Joe Biden After Transgender Terrorist Murders Christians: When We Invest in Young People, Protect the LGBTQ+ Individuals, Our Societies Are Stronger (VIDEO)

Joe Biden on Wednesday hosted the Summit for Democracy with a pledge to spend $690 million on so-called democracy programs around the world.

120 global leaders joined the virtual summit on Wednesday.

Biden began the event by apologizing for having a bad cold.

So colds are back?

Joe Biden said the US needs to protect the LGBTQ+ community in his remarks to the global leaders.

This is barely two days after a transgender terrorist murdered 6 Christians, including 3 children, at a private Christian school in Nashville.

“When we advance equality and racial justice and invest in young people, protect the LGBTQ+ individuals, our societies are not only fair but they’re stronger and more successful,” Biden said.


Joe Biden on Tuesday cracked a lame joke and laughed when asked if he believes Christians were targeted by the transgender terrorist.

“Do you believe Christians were targeted in the Nashville shooting?” a reporter asked Biden.

“I have no idea!” Biden said.

“[Senator] Josh Hawley believes they were! What do you say to that?” the reporter said.

“Well I probably don’t then! Ha ha ha ha!” Biden said.

What a sick, evil man.



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