All of Washington State GOP Votes No, All Dems YES, to Allow Hiding Kids From Parents for “Sex Changes”

Whose child is it, anyway? Some may thus wonder after the Washington state Legislature passed a bill that would enable government-licensed youth facilities to hide kids from parents so that the youngsters can proceed with sexual-distortion treatments (SDTs), euphemistically known as “gender-affirming care.”

This means that while schools perhaps mayn’t give a student an aspirin without parental consent, Washington would keep parents in the dark while their son underwent castration or their daughter had her breasts and/or uterus removed.

The bill, SB 5599, would also allow said facilities to hide girls from their parents while the former had abortions. In other words, if destroying bodies is the goal, the state is all in.

Or, at least, the state Democrats are. All the Democratic legislators voted yes on the bill, reports Washington journalist Katie Daviscourt. All the Republicans voted no. The party of life vs. the party of strife?

In fact, some Democrats are boasting about SB 5599. Senator Marko Liias (D-Lynnwood), for example, sent the following triumphal tweet after the bill passed the Washington Senate last month:


More recently, after SB 5599 passed the House on Wednesday, Liias issued an April 13 press release in which he trumpeted its alleged virtues. “Under current law, licensed shelters must notify parents if a child comes into their care, unless a compelling reason applies,” Liias, the bill’s sponsor, explained. “This legislation allows licensed shelters to contact the Department of Children, Youth and Families (DCYF) in lieu of parents in certain additional instances, like when a young person is seeking reproductive health services or gender-affirming care.”

Of course, “reproductive health services” is a euphemism for prenatal infanticide. Moreover, there’s no such thing as “gender-affirming care” because, first, people don’t actually have “gender” (words do; that is, under proper traditional language usage). Boys and girls are defined by the quality called “sex” — and actual sex-affirming care would involve helping a person accept his inborn male or female status.

Warning against the bill is a legislator who voted nay on it, House Republican Jim Walsh. Adding perspective, he said in a Thursday statement that under SB 5599, “children can stay at licensed youth shelters without their parent’s knowledge for an indefinite amount of time while seeking [sexual-distortion treatments] and medications ― including puberty ‘blockers’ that can lead to permanent sterilization.”

“Among its many flaws, the bill assumes families that don’t ‘affirm’ a child’s short-term desires are being abusive,” he later added. “Wrong! Sometimes love requires parents to not affirm their child’s whims. Loving parents guide their children as they grow. Sometimes that means saying ‘no.’”

Also note that, contrary to the claim that traditionalists are “singling out” MUSS (Made-up Sexual Status, aka “transgender”) people for persecution, the truth is that left-wing radicals are singling out the MUSS agenda’s imperatives for preference. After all, why facilitate a child’s whims in one area but not another?

If a child identifies as a hunter (which a certain little boy once told me he wanted to be when he grew up), will the state provide him with a gun and deer stand, perhaps contrary to parental wishes?

Or, more to the point, along with the type of body dysmorphia at issue here, Sexual Identity Disorder (SID, as I’ll term it), there’s also a phenomenon called Body Integrity Identity Disorder (BIID), in which a sufferer is certain that a body part (e.g., an arm) doesn’t belong on or in his body. Now, if a youth strongly feels his legs must be amputated, should the state hide him from his parents until the procedure is completed?

Yes, there are people who desperately want their legs removed — and, yes, this is just as “reversible” as SDT surgery.

As to this, stories of MUSS kids who had SDTs while in a youthful phase but then came to deeply regret them are legion. The Gateway Pundit related one of these cases Friday.

“Chloe Cole, an 18-year-old female, was put on puberty blockers at the age of 13, causing joint pain, weak bone density, and continuous UTI symptoms,” the site wrote. “She had a double mastectomy when she was only 15, and was prescribed puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones at the same young age. Now, three years later, she deeply regrets these permanent, life-altering decisions.”

Cole is now suing the medical “professionals” responsible, and in a letter of intent mentions two lies they told her and her parents during the course of their malpractice. One is that Cole’s SID would not resolve without medical intervention.

The truth: In 80 to 90 percent of cases, SID in kids naturally disappears as adolescence progresses.

The second lie was that Cole was at high risk for suicide.

Truth: There’s evidence that post-SDT individuals’ suicide rate is far higher than that of SID sufferers who avoid such “treatments.”

In reality, though, the whole MUSS agenda is a lie, a destructive, soul-killing one that, shockingly, is embraced by an entire major political party. In fact, after having been amended in the Washington House, SB 5599 is back in the Senate, where Democrats will assuredly approve it again. Democratic governor Jay Inslee will then almost certainly sign it into law.

There is a remedy for this situation, however, one the aforementioned Daviscourt suggested in a tweet (below).


If Washingtonians don’t want child-abuse enablers in office, it’s up to them to transition the groomers from being the powerful to being the powerless.


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