This Week Dr. T With Dr. Will Falconer

Dr. Will Falconer started out in conventional veterinary practice in 1980, using all the latest drugs and surgeries. After seven years, he followed an inspiration that lead to holistic re-training and finally to his full time homeopathic practice, treating animals globally without drugs.

Endeavoring to reach more people, he began blogging, sharing the wealth of information he gleaned from study and homeopathic practice.

Around 2008, it became apparent that his sick patients were all falling ill from veterinary intervention, ironically done in the name of prevention. Treating one sick animal at a time, all largely victims of over vaccination, toxic pest control, and toxic, lifeless diets, was not enough.

His larger calling emerged, to educate and thereby empower pet owners to bring prevention back to its natural roots. The goal is wildly healthy animals with natural disease resistance and confident owners who “call the shots” for their animals.

Dr. Falconer uses nature to inspire and guide his work and educational efforts.

If you prefer to watch rather than listen, click on the video below:


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