President Trump Rises To The Challenge Where Barack Obama Failed Miserably! Finally, A Presidential Executive Order That May Save American Lives!

President Trump’s EMP EO Is Long Overdue And Not A Moment Too Soon

By Dr Peter Vincent Pry – All News Pipeline

March 29, 2019

Finally, a presidential EMP order that may save American lives.

The Commission to Assess the Threat from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack, also known as the Congressional EMP Commission, has warned for nearly 20 years that a nuclear EMP attack, or natural EMP from a solar superstorm, could destroy our electronic civilization and kill millions.

During the Cold War, the U.S. was primarily concerned about an EMP attack generated by a high-altitude nuclear weapon as a tactic by which the Soviet Union could suppress the U.S. national command authority and the ability to respond to a nuclear attack — and thus negate the deterrence value of assured nuclear retaliation,” the Commission wrote in July 2017 in its report, “Assessing the Threat from EMP Attack.

It continued: “Within the last decade, newly-armed adversaries, including North Korea, have been developing the ability and threatening to carry out an EMP attack against the United States. Such an attack would give countries that have only a small number of nuclear weapons the ability to cause widespread, long-lasting damage to critical national infrastructures, to the United States itself as a viable country, and to the survival of a majority of its population.

The Executive Order on Coordinating National Resilience to Electromagnetic Threats, signed on March 26 by President Trump, is an excellent first step toward achieving national preparedness. It seeks to implement core recommendations of the Congressional EMP Commission on an accelerated basis.

Among the best and strongest features of the EMP Executive Order is putting the White House in charge of national EMP preparedness, rather than relying on the Department of Energy (DOE) or the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to lead.

The order states that the Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs (APNSA), working with the National Security Council and the director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy, “shall coordinate the development and implementation of executive branch actions to assess, prioritize, and manage the risks of EMPs.”

White House leadership on EMP preparedness is imperative. Both Energy and Homeland Security have a long history of underestimating and under-prioritizing the EMP threat.

Among its many strong features, President Trump’s executive order combines EMP and cybersecurity. It directs DHS’s secretary to coordinate with the Energy and Defense secretaries, other agencies and the private sector to “develop a plan to mitigate the effects of EMPs on the vulnerable priority-critical infrastructures.”

The president’s order recognizes that an EMP attack, in adversary military doctrine and planning, is a dimension of cyber warfare. Worst-case cyber-attack scenarios that could kill millions of Americans — by, for example, causing a protracted blackout of electric grids through cyber-induced over-voltages, or by manipulating controls to destroy transformers — can be addressed by many of the protective measures long recommended by the Congressional EMP Commission.

One of the most welcome and needed features of the EMP Executive Order is the requirement that the vulnerability of vital critical-infrastructure equipment be established through empirical testing in EMP simulators.

DOE, the national labs, and their partners in the electric power industry, such as the Electric Power Research Institute have long — and incorrectly, in my opinion — insisted that the national electric grid would be little damaged and quickly recover from any natural or nuclear EMP. Yet, these studies rely on computer models that are no more trustworthy than “independent laboratory assessments” by the cigarette industry that once suggested no causal linkage between smoking and lung cancer. In effect, they have done nothing to improve or safeguard national security.

There is no substitute for EMP testing of equipment, which was last done comprehensively by the Congressional EMP Commission.

The EMP Executive Order is a bipartisan victory. Visionary Republicans and Democrats, in Congress and among the states, have provided leadership toward national EMP preparedness — often laboring alone, without help from previous White House administrations since 1995.

Republican leaders on EMP preparedness have included Sens. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin and Ted Cruz of Texas, Reps. Doug Lamborn of Colorado and Michael McCaul of Texas, former Reps. Roscoe Bartlett of Maryland and Curt Weldon of Pennsylvania, and Texas state Sen. Bob Hall.

Democratic leaders have included former Sen. Jim Webb of Virginia, Sen. Edward Markey of Massachusetts, Reps. Yvette Clarke of New York and Benny Thompson of Mississippi, former Rep. Henry Waxman of California, and former state Reps. Andrea Boland of Maine, Joann Ginal of Colorado and Michelle Rehwinkel Vasilinda of Florida.

Aside from President Trump himself, the greatest credit for the EMP Executive Order goes to William R. Graham, chairman of the Congressional EMP Commission since 2001 and former White House science adviser to President Reagan, who ran NASA and was on the defense science team that discovered the EMP phenomenon during the Starfish Prime nuclear test in 1962. Dr. Graham has spent a professional lifetime trying to protect civilization from the existential threat that is EMP.

No executive order, no matter how well crafted, can succeed unless the White House is willing to bulldoze through inevitable opposition from recalcitrant lobbyists and bureaucrats. The EMP executive order is not the end of the long struggle to achieve national EMP preparedness — but it is, perhaps, the beginning of the end, as well as a long overdue step to save Americans’ lives.  (Click to Source)

This story was originally published here. Dr. Peter Vincent Pry was chief of staff of the Congressional EMP Commission. He served on the staff of the House Armed Services Committee and at the CIA. He is the author of “EMP Manhattan Project: Organizing For Survival Against An Electromagnetic Pulse Catastrophe.”

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One Cyber Attack Could Wipe Out 90% of US Population

EMP Risk is ‘Not a Sideshow’: Why One Cyber Attack Could Wipe Out 90% of US Population

Erik Rosales


WASHINGTON – In the past eight months, federal authorities have issued public warnings about foreign hackers penetrating the US  power grid and other critical infrastructure. Cybersecurity experts say the intent is to plant digital grenades in those systems until they decide to pull the pin.

These attacks are from an enemy who may never step on US soil. But they could cripple vital systems like electricity, food, water, and manufacturing.

“Right now we are tracking about eight different teams that specifically target industrial networks,” said Robert Lee, Founder, and CEO of Dragos, Inc.

Lee spent five years working at the National Security Agency and Pentagon Cyber Command before forming Dragos, Inc.

Lee and his crew protect industrial control systems by acting like detectives investigating a crime scene.

Tracking the Enemy in Cyber Space

Marc Seitz is a threat analyst for Dragos.

“They’re leaving breadcrumbs the entire way through,” Seitz said of the foreign hackers he’s tracking. “They are giving us pieces to find their behaviors until they get to that impact.”

Working from a warehouse in Hanover, Maryland, Dragos employees track foreign hacking groups in real time, then hunt them down to prevent damage to facilities that produce oil, gas, and other energy.

“We’ve seen these are not theoretical attacks,” Lee told CBN News. “My team was involved in the two different Ukraine attacks. Ukraine 2015 and 2016, a national level adversary compromised a portion of their power grid and were able to turn off the lights in those regions.”

The Potential: Casualties on a Massive Scale

Lee says these cyber enemies are now going way beyond controlling light switches.

“Now we are starting to see really aggressive behavior,” Lee said

An attack on the United States could create casualties on a massive scale. Research shows a cyber attack on the power grid that shuts off electricity would potentially leave millions of Americans without food, clean water, access to money, health care and more.

“Frankly, the United States is under attack. Under attack by entities that are using cyber to penetrate virtually every major action that takes place in the United States,” said Dan Coats, Director of National Intelligence at a Congressional hearing on national security threats.

Multi-Pronged Threats to US Security

Coats also told Congress that cyber weapons exist in the hands of not only countries but also terrorists and other activists.

“While Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea pose the greatest cyber threats, other nation-states, terrorist organizations, trans-national criminal organizations and other more capable groups and individuals use cyber operations to achieve strategic and objectives,” he said.

Dr.Peter Pry, Executive Director for the Task Force on National and Homeland Security agrees.

“This isn’t a sideshow,” he said. “This is the way the primary way our enemies would come after us in a future war, cyber, physical sabotage and nuclear EMP attack.”

Pry worked on the US commission assessing the threat of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack, which would wipe out electrical systems.

EMP Could Kill 90% of Americans Within One Year

As an example, he says a country like North Korea could target the US by transporting a nuclear weapon over the south polar region, then detonating it to create a high-altitude EMP.

A Congressional report shows such an attack could shut down the US power grid indefinitely. That could lead to the deaths of up to 90 percent of all Americans within a year.

How much would it cost to secure out power grids? In 2008, the EMP Commission estimated it would cost around two billion dollars. But former CIA Director James Woolsey says the amount to strengthen the grid would likely be in the tens of billions of dollars.

Still, Pry says the DC bureaucracy and political influence prevents that from happening.

“The electric power industry doesn’t want to do it. They have vast lobbying resources on K Street. They own basically the US Federal Regulatory Commission, which recently defied Secretary of Energy, Perry and his effort to come up with a more secure power grid. They actually defied the Secretary of Energy,” Pry told CBN News.

Another major issue: While larger utilities have beefed up cyber defense, smaller regional companies often overlook the need for such security.

“Anywhere between 80 to 90 percent of the critical infrastructure in this country is held in private hands. Other than the regulators, there is no real control over doing the things that you need to do. Doing the basic blocking and tackling of cyber hygiene and so forth,” said John Felker, DHS Director of National Cybersecurity.

Since our critical infrastructures depend on each other, Homeland Security holds exercises like Cyber Storm 6.

It simulates various cyber attacks simultaneously on a variety of facilities forcing federal, state and local agencies to work with private companies to quickly find solutions.

“The ability to exercise how we coordinate, how we collaborate, how we share information,” Jeanette Manfra, the Assistant Secretary of National Cybersecurity said. “Because that is just as important as we’ve seen in real life situations, as the technical means of identifying whose doing it and get them off the computers.”

Bottom line, enemies both big and small want to plant cyber sleeper weapons within our infrastructure so they can eventually use them to destroy our way of life. The challenge will be ensuring a full team effort between government and private enterprise to fully protect us.  (Click to Source)

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War with N. Korea Will Bring About the Destruction of the US-The Insane Deep State Agenda


The mainstream media talks about nuclear war as if it is a good idea, a benign event. The country has been whipped into a war-frenzy by a corporate controlled media that thinks that World War III is actually a good idea. They scared the hell of Americans and the resulting effect is that many Americans now think that a nuclear war is a survivable event. It would be, for approximately 10% of the people on the planet. This is the ultimate depopulation weapon, a globalist dream come true.

For those insane enough to think that nuclear war is a good idea, please consider the overall proliferation


 In defining the severity of the challenges of nuclear weapons, the investigation begins with the proliferation of nuclear weapons by country.

From Visual Capitalist:

the map above demonstrates, the United States and Russia still maintain the world’s largest stockpiles of nuclear weapons, holding 92% of the world’s estimated 15,000 nuclear warheads. However, there is still plenty to go around. Most concerning is the fact that rogue regimes like North Korea and Pakistan have access to nuclear weapons. This is the wildcard in a scenario that could quickly spin out of control. (Click to Site)