Another Train Derails- this one in Maine. Haz Mat Released

A train has reportedly derailed in the state of Maine and officials say they believe hazardous materials were on board.

“Train derailment with fire north of Rockwood, hazardous materials please stay clear!” The Rockwood, Maine Fire & Rescue posted on Facebook Saturday. 

The Fire & Rescue team posted a photo of the incident that shows a derailed train and a fire burning in a snow covered forest area.

Rockwood Fire & Rescue did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Fox News Digital.

It is unclear if anyone was injured during the derailment.

Rockwood, Maine, is located on the western side of Moosehead Lake in the northern part of the state roughly 45 miles from the Canadian border. 

The railroad tracks in that area of Maine are owned by the Canadian Pacific Railway, Fox 23 Maine reported.

Canadian Pacific Railway did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Hal Turner Opinion

We here in the United States have thought for a long time that we are the “be all” and “end all” of human civilization.   We were the best of the best and no else even came close.

Not anymore.

The numerous derailments of trains throughout this nation over the past couple months shows that we’ve descended to third world status in our infra-structure.

The condition of our highways, of our bridges, of our electric grid, all point to it.

Someone on the Internet summed it up quite succinctly with the image below. . . China versus USA:

The image reflects the reality.  The reality . . . is an “effin” disgrace.

Instead of corporations doing stock buy backs, and giving huge bonuses, it’s long overdue they use that money to fix their infrastructure.

The damage to commerce, and to our environment, from these train derailments is far to high to sit back and allow business as usual.  The sickening of people and destruction of private property by these derailments and the chemicals they release, is completely unacceptable.   Things MUST change.  These derailments have to stop.


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