Biden’s Weakening Of The U.S. Military, While Provoking A Nuclear War With China And Russia, And Thousands Of Chinese Crossing The U.S. Border, Makes America A Sitting Duck

No regime can be as incompetent as the Biden regime has shown itself to be, which only leaves one option, the destruction of our military, and our depleting of our weapons and munitions in our Ukraine proxy war with Russia, has been deliberate.

Lets go back to 2020 for just a moment.

We knew when Joe Biden was campaigning from his basement in 2019 that he was a few crayons short of a whole box, and his mental decline has continued to get worse, as evidenced by his own stumbling and bumbling self with each and every outing into the real world that his people allow him.

This means the actual decision-making is being done by Biden’s handlers.


After taking a few huge steps back, and trying to see the big picture from coinciding events, as well as separate events, almost like putting a jigsaw puzzle together, in my mind’s eye, the picture when finished, is devastating beyond belief.

#1. Throughout the past years China and Russia have formed an alliance, from sharing a monetary system (BRICS), to backing each other on the world stage.

#2. February 2022, Russia/Ukraine war goes hot.

#3. Biden regime starts sending billions to Ukraine, along with weapons and munitions, undermining America’s military abilities.

Chart  covers aid to Ukraine, does not include all U.S. spending related to the war.

#4. The American military goes woke, and produces cartoon recruitment videos. 

#5. U.S. Military faces severe recruitment shortages.

The US Army is now projecting that for the next two years it will massively fail to recruit as many troops as it hoped, falling short by nearly 40,000 new recruits, according to the latest estimates and testimony from the Army’s second highest leader.

“We’ve got unprecedented challenges with both a post-Covid-19 environment and labor market, but also private competition with private companies that have changed their incentives over time,” General Joseph Martin, vice chief of staff of the Army, told the House Armed Services readiness subcommittee on Tuesday.

The Army is projecting it likely will fall short of its fiscal year 2022 recruiting goal by as many as 10,000 troops and could miss the fiscal year 2023 recruiting goal by as much as 28,000 troops, according to Army estimates.

#6. The U.S. military starts lowering physical training and mental standards.

#7. The Biden regime continues to provoke Russia and China, which could lead to a nuclear war.

#7. Chinese are crossing the U.S. border in 2023 with an increase of 10 times as many as the previous year.

A growing number of Chinese nationals are illegally entering the United States through the U.S.-Mexico border, U.S. Customs and Border Protection Protection (CBP) data shows.

The CBP recorded 4,271 Chinese nationals crossing the southern border between October and February, The Wall Street Journal reported. The number was more than 10 times greater than the same period the previous year.

Shelter staff with the Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley in McAllen used to see one Chinese person a month, according to Norma Pimental, who oversees the charities.

“Now, all of a sudden, we see a surge of people from China,” she said.

#9. The U.S. depletes munitions by sending them to Ukraine, and now is “under the gun” to make more ammo.

One of the most important munitions of the Ukraine war comes from a historic factory in this city built by coal barons, where tons of steel rods are brought in by train to be forged into the artillery shells Kyiv can’t get enough of — and that the U.S. can’t produce fast enough.

The Scranton Army Ammunition Plant is at the vanguard of a multibillion-dollar Pentagon plan to modernize and accelerate its production of ammunition and equipment not only to support Ukraine, but to be ready for a potential conflict with China.


Russia and China for an alliance and as many describe them as “hostile” to the U.S., that is exactly what they think about the U.S., that America is hostile to them. 

So Russia, knowing the Biden regime is weak, heads into Ukraine, guaranteeing others nations, namely the U.S. will send money, weapons, munitions and even tanks to Ukraine, depleting those countries’ own ability to fight a direct war if necessary.

Turning the U.S. military into a “woke” military, destroying their own efforts to recruit, and lowering the standards of those they are managing to recruit, leaves the US, with a weak military.

Not only is America’s military the weakest they have ever been since Biden started occupying the White House, we now have sent so much weaponry and munitions to Ukraine, that the Army is “under the gun” to make more.

Last but not least, we are seeing 10 times the amount of Chinese crossing the U.S. border. 

This means while Russia has the U.S. scrambling to keep Ukraine armed, if China decides to attack America, they already have a decent sized army right here inside of the United States of America.


What has happened under the Biden regime cannot be explained by incompetence. We’re being destroyed from within vulnerable to attack from the nations Biden’s and/or his handlers are provoking into nuclear war.

We’re sitting ducks.


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