The government of Iran has issued a BULLETIN to any Iranian citizens living or working in the country of Azerbaijan, to “Leave Azerbaijan Immediately!”

For over a week, Iran has been moving armored units, artillery, and military troops to its lengthy border with Azerbaijan.  They began doing this after Azerbaijan started moving troops toward Armenia’s “Lachin Corridor” in a plan to grab the entire southern section of Armenia.    Such a land grab would cut-off Iran from Armenia and the Iranians have publicly and repeatedly warned they “will not allow a change to the borders.”

In addition to Iran citizens being told to leave, Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps has instructed Iranian-Backed Groups including Hezbollah to call on their Members to “Immediately Leave” the Azerbaijani Capital of Baku.

Baku is well within reach of Iranian precision strike missiles, and Iran has more than sufficient missiles to utterly flatten the entire city of Baku.

The fact that Iran has massed troops, artillery, and other military hardware, and is now telling tis citizens (and proxies) to leave, is a good indication that another conflict is about to kick off.

In the middle of all this is . . . . Israel.

Earlier last week, Israel announced that Azerbaijan opened its first Embassy in Israel:


Of course Israel and Iran have been at each other for quite some time.  Israel has lately been launching air strikes against Iranian forces inside Syria, killing many Iranians and blowing up significant military hardware moved into Syria by Iran.

Moreover, Iran has been supplying Russia with Shaheed Drones (a.k.a. “Doritos”) for use in Ukraine.

Apparently, someone thinks that starting another war, this one between Iran and Azerbaijan, will force the Iranians to stop supplying Russia in Ukraine, and force Russia to begin deploying troops to assist Armenia, to Russia’s south, thereby diverting Russian military assets from Ukraine as well.

More interestingly, if Iran becomes occupied with a war against Azerbaijan, that would soften-up Iran for an Israeli strike against Iranian nuclear projects within the borders of Iran itself, which then kicks-off war between Iran and Israel.

This stuff is all connected: Ukraine, Russia, Azerbaijan, Iran . . . it’s all connected.  Prepare for step two of what seems to be leading to World War 3.


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