WEF wants to accelerate the commercialisation of nature or, if you prefer their alternative, depopulation

World leaders will be gathering together later this year to “accelerate the implementation of Agenda 2030,” according to an announcement made by the unaccountable, unelected, corporate-led World Economic Forum (“WEF”) earlier this week.

Agenda 21’s aim initially was to achieve global sustainable development by 2000, with the “21” in Agenda 21 referring to the original target of the 21st century.

Agenda 2030, also known as the Sustainable Development Goals, is a set of goals decided upon at the United Nations (“UN”) Sustainable Development Summit in 2015. Agenda 2030 takes all of the goals set by Agenda 21 and re-asserts them as the basis for “sustainable development.”

The 17 Goals were adopted by all UN Member States in 2015, as part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development which set out a 15-year plan to achieve the Goals.

Today, progress is being made in many places, but, overall, action to meet the Goals is not yet advancing at the speed or scale required. 2020 needs to usher in a decade of ambitious action to deliver the Goals by 2030.The Sustainable Development Agenda, United Nations

Since WEF’s meeting at Davos in 2021, WEF has publicly discussed how these goals can be used to achieve King Charles’ “Great Reset.” – which we would argue is a radical form of totalitarian communism although some describe it as socialism.

“The UN and WEF appear frustrated by a lack of progress made towards their ‘Great Reset’ ideology, alongside Agenda 2030, the socialist, ideological successor to the failed ‘Millennium Development Goals’,” The National Pulse reported.

In its recent announcement, WEF seems desperate to make up for lost time and impose the UN goals as quickly as possible: 

Attacks on civil society and civic freedoms threaten to unravel achievements in meeting the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

This year’s [SDG progress] report is especially crucial as we’re nearing the halfway point of Agenda 2030 – arguably the greatest-ever human endeavour undertaken to create peaceful, just, equal and sustainable societies.

The report’s findings will help lay the groundwork for deliberations at the high-level 2023 SDG Summit which will take place alongside UN General Assembly meetings in September this year.

The 2023 SDG Summit is enormously significant, with a number of world leaders expected to attend. They will reflect on the progress achieved and propose strategies to accelerate the implementation of Agenda 2030, which has suffered unforeseen setbacks …Agenda 2030: Why civic participation is key to meeting UN sustainability targets, World Economic Forum, 24 April 2023

WEF also wants to enlist the participation of “civil society organisations” to hurry the agenda along.  Participation from you and me, the people it affects, is noticeably absent.  WEF assumes the chosen “high-level” participants will make all our decisions and we will simply fall in line. Really?!

Before we allow them to railroad us with their plans, we should ensure we understand what their aims truly are.  So – looking beyond the fluffy language they use as an attempt to convince you they are a force for good – what are their true aims?  Dr. Michael Coffman and Henry Lamb have some of the answers.

Dr. Michael Coffman was an author, researcher, speaker, and founding contributor to the fight against Agenda 21 Sustainable Development. He was President of Environmental Perspectives, Inc., and Executive Director of Sovereignty International. Dr. Coffman played a key role in stopping the ratification of the Biodiversity Treaty in the US Senate.  He died in 2017.

Henry Lamb was the first to discover Agenda 21 and sound the alarm. He wrote the book ‘The Rise of Global Governance, and Agenda 21. He also produced a series of videos on Agenda 21. Each stand as invaluable tools for anyone wanting to know where this evil agenda came from and why it must be stopped. Lamb died in 2012.

In this article, we explore the goal relating to biodiversity. Conservation of biological diversity is the subject of Chapter 15 of Agenda 21 and has been translated into Agenda 2030 as SDG15.  Don’t be fooled by the use of the word “conservation” as you will see it has nothing to do with conservation.  But then, it doesn’t have much to do with biological diversity either.

Buried within three of the UN’s foundational documents are the true aims of SDG15.  These three documents are the 1992 Biodiversity Treaty; the 1992 Wildlands Project and the 1995 Global Biodiversity Assessment. Perhaps after reading the following, you will conclude, as we have, that the only truthful word in the phrase “conservation of biological diversity” is “of.”

Biodiversity Treaty

Signed by 150 government leaders at the 1992 Rio Earth Summit, the Convention on Biological Diversity is dedicated to promoting “sustainable development.”  The Convention on Biological Diversity is also referred to as the Biodiversity Treaty.

In 2017, the host of On Target, Thom Strawn, interviewed Dr. Coffman who discussed a wide range of environmental issues that were, and still are, being used to scare people into being willing to give up their Constitutional protections and to “save” themselves by creating “global governance.”

At timestamp 34:23 minutes Dr. Coffman said that if the Convention on Biological Diversity, the Biodiversity Treaty, had been signed by the US Senate in the summer of 1994, it “would have mandated a reduction in the Earth’s human population by two-thirds in 30 to 50 years.”

The Wildlands Project

The Wildlands concept is largely the work of David Foreman, the principal founder of the eco-terrorist group Earth First! and a former member of the board of the Sierra Club.

In this bizarre Wildlands scheme, human civilisation must be radically reconfigured, mines would be closed, roads torn from the landscape, timber harvesting stopped and human populations relocated. All of this is to be done, according to Wildlands co-founder Michael Soulé, in harmony with a prophetic vision: “The oracles are the fishes of the river, the fishers of the forest and articulate toads. Our naturalists and conservation biologists can help us translate their utterances. Our spokespersons, fund-raisers and grass-roots organisers will show us how to implement their sage advice.”

Read more: Background to The Wildlands Project, Dr. Michael Coffman, 18 September 2014

In a 1992 special edition of Wild EarthDr. Reed Noss published a paper he had written titled ‘The Wildlands Project: Plotting A North American Wilderness Recovery Strategy’.   Noss was the science editor of Wild Earth, a journal of the Cenozoic Society whose chairman was an environmental extremist and co-founder of Earth Frist! – David Foreman. “Earth First! is perhaps the most militant eco-terrorist organisation in the world,” Lamb said at the Granada Forum in 1996.

A 2002 article published in ACJS Today, the official newsletter of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences, confirms Earth First! as a known eco-terrorist organisation. 

ACJS’s article described eco-terrorism and the damage it caused in the USA during the 1980s and 1990s: “In the United States, between 1980 and 1999, eco-terrorists committed at least 100 acts of destruction, causing approximately $42.8 million in damages … Eco-terrorist acts, although varying in both degree of risk to human life and total damages, all significantly impact human use of natural resources.”  ACJS names Earth First! as one of the three eco-terrorist groups at that time:

A preferred method of eco-terrorism used by Earth First!ers is monkeywrenching – sabotaging logging equipment by inserting spikes into trees to damage saws, or pouring foreign substances in the fuel tanks of logging equipment.  The Earth First!ers credo, “No compromise in defence of Mother Earth,” bodes well for the assignment of Earth First! as an eco-terrorist group that institutes property destruction and violence to save nature and spread their extreme environmentalist ideology.Environmental Extremists and the Eco-Terrorism Movement, Chad Nilson and Tod Burke, January/February 2002

As well as being editor for Wild Earth, Noss did substantial editorial work for Conservation Biology; a publication of the Society for Conservation Biology, a non-profit organisation founded by Michael Soulé who claimed that the oracles had spoken and he was following a prophetic vision.

In 1991, the year before Noss published his paper in Wild Earth, Noss, Soulé, Foreman and Douglas Tompkins – founder of clothing brands The North Face and Esprit – established a group called ‘North American Wilderness Recovery Strategy’. A name which also appears as part of the title of Noss’ paper.  The name of the group was soon simplified to The Wildlands Project and is now known as the Wildlands Network. The Wildlands Project is the master plan for both Agenda 21 and the Biodiversity Treaty, Dr. Coffman noted.

We are only able to find a limited view of The Wildlands Project paper online.  However, Lamb read the paper and summarised it for the attendees of the Granada Forum:

“On page 15 of The Wildlands Project, Dr. Reed Noss says that we must convert at least 50% of the land area of North America to wilderness off limits to human beings. Those core wilderness areas are to be interconnected by wilderness corridors off-limits to human beings. Those wilderness areas are to be surrounded by buffer zones that may have limited resource use under the supervision and permitting of the federal government in collaboration with non-government organisations.

“[The] human population is to be resettled into the remaining 25% of the land into communities that are described as ‘sustainable communities’.”

Further resources:

Global Biodiversity Assessment includes the “30 by 30” Plan

In 1996, Lamb spoke at the Granada Forum.  His talk included revelations about the Global Biodiversity Assessment:

“The Convention on Biological Diversity is 16 pages long. Very bland, extremely vague … [However, it states] that a Conference of the Parties [“COP”] shall create a subsidiary body that will produce a Global Biodiversity Assessment … At the first meeting [of COP held in 1994 or COP1] the United Nations Environment Program [“UNEP”] presented them with a Global Biodiversity Assessment.”

Henry Lamb on Wildlands Project, Granada Forum 1996 (7 mins)

If the video above is removed from YouTube you can watch it on Rumble HERE.

Lamb pointed out that the last 200 pages, section 13, of the Global Biodiversity Assessment, deal specifically with a system of protected areas (see page 915) which are core wilderness areas surrounded by buffer zones. On page 993, the Global Biodiversity Assessment stated that the recently published Wildlands Project in the United States was the central theme of protected areas. 

This means that representative areas of all major ecosystems in a region need to be reserved, that blocks should be as large as possible, that buffer zones should be established around core areas, and that corridors should connect these areas. This basic design is central to the recently proposed Wildlands Project in the United States (Noss 1992), a controversial long-term strategy (100 or 200 years) to expand natural habitats and corridors to cover as much as 30% of the US land area. [Emphasis our own.]A Global Biodiversity Assessment, United Nations Environment Programme (“UNEP”), 1995, pg. 993

If you recall from earlier in our article, the Wildlands Project was the brainchild of an eco-terrorist whose co-founder was following prophetic visions.  And yet, the entire world is being subjected to the plans they devised.

The plan to “expand natural habitats and corridors to cover as much as 30% of the land area” is what is now being called the 30 by 30 plan.  A plan that was pushed again at COP15 – the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity (“UNCBD”) conference – held in December 2022, 30 years after the eco-terrorist and the self-appointed spokesman for oracles first devised it.

30 by 30 is the biggest land grab in history marketed under the guise of “protecting biodiversity.”  Survival International estimates that the nefarious plan will displace around 300 million indigenous people worldwide from their native lands and forests in the name of “conservation.”  And it will make a very few very rich while doing so.

30 by 30 is incorporated in a so-called “New Deal for Nature” which will involve new investments or financial markets worth about $10 trillion over this decade being created to provide opportunities for businesses to “engage” with the plan. Shortly after COP15 concluded, the Indigenous Environmental Network issued a statement which also exposed the private commercial interests planning to profiteer from “Mother Earth.”

Monetary control and gain are the same aims Charles “The Great Reset” King had in mind when he launched the Terra Carta, the Sustainable Markets Initiative and the Sustainable Markets Council at Davos 2020.  Davos 2020 was held in January.  On 3 June 2020, Charles launched The Great Reset “through HRH’s Sustainable Markets Initiative and the World Economic Forum.”

But the biodiversity plan is more sinister than profiteering, and displacing people, cramming them into urban centres and prohibiting them from having access to nature and the natural world.  The alternative, the Global Biodiversity Assessment stated, is depopulation.

Global Biodiversity Assessment, UNEP, 1995, pg. 773

During his interview with On Target’s Thom Strawn, Dr. Coffman highlighted:

“The Global Biodiversity Assessment [ ] talks about the fact that the world is overpopulated … as you can see in the first line there. And then they give two solutions. In this first solution, right here, is that if we want to maintain the Earth’s 5 to 7 billion people that we presently have then all of us we must go back to an agricultural world in which most of us are peasants the old feudal system of Europe. Now, if we don’t like that, if we want to maintain the current North American standard of living that we have, right here, they do give us another choice. And that is we must reduce the Earth’s population to 1 billion from its present 5 to 7 billion within 30 to 50 years.”

You can watch Dr. Coffman’s interview below. We have embedded it to start where he discussed the Global Biodiversity Assessment. If you wish to watch the full interview then start it at the beginning.

Michael Coffman: Eco Fraud – An Interview with Dr. Michael S. Coffman, 9 August 2017 (52 mins)

If the video above is removed from YouTube, you can watch it on Bitchute HERE.


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