Joel Pollak: Here’s what Trump and Netanyahu have in common

Joel spoke about what makes both former U.S. president Donald Trump and current Israel prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu so hated by the left yet so indispensable.

On last night’s episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra met with Joel Pollak, senior editor at large at Breitbart, to hear him speak on Israeli protests against Benjamin Netanyahu, the nation’s Prime Minister.

Ezra explained his view on Netanyahu:

My theory as you just heard is that Netanyahu is as hated in Israel by the left as Trump is hated in America, and that these are exaggerated claims of dictatorship. Many of these reforms would be normal to Canada and the United States. And this whole thing is ‘trumped up.’ Am I wrong?

Joel answered:

People will acknowledge that Netanyahu is very effective but the common complaint not just on the left, but also by some on the right is that he’s just been there too long. He’s Israel’s longest serving Prime Minister and some people are just tired of him. They’d like to see somebody else have a chance. Paradoxically, the left keeps giving Netanyahu reasons to return because they’re pursuing these completely frivolous claims of corruption against him and they’ve tried everything they possibly can to keep him out of power.

He went on to talk about why Netanyahu is indispensable:

So, he remains the center of Israeli politics and because of his language skills, because of his statesmanship, he remains indispensable both to the Israeli and to Israel as a whole, there are very few political figures in Israel who can span the divide between secular and religious or secular and nationalist, who can speak to the democracies of the West as well as the other powers of the East and Asia and so forth.

He compared Natenyahu’s indispensability with former president Donald Trump:

People don’t like Trump because of his antics, because of his rhetoric, because of the things that some of his supporters do. It’s, it’s more a question of style with Trump, but he still remains indispensable because of the policies and ideas he brings to American politics. But there are parallels and, and the parallel is this both in the United States. And in Israel, the left simply does not seem to want to accept democratic elections that it loses.


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