Burning Man: America’s Largest Occult Festival Is a Celebration of Weirdness and Hedonism


70,000 people have descended upon a very bleak stretch of Nevada’s Black Rock Desert for what is perhaps the largest celebration of hedonism on the entire planet. Burning Man has been described as a “dystopian hellscape“, and that description is not too far from the truth. From August 25 to September 5 (Labor Day Monday), revelers from all over the world will dance, carouse and “express themselves” in a temporary city that has been created entirely by its citizens. This festival is part Mad Max, part Woodstock and part Eyes Wide Shut, and many “Burners” look forward all year long to these eight days of completely unrestrained hedonism. (Click to Article)

Confirmed: The Arch Of Triumph Is Going Up In New York City On September 19th


Do you remember all of the buzz about the arch from the Temple of Baal that was supposed to go up in Times Square back in April?  Well, that project was ultimatelycanceled, but now it has been resurrected in a new form.  In April a reproduction of a different arch, the Arch of Triumph, was erected in Trafalgar Square in London, and now another reproduction of that famous arch will be going up in New York City on September 19th.  This particular arch is not the same one that once stood directly in front of the Temple of Baal in Syria.  Rather, the Arch of Triumph was constructed at a later date by the Romans, and it served to link the main street of the Colonnade with the Temple.  So there is still definitely a connection with the Temple of Baal, but it is not as direct as had originally been envisioned.

The organization behind this effort is the Institute for Digital Archaeology.  They are extremely excited to be bringing this project to New York next month as you can see from this excerpt which comes from their official website… (Click to Article)

Chilling ‘satanic human sacrifice’ video spooks scientists working at world’s biggest particle accelerator CERN




WARNING: Disturbing footage. A group of cloaked figures appear to gather in the courtyard before a woman in white enters and kneels on the ground

This chilling mysterious video shows a group of ‘researchers’ at the CERN Large Hadron Collider staging a chilling ‘satanic human sacrifice’ ritual.

The footage shows a group of cloaked men gathering in a courtyard around a statue at the facility in Geneva, Switzerland.

But CERN has declared that the video is fake, and claims that the ritual was simply researchers and scientists coming to work at the facility ‘taking their sense of humour too far.’ (Click to Article)

Muslim Father Killed Daughter and Threw Her Down a Well, But Jesus Caught Her and Restored Her Life

The Power of the Gospel of Yeshua- Jesus the Messiah, Saves


MIDDLE EAST (ANS – August 1, 2016) — She was born into a strict Muslim family in the Middle East. Because she was born in the Muslim month of Ramzan, her parents named her Ramza.

“I was a religious girl from my childhood,” she told Bibles for Mideast (https://bibles4mideast.com/). “I was always in front of the line for the Islamic practices for reciting the Koran, doing prayers five times a day, and fasting on the month of Ramzan.” (Click to Article)

Who Runs Washington? The Long Reach of Big-Pharma


Like a mythical sea monster, the true nature of a Wall Street-London centered global corporatocracy is often talked about but rarely seen. However, on rare occasions, a tentacle breaks the surface and affords the public an opportunity to examine and assess its true, gargantuan dimensions.

Just such a moment occurred when leaked diplomatic letters from the Colombian Embassy in Washington D.C. revealed just how far the United States government is willing to go on behalf of the corporate-financier interests that clearly shape the entirety of its foreign policy. (Click to Article)

What Is This Strange Life Form In A Jar In Mexico City?


In January of 2016 while exploring ancient sites in Mexico we had the great fortune to meet paranormal investigator Jaime Maussan in his offices and TV studio in Mexico City. Quite spontaneously he pulled a jar out of his cupboard and simply placed it on his desk.

Simply put, I was initially shocked and very skeptical as to what I was presented. It looked like a cross between a bat and a humanoid, and I spent 15 minutes looking closely at it for signs that the wings, etc. had somehow been artificially attached. (Click to Article)

Torah Commentary-Acharei (After The Death)

Torah Commentary
Acharei (After The Death)
Leviticus 16:1-18:30;19:1-20:27
Ezekiel 22:1-19; Amos 9:7; Isaiah 66:1-24
2 Samuel 4-6

Preparing For Home



In this Torah portion as well as next week, many of the instructions we will consider as pure common sense. The reason is because most of us have been raised in cultures which are at least, to some extent, based upon Scripture. Though many countries are walking away from His Word, the foundation is still there in our lives. Are these instructions written to us just so we may have a nice life, or is there a greater purpose?

Two times in these Torah portions, once in 18:28 and then in 20:22, we are told of a reason greater than ourselves, and that is His Land. The reason Yah gave the instructions to the Hebrews of old and the reason He is restoring them to us today is not just about us. It is about the land we are being called back to, the land we will one day call home, the land of Israel. Read the two verses referenced above. Do they say to keep the instructions so you will be blessed? No. They say to keep the instructions so when we enter the land it will not vomit us out. (Click to Article)