A major train derailment has taken place in Ferryville, Wisconsin, that sent numerous train cars plummeting into the waters of the Mississippi River.   If the Haz Mat releases, it could pollute the ENTIRE River for its full length inside the USA.

Emergency crews, including Hazmat teams, have responded to the derailment in Ferryville, Wisconsin.

Four people have been injured and multiple train cars have fallen into the Mississippi River.

It is currently unknown what’s inside the cars but reports are saying there might be a paint and lithium batteries in some of the train cars.

Video shows the wreck scene:

All local sand/gravel trucks are being sent in to help.

This area has suffered record setting Mississippi river floods recently, which are ONGOING.

According to locals, the rails washed out in front of the train which then derailed and dumped into the river.

Two rail cars washed down stream.

A local spokesman said lithium cars didn’t tip into the river — yet.

At this time of year, the river is usually at 8′, but now it is at almost 25′.


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