Ted Nugent Slams ‘Homosexual Weirdo’ Zelensky at Trump Rally: ‘I Want My Money Back!’

Rockstar Ted Nugent told Trump rallygoers in Waco, Texas on Saturday night that he wants his tax dollars back from the “homosexual weirdo” ruling Ukraine.

“I am a guitar player, I have a couple of demands. Secure my border,” Nugent said to cheers. “I have a couple of really good ideas: give me my tax dollars back. I didn’t authorize killing babies at Planned Parenthood….I want my money back. I didn’t authorize any money to Ukraine to some homosexual weirdo!”


Nugent was likely referencing Zelensky’s thing for dressing up in high heels and thrusting his genitals at other men.

Zelensky is pushing to legalize homosexual “marriage” in the midst of a brutal war with Russia.


Last year, the Zelensky regime also unveiled a new “unicorn LGBTQ” patch for Ukraine’s “LGBTQ soldiers.”


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