Proof The Upside Down US Flag At The US Capitol Was No ‘Accident’ – Alarm Signaling A ‘Nation In Distress’ As Biden Prepares To Use US Military To Disarm And Slaughter Americans

– US Marines Ready For ‘MOUT’ As Military Planes Fly Surveillance Across America 

Over the last several weeks, we’ve noticed a series of events that while they might seem unconnected to the untrained eye, tell a story that must be told considering the rapid pace we’re now witnessing the ‘unraveling’ of America while keeping one critical thing in mind: The globalists will NEVER be able to unveil a full-scale dictatorship over America as long as the American people still own over 450 million guns.

With the original intent and purpose of the 2nd Amendment being to ensure tyranny can NEVER take over this land, as itcertainly was NOT created so Americans can go ‘deer hunting,‘ a viral tweet of the United States flag hanging upside down at the US Capitol, that the media tried to write off as being caused by a ‘broken clip,’ should be sending out an absolutely critical message to the American people considering the flag should never be hung upside except in the case of a dire emergency.:

Under U.S. Flag Code, the flag should never be displayed with the Union down “except as a signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property.”

And with that alarming message of a nation in distress coming from the United States Capitol building, where surely some America-loving Patriots with ‘inside information‘ work, and the mainstream media immediately attempting to write it off as being caused by a ‘broken clip,’ we’ll prove that ‘broken clip‘ theory 100% wrong in another section of this story below but first, we need to take a look at an email just received that ties this and much more together profoundly. 

The email that made its way into the inbox of ANP on May 17th came from an occasional blogger over at Google-owned who told us that one of his posts had JUST been removed because it violated their Community Guidelines, and take note, the post in question was made on July 1st of 2013, nearly 10 years ago.

With google claiming that the post had violated their Community Guidelines, specifically the one for Malware and Similar Malicious Content, the blogger checked each link in the story and found no viruses or malware attached to any of them. So why might google, aka, the ‘deep state‘ and current criminal govt, remove a nearly 10-year-old story, suddenly and without adequate explanation? As the blogger told us in the email, I can only presume that the content of the story is what they now find offensive, and could only have been filed under “malicious content”. From that writer to ANP.:

Since the original post is nearly 10 years old, its cancellation now can only mean that it is materially relevant to actions soon to transpire. This means that the US military is about to wage war on us, and Google is waging an information war against us now.

Here is a copy of the article that was removed.:

In the mid 2000’s I was in a McDonald’s in Summerville, South Carolina with my wife and newborn son. While standing in line waiting to place my order, I met a man who said he was a former Marine. We got to talking and I asked him if he had ever heard of Military Operations on Urban Terrain (Urbanized in some cases)? He immediately had a deflated look to him and confessed to me that the United States Marine Corps had been training for MOUT since at least 1990, when he came back from a tour of Operation Desert Storm. 

I did not get the man’s name, but I have no doubts as to his credentials or story as I have checked out various topics related to it that have come up and they have affirmed what I have suspected. 

The conclusion is inescapable: The United States military has been training to attack American citizens in cases of civil and economic unrest for more than 20 years. And it is about to come to fruition unless a miracle happens. 

So why, suddenly, after that story was online for nearly 10 years, did google decide to remove it? The fact that it was removed as America under biden and democrats has completely imploded, with the financial Armageddon hanging over us all and anger building not only here in America but all across the planet speaks volumes. 

And as we’ll go into much more detail on in the next section of this story below, for some strange and bizarre reason, the United States flag was hanging upside down at the US Capitol. A warning sign to the American people of a ‘nation in distress‘ or just ‘an accident‘? As we’ll see below, the answer is clear. 

Photograph of US Flag upside down at US Capitol. Notice it holds tight to flag pole. 

According to this May 17th story over at Newsweek, the United States flag was indeed hanging upside down, a known signal of ‘dire distress’ and ‘needing rescue,’ on Wednesday as seen in the photograph above, but according to Newsweek and the ‘powers that be’ at the US Capitol, that was simply because a ‘clip’ had broken, and the flag was fixed as soon as Capitol officials became aware of it. 

Also reporting in that story that under U.S. Flag Code, the flag should never be displayed with the Union down “except as a signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property,” note that this ‘display’ of the flag upside-down INDEED happened during a time of extreme danger in America, and extreme danger to life and property under Communists waging war upon law-abiding American people, and then look at that picture above once again when you think about what American Military News reports in this new story.

Reporting that while the Newsweek article says a “clip broke,” the flag wouldn’t fly like that if it was hanging by 1 clip, instead it would stream in the wind instead of fluttering about like a flag normally does,” it would be IMPOSSIBLE for the flag to hold close to the flagpole as we see in the image above if it were only attached with one clip, yet there it is, holding tight to the rope the clips are connected to, telling those paying attention a much different story than outlets like Newsweek want the American people to hear, we are a nation in dire distress with the US govt waging war upon Americans. 

And then take a look at the image below taken from this December 9th of 2020 Roll Call story, and we see what a flag hanging by one clip REALLY looks like. And it’s certainly not held snug close to the poll like we see in the image above. So why are Newsweek and officials at the US Capitol lying to us about a ‘nation in distress‘ signal coming to us from Patriots at the United States Capitol? Anybody who’s been reading ANP knows the answer to that question. 

See also from the Epoch Times.:

FBI Improperly Used Surveillance Program to Spy on Jan. 6 Suspects

SCOTUS Drops Blistering Remarks on COVID Lockdowns, Mandates

Photograph of US Flag from 2020 Roll Call story hanging by one clip.

And as we’ll explore in the final two sections of this story, as well as in much more detail in a follow up story, we’re now watching something incredibly sinister unfolding all across the country, where US military planes all across America are flying surveillance patterns all over the country, planes which specialize in capabilities such as ‘killing and capturing terrorists‘ and ‘uncovering caches of weapons.

With these surveillance flights by the US Military all over America happening at the same time as biden calling ‘white supremacists‘ the ‘most dangerous terror threat‘ that America now faces, and the biden crime cabal unveiling a group of ‘blue shirted feds‘ masquerading as a group of ‘white supremacists‘ as we’d reported in this May 15th ANP story, we warned in that story that it sure looked like a major false flag attack upon America was being planned, to be blamed upon ‘white men.’ 

And with ANP also proving in that May 15th story that the US government has a well documented history of planning out false flag terrorism, with ‘Operation Northwoods’ a proposed false flag operation against American citizens that originated within the US Department of Defense of the United States government in 1962, proposals calling for CIA operatives to both stage and commit acts of violent terrorism against American military and civilian targets, blaming them on the Cuban government, and using it to justify a war against Cuba, we’d argue that after the CIA assassinated US President John F. Kennedy after he shot those proposals down, they adopted ‘false flag attacks’ upon America as their primary operating procedures to accomplish their political objectives.

So with Cowboy State Daily reporting just days ago that a railcar carrying 60,000 pounds of ammonium nitrate, a key material used in the bomb that blew up a federal building in Oklahoma City in 1995, went missing from a railcar that left a commercial explosive facility in Cheyenne bound for California, we remind you that Timothy McVeigh needed only 5,000 pounds of that material to carry out the Oklahoma City bombing.

And numerous ANP readers shared their thoughts on those missing chemicals, with ‘El Gato Blanco‘ asking of this story “Who’s our government going to blow up now?” while ‘Johnny Shaffer’ warned “Get ready for the government and FBI to set off a huge false flag.” Because with the government absolutely loving their false flag terrorism to accomplish political goals they wouldn’t be able to accomplish otherwise, who’d really put it past the ‘biden crime cabal‘ to blow up some buildings in America, blaming that terrorism upon ‘white supremacists,’ and then attempting to go out and ‘disarm‘ those they’ll blame? We can’t trust this flock of liars and traitors, who sold America to China and to a ‘new world order cabal‘ intent upon turning America into their own personal dictatorship, as far as we can throw them. 

With the image above from Flightradar24’s live flight tracker showing just 3 of the HUNDREDS of US Military planes now flying surveillance operations all over America, as Alan Barton had also mentioned in this May 18th ANP story, take note that the Beechcraft C-12 Huron specializes in surveillance, uncovering weapons caches and ‘killing or capturing terrorists,’ while the Swearingen Metroliner also specializes in surveillance. From Wikipedia.:

A U.S. Air Force variant of the plane for surveillance roles primarily over Afghanistan and Iraq was the MC-12W Liberty. For that variant, Beechcraft built the basic plane and then sent it to Greenville, Texas where sophisticated intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) equipment was installed by L-3 Communications Missions Integration. 

As of 2013 the Liberty program had exceeded 300,000 combat flying hours. The MC-12W was rushed into combat as a supplemental surveillance and signals intelligence asset. Since its first combat mission on 10 June 2009, the aircraft flew 400,000 combat hours in 79,000 combat sorties, aiding in the kill or capture of “more than 8,000 terrorists” and uncovering 650 weapons caches

But ANP readers shouldn’t be at all surprised. As Alan had reported in his story, according to a Gizmodo article, those who’ve taken to overthrowing America were interested in dramatically improving the quality of facial recognition systems and allowing, “scaling to support millions of subjects.” 

Using A.I. in creating scanning tech capable of quickly detecting faces from partially obstructed angles from a distance of more than half a mile away, withone of the documents confirming image data was collected from a camera on a “small fixed-wing unmanned aerial vehicle” flown over a marketplace, Alan pointed out in his story that all of this paints a picture eerily similar to the type of always-on, high-powered, public surveillance system currently in use in China and Russia.

And with Alan also mentioning the YouTube channel MonkeyWerx, who has been following all of these US military surveillance flights over America for quite some time and who warns in the 2nd video at the bottom of this story that everything he’s been watching indicates Americans better be ready now for what’s dead ahead because there’s nothing that will be able to stop the implosion of the US economy as the dollar continues to be phased out, as Dan Bongino warns in the 1st video below, we’re already living under tyranny, so think about what America will look like when its’ no longer being hidden behind lies. 

So with the United States Marines long-practicing training missions on how to deal with American citizens during an economic collapse, and biden claiming ‘white supremacists‘ are the greatest terror threat that America faces, while US military surveillance flights are being carried out all across America at the same time all of that is going on, and then, google decides to ban a 10-year-old story on MOUT, with the final piece of the puzzle being the United States flag being INTENTIONALLY flown upside down by someone at the US Capitol, a warning of a ‘nation in distress,’ will we soon witness biden violating Posse Comitatus, which prohibits the US military from being used to carry out domestic law enforcement duties upon Americans? A quick flashback to this July of 2021 story at Business Insider.

President Joe Biden joked that people who think they needed guns to take on the US government would actually need nuclear weapons. 

In a speech on Wednesday that outlined his plan to combat gun violence, Biden said, “If you wanted or if you think you need to have weapons to take on the government, you need F-15s and maybe some nuclear weapons.” 

Hinting that he’d be more than willing to use the US military and their nuclear weapons on the American peopleany such moves made by any politician anywhere in the world would prove them to be pure evil tyrants in the eyes of God and humanity, exactly what America’s Founding Fathers created the 2nd Amendment to prevent. 

So while we here at ANP will continue to pray for peace and a return to sanity in America and across the world in the days, weeks and months ahead, as MonkeyWerx warns us in the 2nd video below, Americans serve their families best by being totally prepared for anything and everything in the days and weeks ahead, for everything is aligning all at once for ‘America‘ to be ‘slaughtered.




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