Both U.S. and Russia Release Ads seeking those who would betray their country!

The CIA released an ad aimed at Russians itching to betray their country.  The Russians made their own ad for Americans in response. Folks, this Russia-Ukraine thing is going total-wild-weasel.  Our government is moving to World War 3 and so is Russia’s government, in response.

First, here is the CIA-produced Ad in Russian, with Russian subtitles, and added English subtitles.

Next, the Russians made their own ad for Americans, in response:

Folks, when two major nuclear-armed countries begin openly recruiting citizens of each other, for war against each other, things are then so far along toward war that there really is no stopping it.

I know the mass media is not telling the public how dangerously close actual nuclear war is, but it really __ is __ close.   You ***MUST*** prepare to ___try___ to survive.


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