AWFUL. Following CNN-Trump Debate Team DeSantis Announces Support for Political Prosecutions by FBI-DOJ, Lawfare Against Trump, Jailing Innocent Trump Supporters for 2 Years without a Trial

CNN and the fake news legacy media were not the only losers last night.

President Trump agreed to appear at a CNN town hall in New Hampshire on Wednesday night that turned into a lopsided debate win over CNN host Kaitlan Collins.

Trump gave Kaitlan a thorough thrashing.

But CNN was not the only loser last night.

The DeSantis team posted comments following the debate where they revealed their support for the Democrats and administrative state.

The DeSantis team came out in support of”
** politically motivated prosecutions
** FBI-DOJ interference in elections
** lawfare by the FBI, DOJ, CIA, and deep state against undesirable political opponents
** Blaming Trump for the fedsurrection
** Support for E. Jean Carroll the crazy cat lady who lied about being raped by President Trump
** support for stuffing drop boxes, late night ballot drops on election night, locking doors on voter counting rooms, supplying unlimited boxes of ballots until Democrats pull ahead, mail-in voting and Zuckerbucks in elections

Here is the DeSantis team’s response to the Trump town hall/CNN debate last night.

David Giglio responded:



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