UPDATED 5:50 PM — Europe Reveals Map BREAKING-UP RUSSIA into 41 new countries

Gunther Fehlinger, Chairman of the Austria NATO non-governmental organization (NGO), publicly revealed today, the West’s “plan” for Russia: Broken-up into 41 new, autonomous countries! There wouldn’t BE a “Russia” anymore.    Russia’s response was simple: If there isn’t going to be a Russia anymore, then there isn’t going to be a Europe or USA, either.   World War 3 is officially on its way.

Here is Gunther Fehlinger and the West’s (suicidal) map of a world without Russia:

The revelation of this map is literal PROOF that it is the actual intention of the West to do-away with Russia.    By even manufacturing such a map, the West has shown its intent.   Russia now faces an ACTUAL existential threat.  Their very existence is at stake.

Think about the time and effort that was necessary to research the populations and ethnicities in each of these areas, where they are, and how to draw actual lines along the geography of the demographics, to create this vision of new, autonomous, countries.  The research and planning alone had to take . . .  YEARS.

Now that the map is actually out, and the entire world can see that the West has literally been planning for YEARS to completely do-away with Russia, we can all now see that the situation with Ukraine was intentionally manufactured BY THE WEST to provide the impetus to set in-motion, their nefarious plans.

With the release of this map, it seems to many observers that war is now a foregone conclusion.

What many people, myself included, really want to know is, Whose idea was this?

Who decided this needed to be done?  Because that person, or those persons, need to be directly confronted and engaged.

This plan is suicidal. Whoever thought of it, and whoever is promoting it, is a clear and present danger to the lives of millions.   

People have a right to self defense against this monstrous and deadly plan.   That self-defense may have to be applied to the people who are promoting this and to the people who thought it up.


I have engaged in locating Gunther Fehlinger and much to my shock and dismay, he is presently HERE in the United States.   Two hours ago, he was in Philadelphia where, among other stops, he entered the Masonic Temple.   He then departed Philadelphia by car and, at this update, is presently on the New Jersey Turnpike, heading north, into New York City!

He is scheduled to appear at the Hudson Institute!


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