Newsom Launches Political Organization to ‘Fight Back’ Against GOP Policies in Red States (VIDEO)

He’s gearing up to run for president.

California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) is now working to impose his tyranny on GOP-led states.

Californians are fleeing the state in droves to escape Newsom and the one-party Democrat rule destroying a once beautiful state with high taxes and homelessness.

The authoritarian governor of California launched an organization to fight back against GOP policies in Republican-led states.

This is the same tyrant who completely bypassed the state legislature and unilaterally locked down California with 57 executive orders during the Covid pandemic.

“We’re going on the road to take the fight to states where freedom is most under attack,” Newsom said.

The video clip posted to Newsom’s Twitter account depicted GOP Governors DeSantis, Reeves, Huckabee Sanders and others as “authoritarian leaders” who are “attacking

“Extremist Republicans are systematically attacking the very foundations of our free society — denying women equality, attacking communities of color, fetishizing weapons of war, banning books, restricting speech, and undermining the right to vote,” Newsom said.


Attacking foundations of a free society?

Gavin Newsom shut down California during the Covid pandemic and ordered all residents to stay home whilst he dined at the French Laundry.

Restricting speech?

Newsom recently signed a bill that would punish doctors for spreading so-called ‘false information’ about Covid.

Undermining the right to vote?

In 2020 Newsom flooded California with millions of mail-in ballots with an unconstitutional executive order.

Newsom was so out-of-control and drunk on unchecked power that a judge in late 2020 finally issued a permanent injunction restraining him from issuing further orders.



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