California: Legal challenge to stop Geoengineering launched

Featured image: World’s Largest Geoengineering Study Triggers Major Controversy, 2 April 2017

Solar Dimming, also known as stratospheric aerosol injection or colloquially as “chemtrails,” has been covertly underway for decades. Today, the negative consequences create an irreversible feedback loop as the world stays in denial.

After a winter of hell in California and skies adulterated by non-stop aerosol spraying, a substantial legal challenge has been launched against America’s biggest perpetrators.  The perpetrators who are the subject of the legal challenge have not yet been named. “There’s a multitude of different reasons, a multitude of different agencies and players and actors involved,” Reinette Senum said. “It could be a university doing research, it could be a power company.”

Reinette Senum, former Mayor of Nevada City, California, can no longer simply sit and watch the geoengineering activities taking place and so has launched a legal challenge to stop it.  “I am, and many of us are, sick and tired of being sitting ducks,” she said.

In the video below beginning at around timestamp 37 mins, host of Counterspeech Deana Pollard Sacks and Senum discussed the weaponisation of weather and why the legal challenge to stop geoengineering has been launched.  Pollard Sacks was one of the attorneys who participated in the Grand Jury Proceeding by the Peoples´ Court of Public Opinion in early 2022. Now, she is leading the legal team that will challenge the geoengineering activities taking place in US skies.

“We’ve got a government out of control,” Pollard Sacks said, “and everyone seems to think: ‘Well, they’re the government they can do that’. No, they can’t.”

Stop US Geoengineering Legal Challenge

By Reinette Senum

If you have been following my posts over the last few months, you are familiar with the hellish winter we Californians went through. While, yes, we can have rough winters, this was anything but normal.

Nothing around us is normal any longer, and there is one significant factor why; geoengineering.

In the past, I have interviewed Dane Wiginton of Geoengineering Watch. If you are still unfamiliar with what I am discussing, start with this interview.

Our forests are completely failing, and trees are dying and falling around us. Our bee population has plummeted. Our insects have vanished. Our birds are all but gone. Our forest fires are now unnatural and terrorise us throughout our summers. Our weather is weaponised, and after recently testing our snow and rainfall, the results are coming back with extraordinarily alarming amounts of heavy metals.

Over the years, we have witnessed an exponential increase in the unabated aerosol spraying over our heads, and this planet and everything on it is paying the price.

This stratospheric spraying is unabated, killing us slowly, and I won’t take it anymore.

So, I have reported on this aerosol spraying. I have documented and protested against it as well. I have clamoured over it for years and am tired of complaining.

I’m tired of being a sitting duck.

So, after weeks of conferring with legal experts (and frustrated citizens) and after getting some of the best minds to jump into the fight, I have now, only moments ago, launched a crowd-funding campaign to cover the legal fees this is going to require.

And, yes, I know there is 5G, chemicals, and a whole host of factors destroying our planet, but this one is as ubiquitous as the air we breathe, and our tax dollars are paying for it.

While some of you may ask why bother, the courts are rigged…. not all courts are rigged, and simply mounting a bona fide legal court battle against this beast will wake more people up to its existence.

We will not be backing down. It’s now or never…. and if we don’t stop this, who will?


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