Russian Forces Take Bakhmut City Hall – Hoist Russia Flag over city

In a statement by Yevgeny Prigozhin: “April 2, 2023, 23:00. We hoisted the Russian flag with the inscription “Good memory to Vladlen Tatarsky” and the flag of PMC “Wagner” on the city administration of Bakhmut. Legally Bakhmut is taken.”

He went on to say “The enemy is concentrated in the western remains of the city and are being hunted.”  Here is his video announcement from Bakhmut:


The map below shows the APPROXIMATE line of control in and around the city as of April 2, 2023:

Prigozhin’s announcement comes just hours after prominent Russian military blogger Tatarsky (real name Maksim Fomin) was killed in an apparent improvised explosive device blast in a café in Saint Petersburg on Sunday afternoon.

The Pro-Russian blogger was killed in a violent explosion.    Security camera video below shows a blonde haired woman carrying in a large box believed to contain the bomb:


 Something detonated later, killing the blogger and injuring almost 20 others. Video from outside the explosion, appears below:


The battle for Bakhmut has emerged as one of the most intensive and bloody engagements of the armed conflict in Ukraine, with both sides reportedly suffering significant casualties. Western officials have claimed that the city poses no strategic military value, but Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky pledged to defend it as long as possible after proclaiming the city a fortress.

Kiev’s attempts to cling onto Bakhmut, regardless of the losses, has “almost destroyed the Ukrainian army,” Prigozhin claimed earlier this week. However, Wagner fighters, who led the charge to capture the Donetsk People’s Republic city, also took “a serious beating,” he acknowledged.


The Cultural Center and Freedom Square near the Administrative Block in Central Bakhmut is now under Russian/Wagner Control; Heavy Fighting is still ongoing in the North of the City with Russian Forces attempting to Advance.


Among the many Ukrainian patches from dead soldiers in Bahkmut, many of them were AMERICAN patches!

In order for America to fight in Ukraine against Russia they made their soldiers “retire” on paper then sent them in as “mercenaries.”

This tactic was also used by almost ALL other NATO countries.

Russia faced upwards of 30 NATO countries in this single city, and NATO got it’s ass handed to them by Russia.


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