Nuke Drills, Banking Freefall, And Continued Rising Food Prices & Shortages All Have One Commonality: The Need To Be Prepared At A Moment’s Notice For Total Chaos And ‘The Unthinkable’

Over the past week I have noted a number of unrelated stories, all of which hold serious ramifications for Americans, and all of which do have one major commonality: The need to be prepared, at a minutes notice, for complete chaos.

• Charts found at ZeroHedge show that despite the the claims from both the Biden regime and the MSM playing the White House’s propaganda arm, regional banks are in a “freefall.”

A couple charts are shown below, but readers should look at them all to see the severity of the issue.

And despite the Biden admin claiming that FRC was just another ‘outlier’ business model, PacWest, Western Alliance, and Zions (among others) are in a freefall…

But the ‘big banks’ are also getting slammed…

Other charts show how the markets are also showing the same trend, taking massive hits.

Read more here.

• A ‘large-scale’ week-long nuclear training drill will be held in Houston this week as the military war games the unthinkable: A nuclear attack.

* FBI tells residents not to be alarmed by presence of military and hazmat suits

* Drills will be carried out at locations including joint military base Ellington Field

* Analysis shows about 130,000 people could be killed if Houston was attacked

If they are preparing for a nuclear attack on America soil, we should be as well.

Potassium Iodide Radiation Tablets

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• NY to become the first state to ban natural gas, according to New York Post.

Gas stoves will soon become toast in New York, under a controversial new handshake deal between Democratic Gov. Kathy Hochul and Albany lawmakers that would make that state the first in the US to ban natural gas.

The pending budget deal mandates all new buildings under seven stories be fully electric by 2026 with larger structures following three years later.

How long before a state like California, and other democrat-run states to follows suit, because liberals states just love to out-crazy” each other?

If you happen to live in a liberal state, you might want to check out some electric stoves and ovens.

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• NYC has announced the publication of the “New York City Household Consumption-Based Emissions Inventory,” in which they claim that household food is a leading cause of “greenhouse gas emissions,” to encourages New Yorker’s to only eat plant-based foods.

The study is split into five categories: food, goods, housing, private transportation, and services. It turns out food is the leading source of household greenhouse emissions in the city. “Within the food category, eating out and animal products (including meat, dairy, fish, & eggs) are the largest sources, accounting for nearly half of all food emissions.”

• The Daily Mail tells us “You’re not going crazy… your favorite snacks really ARE shrinking: Doritos, Honey Nut Cheerios and Gatorade are among dozens of brands to slash size of products in response to inflation.”

Reader images from MD show the veracity of the above report on “shrinkflation,” as well as offer a dire warning of what is coming with empty shelves, specifically, fruit sections.

Reader Image: Safeway in Parkville Md.

Reader Image: Safeway in Parkville Md.

They didn’t even bother to make the box smaller to hide the extent of the shrinkflation.

The next one is from the same MD store as the crackers came from, an entire fruit section…..completely empty.

It is worth noting that our local stores in western MD, while showing signs of some shortages, are not completely stripped like the shocking image above.

Once again we see these types of shortages, big and small, happening first in only certain geographical areas, which allows others to see what is happening and prepare accordingly.

Image credit: US Inflation Calculator


The numbers for March 2023, compared to February 2022, are out and once again the “overall” inflation numbers in no way represent food inflation, and in fact, there are four specific food categories that are more than double the overall inflation numbers.

Those categories are; Cereal and bakery products; Dairy and related products; Non-alcoholic beverages and beverage, materials, and; other food at home,” to which they offer no description.

Meat, poultry, fish, eggs, fruits and vegetables are all under the overall inflation numbers, but are still more expensive now than they were in February 2022.

April’s numbers are due to be released on May 10, 2023.

TIP: Most grocery stores that have a butcher section will break up packages for people that need less of the product, then they reprice it and it is more affordable for those that do not need the bigger packages.

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Some of the newer items that we are expected to see shortages of now include, chickpeassugaravocadoscanned goods and paper products.

Other shortages we have been warned about consistently throughout 2023, include eggs, meats, certain vegetables, fruits, rice and dairy products.

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Whether it is potassium iodine, food, or cash on hand because of banking issues across the country, Americans need to be prepared, yet tens of millions of Americans think “it can never happen here,” even after they found themselves unable to find toilet paper, hand sanitizers, paper goods and even gloves and masks during the first months of the Covid scare.

Many here at ANP are as prepared as they can be in their circumstances, but also have family members that still think “the government will help,” when Sh*t Hits The Fan.

They are wrong. if all hell breaks loose from any of the dangers that face us, from nuclear war, to the banking crisis, to civil unrest and nationwide rioting, our government leaders will be too busy rushing their own families to government owned bunkers, while the rest of us are left to fend for ourselves.


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