If there was a race of giants inhabiting North America, we the people, have a right to know.

Nephilim Skulls1In closing todays post:  I believe the Nephilim tribes migrated from the Levant, the Promised land, and found their way to the booth north and south America.  Are the elongated skulls we see in Paracas and other places in Peru evidence of this?  I believe they are, as many of these skulls have 25% to 30 % more cranial capacity than the average skull.  All the cradle head-boarding in the world won’t do this.  There is also the absence of a Parietal suture which would normally divide the top of the skull into two plates.  Added to this is the appearance of red hair where according to the Darwinists red hair was a only European trait.  If the hair is red—and we believe it is—then it challenges the Beringian theory that all native Americans crossed the Bering strait after the last ice age.  Is it possible these are the remains of Nephilim tribes who fled the Levant?  I think they are and that’s why I’m on the trial!

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