Israeli-made cluster mortar shells were found in the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Israel has been caught red-handed supplying deadly cluster munitions to Ukraine for use against Russian forces.

Despite the fact that Israel SAYS it does not supply weapons and ammunition to Ukraine, it turns out that the Israel Defense Forces have transferred a large batch of 120-mm mortar ammunition to Ukraine.

Apart from the fact that such ammunition has a high destructive power, it turned out that the ammunition in question is M971, which is a cluster munition that not only causes serious destruction, but also poses an additional threat of landmines. This is not the first time the Israeli side has supplied such munitions to Ukraine.

In the footage published by the Ukrainian military, viewers can see that these are indeed M971 munitions. Their exact quantity transferred to Ukraine is not disclosed, but there could be tens of thousands of shells.

The Israeli 120 mm M971 mortar ammunition is equipped with 24 submunitions, which are scattered in open terrain and explode when dropped on the ground. The ammunition is actively used to defeat manpower and armored vehicles.

Deliveries of such munitions to Ukraine indicate that Israel is directly participating in the aggression against Russia.


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