Lone Woman Swarmed and Brutally Attacked by Dozens of Teens in Chicago (Video)

The Gateway Pundit reported on hundreds of teens rioting in the streets near Millennium Park Saturday night.

The teens smashed car windows, fired guns, and attacked citizens during the violent spree.

But don’t worry! Mayor-elect Brandon Johnson is on it!  His “inspiring’ leadership wants to focus, not on the violence perpetrated by hundreds of teens last weekend but making sure we don’t ‘demonize’ the thugs.

Could we, perhaps, demonize the dozens of teens who surrounded a helpless woman, trying to enter her home, cornered in her doorway by a mob of the rampaging youths? The thugs, that Johnson is worried will be demonized, then drag the woman to the ground and begin brutally attacking her.

Image: @CWBChicago/Twitter

Image: @CWBChicago/Twitter

Image: @CWBChicago/Twitter

Image: @CWBChicago/Twitter

Image: @CWBChicago/Twitter

Can we demonize this group Mayor Johnson?

Local news outlet CWBChicago shared the clip created as an apparent highlight reel of Saturday night’s wilding.

**Warning: Disturbing video**

This footage is included in a sort of “mix tape” of social media posts floating purporting to be from the “large group” incident in the Loop on Saturday night.

The woman is being attacked in the doorway of 129 North Wabash. #Chicago pic.twitter.com/1WugjCMfMT

— CWBChicago (@CWBChicago) April 17, 2023


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