Franklin Graham: ‘Equality Act’ will lead to Christian persecution ‘as never before’

July 15, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – Evangelical leader Rev. Franklin Graham is speaking out against one of the LGBT lobby’s top congressional priorities, warning that the so-called Equality Act would have “catastrophic consequences” for both religious freedom and women’s rights if it became law.

The Equality Act would amend the 1964 Civil Rights Act to include “sex,” “sexual orientation,” and “gender identity” among expressly recognized “non-discrimination” categories in “public accommodations” (the definition of which would be dramatically expanded); and force employers of 15 or more people to recognize their claimed “gender identity,” forbid them from “discriminating” based on “sexual orientation” or “gender identity,” and mandate transgender “access” to sex-specific facilities.

In May, the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives voted to pass the bill, which Graham warns could become law depending on the outcome of next year’s elections, WND reports.

“If the Senate majority changes or if enough Republican senators change their position, it would be up to the president to veto the bill. And if that office were to change hands in 2020, I have little doubt this would become the law of the land,” Graham wrote in the July-August issue of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association magazine Decision.

If that happens, he continued, Christian employers “would lose all protections to hire people who adhere to their biblical statements of faith. Christians will be persecuted for their sincerely held beliefs as never before. The clear teachings of the Bible on the sins of homosexuality and abortion will no doubt be considered ‘hate speech.’ It will be a nightmare from which this nation may never recover.”

Conservatives have long warned that the legislation’s true purpose is not to protect homosexual or gender-confused Americans from tangible harm, but to force other Americans such as photographers, florists, and bakers to participate in same-sex “weddings”; to force employers and businesses to accommodate cross-dressing, same-sex cohabitation, and sex-change treatments regardless of their own values or policies; and to force women and girls to sleep, shower, and use the bathroomalongside gender-confused males.

WND adds that in the same issue, the Graham association’s Jerry Pierce warned that the Equality Act “would make no exemptions for religious institutions and explicitly invalidates the federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act,” leading to the closure of adoption agencies that insist children be placed in homes with a mother and a father along with stripping “parents of their right to raise and educate their own children if their beliefs contradict government mandates.”

“Rather than offering meaningful protections for individuals, the Equality Act would impose sweeping new norms that negatively impact the unborn, health care, charitable services, schools, personal privacy, athletics, free speech, religious liberties, and parental rights,” five chairmen of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) declared in May.

“The Act’s unsound definitions of ‘sex’ and ’gender identity’ would erase women’s distinct, hard-won recognition in federal laws. Its sex-based nondiscrimination terms would end women’s shelters and many single-sex schools. It would close faith-based foster care and adoption agencies that honor children’s rights to a mother and father. The bill would even act as an abortion mandate,” the bishops added.

The Daily Caller reported last month that every 2020 Democrat presidential candidate averaging above 1% in the polls has endorsed the Equality Act, including former Vice President Joe Biden, South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg, and Sens. Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, and Elizabeth Warren. (Click to Source)


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Democrats preparing ultimatum for people of faith

‘Change your … practices or face government punishment’

The Alliance Defending Freedom, a powerhouse of civil and religious rights advocacy, has joined other groups in denouncing the Equality Act proposed in the Democratic-majority House as a threat to faith.

“Essentially, the Equality Act gives people of faith an ultimatum: Change your faith-based practices or face government punishment,” wrote ADF’s Sarah Kramer.

WND reported it would amend the Civil Rights Act to prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity in employment, housing, public accommodations, public education, federal funding, credit and the jury system.

And it would specifically prevent Christians from relying on the Religious Freedom Restoration Act to uphold their religious rights.

Washington watchdog Judicial Watch has warned it would effectively eliminate single-sex “public multi-stall bathrooms, domestic violence or rape crisis shelters, drug rehabilitation centers, jails, juvenile detention facilities, homeless shelters, locker rooms or group showers.”

The Equality Act also was criticized by leaders such as James Dobson of the James Dobson Family Institute.

He warned, “Make no mistake – the so-called Equality Act is nothing but a thinly veiled attempt to finish off religious liberty in America once and for all, which ought to be plainly obvious based upon a cursory reading of the First Amendment.”

Rep. Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y., said during congressional discussion that religious rights protected by the First Amendment never should be used as a defense in a conflict with LGBT rights.

ADF said that while “equality” may “sound nice to some ears, this bill actually poses a devastating and unprecedented threat to religious freedom and the progress that women have made toward true equal treatment in law and culture.”

“This would prohibit employers, individuals who rent out apartments in their homes, preschools, and even religious schools and organizations from making choices based on basic biology, bodily privacy, and their beliefs about the nature of marriage,” ADF said.

ADF cited cases in Alaska over a man’s use of a women’s shelter and a Pennsylvania student’s demand to use public school showers of the opposite sex.

It also, ADF contended, would destroy Title IX, which was meant to prevent discrimination against women in education, including sports.

ADF noted that at a Connecticut state track meet, two biological males identifying as girls beat out the female competitors in several events, taking first and second place.

“In fact, these males have taken medals from girls in meet after meet. As one girl said, ‘Why even try?’ In Alaska, the same happened – a biological male competed as a girl at the state championship and won,” ADF said.

The Equality Act, ADF added, also would overrule the authority of churches and religious nonprofits over employees with opposing views of marriage and morality.

And it would would threaten religious foster care and adoption agencies, and creative professionals and business owners who live and work according to their beliefs, the analysis said.

Kramer said the Equality Act would also force individuals to speak messages that violate their beliefs under the threat of punishment.

“Dr. Nicholas Meriwether was punished by Shawnee State University for declining to refer to a male student by female pronouns. He offered to refer to the student by first or last name only, in order to respect both the student and his own beliefs, but this did not satisfy the University, which still punished him.”

The Equality Act, Judicial Watch warns, provides no exemption for churches or religious groups.

“Religion is no excuse for discrimination when it comes to sexual orientation or gender identity,” Nadler declared.

Dobson said: “I wish I could say I was shocked to see the speed with which Speaker Pelosi and House Democrats have brought to committee the sweet sounding but entirely treacherous Equality Act. This decision demonstrates a frightening willingness by those on the left to advance a radical social agenda at a time when our nation already faces so many other divisive challenges.

“Simply put, by creating a protected class of citizens out of the LGBT community, this bill places Christians who believe in traditional marriage at grave legal and civil jeopardy,” said Dobson.

“This bill literally sets the stage for setting up the Bible as prohibited material where it addresses homosexuality,” Liberty Counsel said.

The Heritage Foundation said employers, workers, medical professionals, parents, children, women and nonprofit organizations all would be harmed by the plan. (Click to Source)
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Trump rips pro-abortion Dems, Russian ‘hoax’ at Michigan rally

Stephen Kokx – Fri Mar 29, 2019 – 1:08 pm EST

GRAND RAPIDS, Michigan, March 29, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) — A vindicated President Trump kicked off in earnest his re-election bid Thursday evening, holding his first political rally since special counsel Robert Mueller concluded earlier this week that there was no Trump-Russia collusion in the 2016 presidential election.

In a fiery speech to an 11,000 person packed Van Andel Arena in downtown Grand Rapids, the second largest city in the state of Michigan, the president enthusiastically laid out what are likely to be the major themes of his 2020 campaign.

In typical Trump fashion, the president spent the bulk of the evening tearing into “the Russian hoax” and attacking “radical” Democrats while mocking the Green New Deal, often times to great laughs from his audience. He also touted his administration’s accomplishments on the economy, the auto industry, healthcare, and border security.

President Trump at Van Andel Arena Grand Rapids, Michigan, March 28, 2019.Stephen Kokx /

Near the end of his speech, the president called out Democrats for their embrace of infanticide and abortion.

“In recent months, the Democrat Party has also been aggressively pushing extreme late-term abortion, allowing children to be ripped from their mother’s womb up until the moment of birth,” Trump said to a smattering of boos.

“In Virginia, the governor stated he would even allow a newborn baby — wrap the baby up, make the baby comfortable — to be executed. After birth. And that is why in my State of the Union Address, I called on Congress to immediately pass legislation prohibiting the extreme late-term abortion of babies.”

Earlier this week the Trump administration strengthened the Mexico City policy, a move that, in effect, bans taxpayer dollars from being used for abortion in any way in the U.S. and overseas.

Kayleigh McEnany, National Press Secretary for President Trump’s re-election campaign, was at the rally and told LifeSiteNews that the Democrat Party’s support for third trimester abortion is outside of what mainstream Americans think is acceptable and that it will backfire on them in 2020.

President Trump at Van Andel Arena Grand Rapids, Michigan, March 28, 2019.Stephen Kokx /

The pro-life issue is “a key issue” to the President’s re-election bid, she said, “especially when the Democrats have become so radical.”

Trump echoed McEnany’s remarks during his speech. Democrats are “the party of high taxes, open borders, late-term abortion, crime, hoaxes, and delusions!” he roared. He also said that Republicans believe in religious liberty, the sanctity of life, and that “faith and family, not government and bureaucracy, are the true American way.”

Holding the rally in Grand Rapids is highly symbolic for Trump, as it was the city where he held his final campaign stop in 2016 during the early morning hours on election day, November 8.

In his speech to the overflowing crowd Thursday, Trump reminded attendees about how he, and not Hillary Clinton, visited the state on multiple occasions.

Trump will need to replicate those efforts in 2020 if he is to win Michigan’s 16 electoral college votes again. In 2016, he won the historically Democratic state by just 10,704 votes and will have a near impossible time getting re-elected without it. Prior to 2016, the last time Michigan supported a Republican for president was George W. Bush in 1988. Pro-abortion Democrats Kirsten Gillibrand and Beto O’Rourke have already been campaigning in the state.

Trump spent the first half hour of the 82-minute speech tearing into the “fake news media” and excoriating what he called “the Russian hoax,” which he referred to as “a sinister effort to undermine our historic election victory and to sabotage the will of the American people.”

Touting “total exoneration, complete vindication,” a riled-up Trump declared that the “collusion delusion is over.” He blamed the Democrats, “the deep state,” and the press for carrying out “the single greatest political hoax in the history of our country.”

The entire investigation was “a plan by those who lost the election to try to illegally regain power,” he exclaimed.

Trump also mentioned the “fake, dirty dossier” paid for by “crooked” Hillary Clinton, which was immediately met with chants of “Lock her up!” Cheers of “Build the Wall” and “CNN Sucks” occurred during the raucous rally as well.

Donald Trump Jr., who introduced his father, held nothing back either, calling out former FBI Director James Comey and Democratic lawmaker Adam Schiff, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee who has been alleging for several years that Trump-Russian collusion took place.

Trump Jr. recently said he wouldn’t rule out a run for office at some point in the future.

The rally began with a prayer by Kent County Commissioner Harold Voorhees. Voorhees prayed for an end to abortion and infanticide as well as for protection of the aged and those with special needs, to which the crowd enthusiastically cheered.

Approximately 15,000 people outside the arena watched the rally on a video screen. (Click to Source)


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Avoiding The Coming Revolution

By Johnny Rowland –   February 24, 2019

Tombstone, Arizona, USA

America is heading directly down the path to outright insurrection.  But this event will not be staged by Antifa, or Black Lives Matter, and certainly not by the nitwits of Occupy Wallstreet; it will happen because Liberals and other Useful Idiots of the Globalists are pushing Conservative-Christian-Working Class-Gun Owning US citizens into a nasty conflict, because these same Libs and Idiots are too stupid to understand the real issues at stake.  Stupid may be defined as willful and determined ignorance; also, one possessing a stubborn incapacity for learning.  And this is unquestionably the case for the arrogant and ignorant Left!

Part of their ignorance is due to the fact that they only talk with and to each other, conceitedly and haughtily regarding any differing opinion from their own as being inferior— hence the widespread Liberal shock when Hillary lost to a non-politician, whose only purpose in running for President, was to restore the United States to again become what it was originally designed to be: Home of the Brave, Land of the Free, and to serve as a shining example of what other nations might aspire to emulate when the true will of the people was put ahead of the desires of power-hungry rulers.  What a concept!

We are witnessing an attempt toward utter destruction of the United States by those who want to overturn an election.  They couldn’t win with a platform based on wealth re-distribution and emotional nonsense, so they are trying to bully their way into dominance.   The Deep-State Globalists thought they had it wrapped up; they have taken over much of major media by installing news anchors and editors who adhere strictly to and publish only the “Party” line; they have infiltrated and poisoned our educational system with clap-trap socialist/communist doctrines, long proven to produce disastrous results; and even have crippled many mainline spiritual institutions by overwhelming leadership with emotionally charged pleas to abandon Biblical Truth in favor of politically correct, conditional theology.  They contemptuously thought they had us!

We are beginning to see mini-rebellions in some areas, such as in New Mexico, where at least fourteen counties have declared themselves to be “Second Amendment Sanctuaries” in direct and overt opposition to Liberal state leadership.  Some upper level and detached state politicians, with support from manipulated high population centers, are trying to impose unreasonable and probably unconstitutional laws upon resisting citizenry with regard to the possession and usage of personally owned firearms.  These ivory tower politician’s attitudes are both oblivious and uncaring about security needs of rural residents, miles and lengthy law enforcement response times away from any sort of government assistance to deal with criminal attacks.  Which, by the way, are becoming more numerous due to the insane open borders policies promoted by the Globalists.

This is only the beginning, as many of the non-urban citizens are well enough armed to make their opinions count.  And this is the very reason that the anti-gun Liberals and their minions are so rabid in their desire to repeal the Second Amendment.  According to the Lib’s twisted logic, those of us who think independently, and question the “Party” line, just can’t be trusted with tools of power; be it guns or the vote.  We have seen this scenario before with Bolsheviks in 1917, Hitler’s Germany, Mao Tse Tung eliminating 60+MILLION of the Chinese people, and many other similarly sad accounts, and the results are always the same: national instability, mass murder, and unspeakable suffering by the population.

In this past Presidential election, our country was saved from sure destruction by the Founder’s foresight in instituting the Electoral College.  And I believe this same Electoral College concept is the only solution for fixing state governments as well; and just possibly may comprise political salvation for our nation’s future.  We MUST place some sort of restriction or obstacle to prevent population centers, which occupy relatively small geographical areas, from complete domination or plainly overrunning the will of citizens living outside metro areas.  We see the results of New York City controlling the entire state, Denver dictating to ranchers throughout Colorado, and Los Angeles and San Francisco completely dominating California; while rural counties and property owners are learning that they really have little to no say at all in their state’s government or official policies.

When people are stacked alongside and on top of each other in the cities, they tend to lose touch and regard for the realities of the rest of the world.  By design, this makes for a crowded and confused environment in which it becomes easier for unscrupulous leaders to manipulate these disconnected groups for misguided or even evil purposes.  (As a glaring example, AOC was elected by voters totally clueless about how the American system works and why it has been so successful in comparison to other nations in the world; civic and historical ignorance on parade and in action!) Witness the world wide push by the Globalists to get people off the land and into more manageable (by them!) consolidated population centers.

The procedure successfully used to this point by our would-be controllers, is to pack an area with voters who are uneducated or unconcerned (including illegals!) about the rights or well being of others who own property or farms or small businesses outside major urban population centers.  Somehow, we must redraw or reconfigure the governing equation for the states to wrestle power away from the political machines and restore self determination to those who actually live and work in more remote areas.  Of course this move will be resisted by the greed and power brokers, but it has to happen.  Without it, the United States is on track to devolve into a third world puppet state of the Globalists; however, that there are many, many of us, who are still alive and well today, and who are simply not willing to accept this fate for our country. (Click to Source)

Johnny Rowland is a media professional and lives with his family in the Northern Sonoran Desert near Tombstone, Arizona, USA.  Email:

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How the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact might unleash a violent civil war following the 2020 election… which is exactly what Democrats want

Monday, February 25, 2019 by: Mike Adams

(Natural News) It’s no longer difficult to see how the next civil war unfolds. Lawless Democrats, driven to the point of madness over the defeat of Hillary Clinton, have already formed a pact of a dozen U.S. states. This pact — dubbed the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact — will divert the electoral votes of those states to the candidate that wins the popular vote (i.e. has the most overall national votes), even if those votes are achieved via widespread voting fraud, ballot harvesting and the coordinated mass voting of illegals — all favorite tactics of lawless Democrats.

Twelve U.S. states have already passed laws honoring the pact, meaning all those states are willing to reject the votes of their own citizens in favor of the organized voter fraud of California and New York, essentially, where illegals are openly allowed to vote in national elections.

What this means is that the next President of the United States could be decided by illegal alien voters in California, not the Electoral College that’s defined in the United States Constitution. It also begs the obvious point: If you’re going to elect the President by popular vote, then you obviously need nationwide voter ID laws to make sure that only American citizens are participating. Yet the Democrats, of course, oppose all voter ID laws, since that would strip millions of illegal votes out of the elections.

Democrats depend on illegals voting to win local and national elections, you see. That’s precisely why they oppose the border wall: They need more voters to keep arriving in California to sway the “popular” vote.

The pact could set off much more than just a “constitutional crisis”

The pact is, of course, entirely unconstitutional. And should it be invoked in the 2020 election, it will undoubtedly be challenged at both the state and federal level. “It says your votes and your choices are no longer your own,” Colorado state Sen. Owen Hill recently said, reported in a story. “[It would] tie your representation to what the other 49 states choose.”

Regardless, Leftists will declare their candidate to be the winner, while conservatives will reject the unconstitutional pact and demand the results of the Electoral College be honored, as is required by law. (In the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote after California rigged millions of votes by allowing illegals to participate in the election.)

It’s not difficult to see how this will lead to an outcome far worse than a “constitutional crisis.” This could very rapidly lead to an outbreak of civil war in subsequent months (spilling into early 2021), with each side claiming its candidate is the “rightful” leader of the nation. If the case goes to the U.S. Supreme Court, the lawless, deranged Left will insist that Kavanaugh and Gorsuch are “illegitimate” court justices and must recuse themselves from any decision. Should they refuse, then any decision rendered by the court will be rejected by the lawless Left, which will then mobilize its nationwide mob of left-wing lunatics (Antifa and other suicide cultists who are just begging to be shot by police) to unleash total chaos across the nation in an effort to sweep President Trump out of power. (They’ve been trying to accomplish that through other means for the last two years.)

In other words, the Left is attempting to overthrow the United States Constitution in a coordinated, nationwide effort to commit massive electoral fraud so that Dems never lose the White House again. If the Electoral College is nullified, all the states of Middle America will be utterly ignored during elections while candidates pander to the ignorant, liberal masses of California and New York. The voters of 48 states would be overruled by the votes of illegals who rig the polls in just two states… which, by the way, happen to be dominated by the least educated people in America (yes, California ranks near dead last in education levels across the USA).

Colorado’s Democrat Governor Jared Polis now says he will sign the bill that nullifies the Electoral College. This is how Democrats operate on everything: If they can’t win on merit, they cheat. And if they can win public debates, they censor all their opponents while claiming to be embracing “tolerance.” If they can’t win by cheating, lying or stealing, they call for a violent uprising and stage a series of hate crime hoaxes to try to ignite nationwide chaos. This is how the Left functions. “Rules for Radicals.”

The American people must resist the Democrats’ effort to nullify the U.S. Constitution and steal all future elections

It almost goes without saying, but the American people have already been authorized by the Founding Fathers to take up arms and invoke the Second Amendment to defend the United States of America against the lawless tyranny of the Left. If these lawless Democrats are so determined to cheat, rig and steal elections by any means possible, American patriots must be prepared to defend America by any means necessary. Those who are engaged in an open insurrection against America must be stopped by force (of law) if necessary.

“America is heading directly down the path to outright insurrection,” writes Johnny Rowland. “But this event will not be staged by Antifa, or Black Lives Matter, and certainly not by the nitwits of Occupy Wallstreet; it will happen because Liberals and other Useful Idiots of the Globalists are pushing Conservative-Christian-Working Class-Gun Owning US citizens into a nasty conflict, because these same Libs and Idiots are too stupid to understand the real issues at stake.” He continues:

We are witnessing an attempt toward utter destruction of the United States by those who want to overturn an election.  They couldn’t win with a platform based on wealth re-distribution and emotional nonsense, so they are trying to bully their way into dominance.

In this past Presidential election, our country was saved from sure destruction by the Founder’s foresight in instituting the Electoral College.  And I believe this same Electoral College concept is the only solution for fixing state governments as well; and just possibly may comprise political salvation for our nation’s future.  We MUST place some sort of restriction or obstacle to prevent population centers, which occupy relatively small geographical areas, from complete domination or plainly overrunning the will of citizens living outside metro areas.

All Americans are going to be impacted by this coming civil war, even if you’re not fighting on the front lines. This recent podcast explains how to prepare for the food supply collapse, medicine shortages, chaos and lawlessness that will surely take hold once a nationwide conflict begins:


Leftists will gladly destroy the U.S. Constitution if it helps them establish their desired authoritarian regime

Violating the U.S. Constitution has never stopped the lawless Left from pursuing other destructive agendas to oppress liberty and radically alter the landscape of America in their favor. All gun control laws, for example, are unconstitutional by definition, yet left-wing states like Connecticut, California, Washington and Oregon continue to pass ever-more-restrictive gun control laws that deny citizens the right to self-defense.

Would these same states also deny citizens their right to representation in presidential elections? You bet they would. What we’ve all learned over the last two years is that there is nothing Democrats won’t do to assert authoritarian power over their political enemies. They will lie, cheat, steal, run false flag hoaxes, fabricate fake rape allegations, censor all conservative speech and pursue almost anything imaginable, regardless of its lack of ethics, morals or the rule of law.

Democrats are lawless frauds. They are dishonest cheaters and liars. They’re even murderers of human babies that have already been born. Do you really think these people who happily murder their own living babies wouldn’t mass murder conservatives, Christians, Trump supporters and conservative Jews if they thought they could get away with it?

Truly, Leftists have become the deranged, lawless bullies of modern society, and that’s why they must be defeated at every level and prevented from ever rising to power again. It is time to exterminate liberal ideology and defeat liberal lawmakers. Permanently. (Click to Source)

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Democrats Fly Mexican Flags During Parade Instead of American Flag

Outrage as US flags are burned rather than celebrated

Posted by: Jay Greenberg  |@NeonNettle on 9th July 2018 @ 12.00am

Democrats choose to fly Mexican flag rather than American flags.

It could just be a simple slip-up from staffers. Or it could be outright pandering to her pro-amnesty leftist base.Either way, Democrat Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick had a float representing her campaign in Eloy, Arizona on Saturday, in which the staff opted to fly the Mexican flag without being accompanied in any manner by the American flag.


American flags are burned in the street rather than celebrated

Via the Arizona GOP:

Today Robert Graham criticized Democrat Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick of Arizona’s CD 1 for flying the Flag of Mexico during her parade in Eloy, Arizona this morning. “Arizona voters already know Kirkpatrick has been doing a poor job representing her constituents while she continues to support Obama’s failed policies, but flying the Flag of Mexico alone with no sign of the Flag of the United States is offensive and hurtful not just to our veterans but to every American,” said Robert Graham, Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party. You have to give her the benefit of the doubt, however.It could simply have been a minor oversight on the part of her staff. I mean, who would think of adding an American flag to a parade float?Just because they’re an American politician.

Collecting American taxpayer dollars. In America.Shortly after the 200th Anniversary of the Star Spangled Banner. Oh well, at least nobody is concerned with the optics of this faux pas. Except maybe Kirkpatrick.The GOP suggests that the Mexican flag was intentionally cropped out of the pictures posted on the Kirkpatrick campaign Twitter feed.

“Our team is walking in Eloy today & talking about Ann’s record of fighting for AZ families!” The response from her followers on Twitter was overwhelmingly negative. One post asked if Kirkpatrick is fighting for “American families or Mexican” families. Another suggested that it was “appalling” for Kirkpatrick to accept U.S. taxpayer dollars and represent Arizona while flying only the Mexican flag during the parade. Seeing as we try our best to help Democrat politicians learn the error of their ways, we’ve added this public service for Ms. Kirkpatrick. The Congresswoman also ran a page where constituents can “request a flag,” but the site was later removed following complaints. Perhaps her own staff might want to look into it next time another parade rolls through town. (Click to Source)

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Trump administration sues California over federal land sales

By Samuel Chamberlain | Fox News


The Justice Department has filed a lawsuit against California over a state law giving it the power to override the sale of federal lands, the department announced Monday.

The suit marks the latest battle between President Trump and the nation’s most populous state, where Democrats have tried aggressively to thwart the president’s agenda. Last month, Sessions visited Sacramento to announce he was suing California over laws that restrict cooperation with federal immigration authorities.

Under the law, which was passed in September, California has the first right to purchase federal lands or to arrange for a specific buyer. Lawmakers had expressed concerns that the Trump administration would allow more logging, oil drilling or development.

The Justice Department says California’s law, which took effect Jan. 1, is delaying land sales — even for projects that have been in the works for years — and is depressing their value. The auction of 1.7 acres owned by the U.S. Postal Service was suspended when nobody bid, and a developer looking to purchase property at the now-closed Naval Air Station Alameda has requested a delay, the lawsuit contends.

“The Constitution empowers the federal government—not state legislatures—to decide when and how federal lands are sold,” Attorney General Jeff Sessions said in a statement. “California was admitted to the Union upon the express condition that it would never interfere with the disposal of federal land. And yet, once again, the California legislature has enacted an extreme state law attempting to frustrate federal policy.”

The lawsuit also cites the sale of Army property east of San Francisco, which the state declined to purchase. The State Lands Commission has requested information about a planned property sale in Santa Barbara County to decide whether to buy first, according to the lawsuit.

“Yet again, Donald Trump and his administration are attacking our state and our very way of life,” Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, a member of the State Lands Commission and a Democrat running for governor, said in a statement.

California Democrats welcomed the latest fight and vowed to defend the law.

“Our public lands should not be on the auction block to the highest bidder,” California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, a Democrat, said in a statement. “We’re prepared, as always, to do what it takes to protect our people, our resources and our values.” (Click to Source)

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Fox News’ Bill Mears and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

‘Trump has freed so many children held in bondage to pimps’: Roseanne posts bizarre message seemingly linked to conspiracy theory alleging high-ranking Democrats are involved in satanic child sex abuse


  • Roseanne Barr praised Trump on Friday for freeing kids from ‘bondage’
  • Followed up with link to White House brief on human trafficking crackdown
  • But some connected Barr’s tweet to her prior references to the ‘QAnon’ theory  
  • Barr apologized a few hours later, writing ‘Sorry to have mentioned it here’
  • Message comes on the heels of Barr’s wildly successful sitcom reboot


Television star Roseanne Barr has posted an unusual message praising President Donald Trump for freeing ‘children held in bondage’, in an apparent reference to a conspiracy theory about satanic child sex abuse at the highest levels of government.

‘President Trump has freed so many children held in bondage to pimps all over this world. Hundreds each month. He has broken up trafficking rings in high places everywhere,’ Barr tweeted on Friday.

‘I disagree on some things, but give him benefit of doubt-4 now,’ she continued.

After initial confusion, Barr retweeted several links reporting recent law enforcement initiatives against human trafficking, including a March 13 White House statement announcing that DHS had made 1,602 arrests and 578 convictions in trafficking cases in 2017.

But for many, Barr’s cryptic message, which came on the heels of her wildly successful sitcom reboot, appeared to be a callback to earlier mentions she has made of the ‘QAnon’ conspiracy theory.

In response to the storm of speculation, Barr posted again a few hours after the initial tweet: ‘I have worked with victims of trafficking for decades & supported the fight against it. Sorry to have mentioned it here. It’s not the place.’

Also known as ‘The Storm’, the QAnon theory is based on a series of anonymous and highly cryptic posts on the message board 4Chan, which purport to be written by a high-level insider at the Trump White House.

Q is a reference to ‘Q-clearance’, the Department of Energy security classification that offers the broadest level of access to Top Secret and Secret Restricted Data granted by the US government.

Though Q’s posts are sometimes cryptic to the point of nonsense, in broad strokes the theory maintains that Trump is locked in a secret battle with ‘evil’ elements at the highest level of government.

The theory references earlier conspiracy theories such as Pizzagate, purporting that top-level Democrats are engaged in satanic child sex abuse and child sex trafficking.

One of Q’s only specific predictions, that Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta would be arrested on November 3, did not come to pass.

Nevertheless, the theory fired the imaginations of many who envision The Storm as an imminent domestic military crackdown and purge targeting the Trump Administration’s foes.

Barr has previously dabbled in the conspiracy. On November 17, she posted two tweets saying ‘Who is Q?’ and ‘Tell Qanon to DM me in the nexxt 24 hours’.

Shortly after Barr sent the messages, her Twitter account went offline, stoking rumors of a vast conspiracy.

Her account came back online a few hours later, with around 200,000 followers removed.

She issued a message saying ‘I am OK and back. explanation later on’.

So far, she has not issued any explanation of the incident.

Barr’s Tuesday premier of the Roseanne reboot drew some 18million viewers, making it a smashing success.

Trump even called to congratulate Barr, a Trump supporter herself whose sitcom aims to portray the real-life concerns of his working-class base. (Click to Source)

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Are LA County’s Homeless Shelters Really FEMA Camps?


What is being cast as a humanitarian development on one hand, is actually very disturbing when one examines the flip-flop of LA county and the subject of homelessness and how they should be handled. Upon further examination, this is a very disturbing development on a number of fronts. First, if the governmental authority’s motives were pure, then why would they feel the need to first criminalize homelessness? Secondly, the funding of public housing for homelessness, implemented only 60 days after criminalizing the behavior, is a complete policy reversal, unless we look at this from another perspective.

The Logic Behind the Ruling Authority’s Handling of the Homeless Issue

If a behavior is criminalized, this gives the ruling authority the right to incarcerate. Incarcerate to what? To jail, or a jail that is actually a FEMA camp? The globalists have presented us with evidence on how they have perfected the use incrementalism to “nudge” people to their will. Is handling of the homeless population the means to get people to accept FEMA camps as an idea that is actually good for people as it hides under the guise of “protecting people”, or a certain class of people? What does history teach us about this strategy of incrementalism and FEMA (ie concentration) camps? If the FEMA (i.e. concentration) camp mentality is the goal of globalists, housing homeless after criminalizing the behavior so the homeless have nowhere else to go, would be a very intelligent way to introduce the pract to America. As the idea of these indigent FEMA camps grow, the groups of people that can be added to the FEMA camp population can be incrementally increased and there would never be a public outcry because, after all, this is a humanitarian program. the homeless are being presented with “protective custody” and it is for their own good. It protects society by moving these people off of the street. As the reader will clearly see in later paragraphs, the term “protective custody” is right out of Nazi Germany and was used as the excuse to commence the march to the death camps.

I know that you are thinking that this is an interesting idea, there is some logic behind it, but has this ever been done before? Is there an historical precedent to this practice of establishing an ever-increasing practice of growing concentration camps? The answer is a resounding, YES! First, a simplistic example from American history demonstrates that any ruling authority with ulterior motives can and will abuse an entire group of people.

Nazi Germany and the Notion of Protective Custody

From an historical account of the progressive and the incremental nature of the implementation of concentration camps, we are presented with how the Nazis introduced and carried the extermination of 6 million human beings:

German authorities under National Socialism established a variety of detention facilities to confine those whom they defined as political, ideological, or racial opponents of the regime. In time their extensive camp system came to include concentration camps, where persons were incarcerated without observation of the standardnorms applying to arrest and custody; labor camps; prisoner of war camps; transit camps; and camps which served as killing centers, often called extermination camps or death camps…

…During 1934, Reichsführer SS (SS chief) Heinrich Himmler centralized those camps that held prisoners under orders of **** “PROTECTIVE CUSTODY” ****(Schutzhaft) under an agency called the Inspectorate of Concentration Camps (Inspekteur der Konzentrationslager; IKL)…

In the beginning, the concentration camps were utilized as a type of PROTECTIVE CUSTODY. The parallels are obvious.

Certainly, one can argue that LA County’s move to provide shelter to homeless is a case of “PROTECTIVE CUSTODY” only weeks after criminalizing homeless behavior.

Incrementally Expanding the Concentration Camp Population

Another historical account presents us with the strategy on incrementally expanding the prison population afte the death camps were started in Nazi Germany.

Most prisoners in the early concentration camps represented real or perceived political opponents of the regime. However, as time went on, the prisoner population expanded to include ideological and religious dissenters, such as Jehovah’s Witnesses and dissident members of the clergy. The prisoner population also expanded to include individuals whose behavior did not comply with existing social norms, such as homosexuals, the “work-shy,” vagrants, other so-called “asocials,” and Roma, who, to Nazi leaders, represented at once an alien racial and criminal element on German soil. Habitual criminals were also incarcerated in concentration camps beginning in the 1930s, often after they had served their legitimate sentences in prison…

If history is repeated on American soil, this is where the Christians need to become highly concerned. This statement is justified by the DHS establishment of the Clergy Response Teams in which pastors are secretly employed to spy on their congregation and then assist when certain populations have been systematically rounded up.

I have dedicated many articles to the probability of the emergence of concentration camps (ie FEMA camps) on American soil. However, since the 2016 Presidential campaign, I have attracted many new readers, listeners and viewers. Perhaps it is time to demonstrate just how close the implementation of concentration camps are in America.

(Click to Source)

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Finally, some media truth about California: U.S. News ranks the state at the BOTTOM for “quality of life”


(Natural News) To hear the Democrats who run California tell it, there is no better place on earth.

Economically, the state’s gross domestic product makes it the sixth largest economy in the world.

It’s the most “progressive” state. The most tolerant. The most forward-thinking.

“We’ve made unprecedented progress in every area,” State Senate leader Kevin de León told a cheering crowd at the Democratic National Convention in 2016, as delegates prepared to nominate the ‘next president of the United States, Hillary Clinton.’

Oops. That didn’t work out so well (thankfully for the country).

But California, as the country’s shining example of what every state should be, was just blown up by a gigantic truth bomb and, ironically, it was a “mainstream” media outlet that did the destruction.

In a recent issue U.S. News & World Report, the magazine ranked California at the bottomin terms of “quality of life,” as reported by Breitbart News. Why? Mostly due to the state’s astronomical cost of living.

As Breitbart News noted further:

U.S. News ranks the 50 U.S. states each year on eight major social and economic categories to determine an overall competitive ranking. California received an overall score of 32 in 2018, based on sub-category rankings for a Health Care (11); Education (26); Economy (4); Opportunity (46); Infrastructure (38); Crime and Corrections (28); Fiscal Stability (43); and Quality of Life (50).

Mind you, U.S. News is no right-wing publication, so this truth bomb has to be particularly painful for the Alt-Left Marxists in charge there.

The magazine found the Golden State’s high cost of living to be its biggest drawback, even though it’s got a globally high GDP. While San Francisco and San Jose both ranked in the Top 20 cities to live in the U.S., both were also in the highest-ranked cities in terms of housing costs. Seems even Marxists can be capitalists too (hypocrite alert).

“California’s 2016 median household income of $67,739 was ranked ninth nationally,” reported Breitbart. “The 18 percent higher income average compared to the national average of $57,617 might seem attractive, but California also had four of North America’s top 10 high cost of living cities.” (Related: California secession movement about to get help — from a Utah conservative.)

Also, the average income figures can be misleading. They are no doubt being inflated by the fact that there is a bevy of Silicon Valley billionaires and millionaires who live in the state, followed by Hollywood celebrities, Orange County real estate developers, and mega-farming operations (the bulk of the nation’s food comes from 12 states led by California; the list also includes Iowa, Nebraska, Texas, Minnesota, Illinois, Kansas, Wisconsin, Indiana, North Carolina, Ohio & South Dakota).

Plus, there is a lot going on under the surface that California liberals don’t want you to know about. For instance, while California may have the highest GDP in the country and is ranked high globally, it also has the highest level of poverty, when you factor in U.S. Census cost-of-living data.

“If you look at the official poverty measure in California, we’re about average with the rest of the country,” Mayes said. “But if you use the supplemental poverty measure, we are in the lead. We have the highest poverty rate in the nation — higher than New Mexico, higher than any of the southern states, Louisiana, Alabama, higher than Idaho,” State Assembly Republican Leader Chad Mayes said in January 2017.

Also, several cities have a major homeless problem — like Los Angeles.

Homelessness there continues to expand — by 46 percent last year — because officials continue to create a political climate for it (like expending more and more resources to ‘move the homeless into homes’ — that is, taxpayer-paid-and-subsidized government housing, which will just draw more homeless people to L.A.).

There have been a number of efforts in California since the election of President Donald J. Trump to secede from the U.S. Given the state’s rising poverty, homelessness, and real estate inflation, that may not be a great idea.

Then again…  (Click to Source)

J.D. Heyes is also editor-in-chief of The National Sentinel.

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