Ezra Levant: Trudeau Foundation is ‘money-laundering arm’ of Liberal Party, Trudeau family

‘Forensic auditors must be brought in to review everything,’ said Ezra.

On last night’s episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra examined why the CEO and Board of Directors of the Trudeau Foundation resigned amid scrutiny surrounding a $200,000 donation linked to the Chinese Communist Party.

Speaking about the resignation of Trudeau Foundation CEO Pascale Fournier, Ezra said, “I bet she’s seen some things. If Pascale Fournier was the CEO for the past five years, she can’t just run and hide. Everything she did must be scrutinized. Forensic auditors must be brought in to review everything.”

Ezra went on to say, “This is the money-laundering arm of the Liberal Party and the Trudeau family. And frankly, a lot of that money is ours, $125 million dollars from taxpayers 20 years ago, that’s worth about $200 million dollars now. It was given to the biggest waste rolls and leeches in the country, the biggest moochers. What are they doing?”

Commenting on Trudeau’s response to the string of resignations, Ezra said, “So it’s ‘toxic’ to ask about Chinese Communist Party donations, it’s not ‘toxic’ to take those donations and launder them through the foundation. You see, it’s ‘toxic’ to ask about it.”


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