UPDATED 03:05 AM (Sunday) EDT — It’s Official: Russia Has Liberated Bakhmut from Ukrainian NAZIS

As reported “imminent” on the Hal Turner Radio Show last night (Friday 19 May) Bakhmut, Ukraine has finally and officially been liberated by Russia; the Ukrainian NAZIS are defeated and have fled.

Leader of the Wagner PMC, Prigozhin made the announcement personally, with his Wagner troops inside Bakhmut city:

The city map of Bakhmut shows the areas now totally liberated by Russia . . . the entire city!

 This victory will have severe implications for Ukraine NAZIS, who now will have great difficulty supplying troops in the entire south of Ukraine.

All major rail lines previously used to supply Ukraine troops, ran through Bakhmut, as did several major highways.   Now, the Russians control the entire city, and those Ukraine military supplies cannot get through.

Prigozhin says that his Wagner troops will leave Bakhmut on the 25th, being relieved by the Russian Army.   They will get some (well-deserved) rest, then likely be assigned to another city target; rumors suggest Odessa.


Some limited skirmishes were still fought today in Bakhmut, but Russia has sealed its total victory.  Photos of PMC Wagner troops celebrating their hard-earned victory:


The mass-Media is __finally__ starting to report this story.  The London Daily Mail in the UK, and NBC News here in the US, were only about fourteen HOURS behind the coverage of this story right here on Hal Turner Radio Show!   Once again, the world got it’s news faster, here, than from the mass-media!


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